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January 2013


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editor’s note.


We all know Orange County gets a bad rap. I realized this when I traveled to Italy this past summer and being away from Orange County made me truly happier. The people around here truth be told, lack culture and at times an open mind. I then stopped the very thought in its tracks. That is the reason OC gets its bad rap. We don’t focus our attention on the brilliant and creative human beings that do live here, so I set out to shine spotlight on those very artists. Usually we feature artwork of the artist but this month we wanted to focus solely on the artist themselves.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRAE! I am so elated to even be typing the words that Grae has reached its two year birthday. Thank you to all the artists over the past two years who have made this Grae dream a reality. We wanted to have the issue themed around Orange County, because it is also the home of Grae Magazine. Thank you to all of you Grae-ers who have stuck with us since the very beginning and to those who have recently took an interest, welcome and be ready for many more issues to come. We switched up the way we do interviews and as an artist myself, I try to put myself in the shoes of the artists we feature. In this month’s issue we gave a handful of artists the beginnings to sentences. They ended the sentences with whatever thoughts first came to mind. We tried to give each artist similar beginnings to portray how our thoughts are connected with one another regardless of our differences. It’s amazing that even though we have the same beginnings, we could alternately have completely different endings. It is also an ample way to get to know an artist other than getting to know their passion or form of inspiration. We want to get to know the simple things that make an artist who they are. I went ahead and filled out the damn thing myself. Make sure to carry on to see what endings artists came up with. -natalie

ignorance is voicing an opinion without willing to hear the contrary. i’m most happy when I’m photographing random strangers. everybody should listen to the group Of Monsters and Men. Quite the best thing my ears have ever heard. fear is what keeps us comfortable and prevents us from living the life we dream of. i respect women who don’t feel dependent on other people. i like to avoid close minded individuals and reality tv. i want to see the world in this day and age handle themselves without technology. society is what ruins young minds. today I was reminded what a good spoonful of peanut butter could do to my soul. success is what it’s called when you are doing what you love. my dad always says that I have nice teeth. art is the very reason for my existence. when i was growing up I was envious of friends who had two parents, now I realize that it is one of the main reasons I am who I am. i can never be on time. alcohol is a cop out. i wish to live in Italy some day. there’s nothing wrong with a little cleavage. Hey, sometimes a woman’s twins just don’t fit. god is something I don’t bring up with others. My relationship, my business. Your relationship.. well you get it. i can’t stand when people say one thing and do another. Hypcoricy man. i don’t eat bacon nor crustaceans. every man should have a bow tie. i’ve learned that you can’t appreciate the light without experiencing the dark. best advice i’ve ever gotten is stay true to yourself and the rest will follow. pizza is better in Italia. hate is a mirror. When you love or hate something about someone else it reflects back to you. i can’t live without my sister. gay is such a beautiful way to love. i’ve always been impulsive. orange county gets a bad rap. i struggle with my relationship with my mom. i’ve never learned how to ride a bike. i like the way the pages feel on a magazine or a book. Everything is online these days. my camera has become apart of me, like an arm or a leg.


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Cover by Squeezed the incredible Smith Fresh | Grae Jamie Magazine | 13

the treehouSe.

where imagination is created. 14 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

I awoke to the sun kissing my skin through the blinds. Your scent lingered on where your body was suppose to be but the sheets on your half were as empty as my heart now feels. Loneliness had been playing it’s own tune in my head all morning and I welcomed the melody with eagerness and serenity. The liberating hope inside me had taken over my sight and lead me to end what has been haunting me for far too long. I slowly walked to the boudoir and powdered the vivid marks that laid so innocently on my skin. I poured myself a glass of your favourite scotch that you had stressed so many times before, is only for the finest occasions. I cheered my glass to the heavens for it is the finest of occasions. I slipped into last night’s gown, the one you were so certain I would dirty. You were referring to pabulum or earth but I had a much different idea in mind. The splotches on this ivory dress that hugged my body were subtle reminders of a hunger I had finally fed. I walked over to where your body laid and took one last look at the tyrant who controlled my every breath. I dragged you outside for the crows to eat. I then came in and cleaned up the bloody mess I had created last night. I let the water run you and your blood down the drain and proceeded to pouring myself a cup of tea with a side of honey and freedom that my entire being indulged in. I wrote you this letter to tell you that freedom tastes better than your lips ever did. Don’t worry though love, my hair will keep your secrets safe. They will grow with every strand, no one shall know what you have done for the world you love does not interest me in the least. Secrets, secrets. by Natalie Zigdon Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 15

What if you were told exactly when you were going to die. Would you use it to your advantage and conquer your fears because you knew nothing else could kill you? Would you make every single dream a reality because nothing should be stopping you now? Would you actually

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appreciate life and ‘seize the moment’ because you knew how much time you had left? Or would you constantly feel the complete opposite because every single day you’re a day closer to the day you die. I guess you’ll never know. grae.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 17

q & A type interviews bore us to death. Okay we get it, you’re an artist and you get asked what inspires you... and you say, the birds and the bees and the trees and the zzzzzz... not even going to hit the snooze button, just going to sleep right through that interview. We want to give our readers a dig at your brain. What you think about homosexuality and what your favorite toppings on your pizza are, things that actually make you who you are. Yes, you are an artist, but you are a human being with some of the most interesting thoughts above all else. We want to get to know you, not just your work. We want to get to know the person behind the world you constantly create.. whether it be with a paintbrush, a camera, a microphone, or a piece of thread. We want to get to know your simplest thoughts that come together to create that crazy mind of yours. Don’t deny it, it’s a mess in there. We’re right there with you though. In order to do so, we sent out our artists on the Grae Train.

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the grae train.

What is a Grae Train you ask? A Grae Train is a train of thought compiled of two thoughts. One from our team, one from the artist. We begin a sentence and an artist ends it with the first thing that comes to their mind. The thoughts that come together show a lot about what type of train that artist boards on a daily basis. It’s amazing that even though we have the same beginnings, we could alternately have completely different endings. Joel Robison Fresh SqueezedPhoto | GraebyMagazine | 19

I’ve been sitting here staring at this picture and can’t form the words to write the sentences to fill this text box. A text box that is suppose to describe this young woman, it is suppose to tell you about her achievements and describe how she creates incredible stories through her photographs but for some reason, I have left her introduction for last (even though this is the first one you’re reading) because I can’t describe Megan in a text box. She is the type of artist that creates art for the love of it and travels to parts of the world to capture the many faces who go through so much pain and struggle and finds the beauty in them. She puts herself in their own shoes or lack of to show the world the things we don’t usually see. Megan is an incredible human being and you’ll have to let her photographs show you why. The way she captures her journeys, well... words just don’t do them justice. 20 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

megan goldstein


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Photograph by Antoine Hachez

ignorance is when people aren’t open to broadening their minds and understanding that there are different realities all around us. i’m most happy when I am inspired, on a mission/adventure, or in front of a beautiful landscape/person. everybody has their own story, their own reality, their own vision of the world around them. today, I learned a lot about my family, myself, and machinery... i respect ones that respect themselves and are going after what makes them happy. i like to avoid negativity. i want to see the beauty in all things. society is fascinating wherever you go. weakness is caused by fear. success means you’re doing what you love, and loving what you do. my dad always says “you can’t always get what you want” (in song). when i was growing up, I moved around a ton - saw many beautiful places, met a lot of different types of people. art is, life. Life is art. i can never ...never mind. alcohol is is always great in moderation. i wish to serve the world in some positive way. there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. god is whatever or whoever you want it to be. i can’t stand patronizing people. my camera is my passport - (words from Chris Rainier). i struggle with staying in one place. every man should have respect for a woman’s worth & vise versa. my life can sometimes be categorized as a lifetime movie screen play. i’ve learned that I still have so much to learn. best advice i’ve ever gotten is to do what makes you happy, stay true to yourself, and look for the best in every situation. pizza mmm... mushrooms and olives. Ultimate. hate is when you downplay someones thoughts, experiences, and/or accomplishments. gay should not be a determining factor of non-equality. i’ve always been curious. i like the way people smile when they’re truly enjoying themselves. i’ve never let anyone dictate my direction in life. orange county is an interesting society and one of the biggest contrasts to any third world country.

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Q!B!J!H!F!!!!M!J!O!E!F!O photographer & explorer

I’ve been, you could say, stalking Paige’s work for quite some time now and continuously intrigued by her ability to take the simple things around her and turn them into gems through her camera. If able, we like to get to know the people we feature and Paige originally from San Clemente had moved to San Francisco to continue turning simplicity into gems. I made a trip out to SF and Paige was delighted enough to meet for the first time. I’m glad she was because I HAD to have her in this issue. I don’t know if it was her red hair or her San Franciscan vibe but I expected Paige to be a little bolder than the girl sitting so nervously on the greens of Dolores Park, squirming in front of my camera. Not only was Paige the most petite quiet being, she couldn’t bear the thought of being in front of the camera. That just made me adore the humble soul that she was even more. As Paige and I were racing against the sun to snap more photos for the issue, you could tell she was getting warmed up. She ended up opening up to me and my camera and dancing in the middle of the street for all of San Francisco to get a glimpse.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 25

ignorance is healthy. i’m most happy when I’m dancing. everybody has their own struggles so smile along the way. today, I realized you can’t settle for being an option when you’re not someone’s priority. i respect those who respect me. i like to avoid spiders and other small creatures. i want to see the world. society sucks. weakness is the fact that I can’t do more than one push up. success means happiness. my dad always says “back to the grind”. when i was growing up, I dressed up in matching outfits with my American Girl dolls. art is an escape from reality. i can never sleep past 8 a.m. alcohol is the hell or heaven to reality. i wish I could see the world and photograph while meeting new people. there’s nothing wrong with dancing on tables. god is showing me the ropes to a life I’m learning to live. i can’t stand when there is unnecessary drama. my camera has taught me a lot about memories. i don’t eat squid. every man should have a mustache. my life is an interesting one. i’ve learned that you must speak softly but carry a big stick. best advice i’ve ever gotten is “move to a different part of the city to change up your view”. pizza is awesome. hate is a terrible feeling but very much a reality. i can’t live without my friends. gay; Castro. i’ve always been working hard to reach my goals. fear is frightening. there is no limit to your own happiness. my favorite meal is breakfast. i struggle with speaking up for myself. i dance whenever I can. orange county is a place with a bad reputation.

Photograph by Nataly Zigdon

Dylan Lujano photographer & MUA

28 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

The statement, ‘is there something you can’t do?!’ fully applies to Dylan Lujano. Dylan is always that one person that no matter how many people in a room, he stands out like a peacock with his glorious feathers in full bloom. One of the most animated human beings I’ve ever met, Dylan grabbed my attention from the moment I met him and had to have this multifaceted artist in this issue. Ranging from theatre to a magician with a cosmetic brush, there truly isn’t anything Dylan can’t do. Dylan will soon change the future of the way the world sees artistry of fashion and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Make sure to check out some of his photographs at

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 29

Photograph 30 | Grae Magazine by Nataly| Fresh ZigdonSqueezed

ignorance is bliss. i’m most happy when I’m on stage. everybody wants to rule the world. fear is only an illusion. i respect people. i like to avoid negative situations. i want to see all the beautiful things in the world. society needs to shape up. success means to achieve what you set out to do. my dad always says work hard. when i was growing up, I thought I was in a Disney movie. i can never not sing. alcohol is poison. i wish upon shooting stars. there’s nothing wrong with a little glitter. god is almighty. i can’t stand when people are rude. today is always what one should focus on, be in the present. every man should have style and taste. my life feels like a movie sometimes. my favorite is anything Disney. pizza is amazing. art is is everything. i can’t live without music. gay, straight, bi, we are all just people. i’ve always been cute. orange county, is my home.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 31

Cami Jane


This is Cami, she is one of the most humble, soft-hearted human beings I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with. Cami at a young age didn’t see herself as an ‘artistic’ person per se. It wasn’t until she picked up her first camera that Cami instantly felt alive. From then on she has put her heart into every photograph. Meeting Cami for the first time, I noticed something from the very beginning, she is so passionate in everything she does. No matter how small. It was inspiring to see someone still so passionate in such a competitive area of artistry. She expressed her doubts and fears to me and made me feel like we have been friends for years. As we get older, it’s hard to hold on to strength and hope with all the obstacles that come our way and Cami is definitely an inspiration when it comes to that. No matter how hard she falls, she picks herself up and keeps moving forward.

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Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 33

ignorance is not bliss. i’m most happy when I’m eating sushi with my husband. everybody needs to have someone in their life they can fart in front of with no shame. fear is something that can be categorized into two types: there’s a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear. i respect someone who can do a good deed silently. i like to avoid confrontation. i want to see New Zealand. So badly. today, is a gift. weakness is necessary for growth. success means depending entirely on God. art is everywhere. And Seth Godin says that “great art resonates with the viewer, not only the creator.” when i was growing up, I used to eat spoonfuls of parmesan cheese. i wish I could eat sushi every day. there’s nothing wrong with doubting yourself as an artist. It’s what you do with that doubt that matters. god is the beginning and end. i can’t stand when people talk on their cell phones while ordering at a restaurant. i don’t eat slow enough. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve eaten each meal like it was my last. It’s not good table manners. i’ve never understood conceited artists. Being an artist means you’re constantly learning and growing. Stop tooting your horn and keep working hard. my life is not my own. i’ve learned that perspective changes everything about a situation. best advice i’ve ever gotten is that you can never be humble enough. pizza with beer. Yum. hate is too big a burden to bear. i struggle with comparing myself and my business with others. my camera allows me see the world differently. Even when I don’t have my camera, I’m constantly imagining things as pictures. It’s a blessing and a curse. i’ve always been a huge dork. I just know how to hide it when I need to. orange county is a place that could make such a positive difference in the world... if we could just stop focusing on ourselves so much.

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Photograph by Nataly Zigdon Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 35

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SHEA RYAN barber From transforming men in his barber seat to voicing his very opinion into a microphone, Shea Ryan is a barber at day, Kid Armor by night. I met up with Shea at Seùor Barber in San Clemente where he is built himself quite a home and a family. I got to see Shea in action and seeing his passion for what he does made me realize that he really is right at home. He makes his clients feel as comfortable as if they’ve been friends for years. Talking to Shea about travelling, his path to cutting hair and his band Kid Armor made me realize there is a lot of depth in him than he puts out. That is the kind of artist Grae loves, the ones who put their thoughts into their art rather than just spew them out for the air to swallow. Shea is quite the humble artist and definitely makes the most out of life. Make sure to get your next straight razor shave by Shea or check out Kid Armor. Actually do both, you can thank us later.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 37

Photograph by Nataly| Fresh ZigdonSqueezed 38 | Grae Magazine

ignorance is I bet everyone said “bliss” huh? i’m most happy when I’m with people I love. everybody should travel. fear is a feeling that adds excess stress to one’s life. i respect anyone who realizes life’s short and you gotta make moves towards doing what you love today. i like to avoid I bet everyone said “confrontation” huh? i want to see the world. society; times are changing, society needs to adapt positive change. weakness is when your fist outweighs your mind. success is never reached, it’s all about the successful rising process. my dad always says he’s proud of me. when i was growing up, I never really grew up. i can never sit still. alcohol is I’m as hard as the booze that you swill down your throat. i wish at every 11:11. there’s nothing wrong with a big ass mmf. god is not for everyone. i can’t stand when people can’t sit still in my barber chair (pet peeve). i don’t eat, no...I eat. every man should have a straight razor shave at least once. my life rules. i’ve learned that there’s a lot of different people and personalities in the world, finding even one thing in common with someone can bring you together. best advice i’ve ever gotten probably came from music. pizza yes please. hate is a normal emotion, I hate when people refuse to use this word. Love and hate are both strong words, just use them wisely. i can’t live without my friends. gay; I wish I was gay, making out with your best friends and doing dude stuff all day?? Count me in! i’ve always been impulsive. orange county, this one’s for you.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 39

I’m listening to ‘Let’s Go’ off their EP ‘We Hope That You Don’t Mind’ as we speak. TTWF reminds me of The Cranberries who had a child with Rilo Kiley. Their electric vibe and Ali Coyle’s velvety voice has put me in a state of dream like reality. These four human beings have more personality than a stadium filled with hundreds of people and it shows when they are on stage passionately dancing to their own melodies. TTWF compiled of Eliot Cossaboom, Matt Craven, Ali Coyle, and Tony Dean are creating their mark in today’s music scene and soon they will be filling up your very headphones because of their alluring and personal feel. Now in the studio working on their next EP, This Time With Feeling is definitely worth listening to. Photographs by Danny Tayenaka. 40 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

this time with feeling BFresh Squeezed a | GraenMagazine d| 41

ignorance is standard. EC i’m most happy when people dance to my bass lines. TD everybody clap your hands. TD today, I slept until noon and ate a giant turkey sandwich. AC i respect my dad. -AC. Very little. -EC. Aretha Franklin -TD. Justin Peroff. -MC. i like to avoid breakups. AC i want to see a Rage Against the Machine show. TD society is slowly falling apart. TD weakness is all in peoples’ heads. TD success means being happy and balanced. AC my dad always says unprintable things. EC when i was growing up, kids went outside to play. TD art is everything. MC i can never do all that many pushups. MC alcohol is not very tasty, but I drink it anyways! MC i wish I was a little bit taller. AC there’s nothing wrong with dessert before dinner. TD god is very popular. AC i can’t stand when I’m sitting. AC and EC i don’t eat when I should. EC every man should have chest hair. TD my life consists of low octaves and a high spirit. TD i’ve learned that coffee is VERY important, MC best advice i’ve ever gotten is don’t be an idiot. MC i struggle with vodka. -AC. Anyone. -EC. Putting thoughts to words. -TD. School -MC. hate is ignorant. TD i can’t live without chicken. TD gay is the new straight. AC i’ve always been a bundle of love. AC orange county is the best and worst. MC

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Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 43

44 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

Christopher Hunt Vocal Artist & painter

With a passion for music ever since he was young and the ability to recreate a picture in his head onto a blank canvas, Christopher has been an artist from the day he entered this world. The things he can do with a paintbrush are indescribable and the heart he puts into his music is inspiring. Christopher is also one of the most humble and generous human beings and it’s probably because he is originally from Ohio. Just sayin’. Living in Orange County and making his dreams a reality has gotten this sweet soul straight into this issue. Look out for Christopher’s album, ‘Songs for You’ out soon!

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 45

Photograph 46 | Grae Magazine by Nataly| Fresh ZigdonSqueezed

ignorance is the best and worst way to learn a lesson, haha! i’m most happy when I am making music and having good conversation with great people. everybody needs to smile! fear is exactly!!! i respect any single men or women that raise a child alone. i like to avoid watching the news. i want to see the world. society is one cruel mother, people need to open their hearts and not listen to other people that don’t know what they are talking about. weakness is the best building blocks to become a stronger person. success means nothing with out great people to share it with. my dad always says always disconnect the negative cable first chris!!! when i was growing up, I knew I wanted to make great music. i can never leave somewhere with out saying goodbye to everyone there, you never know when it will be the last time you see them. alcohol is nothing to me, I don’t drink. i wish the line to get in was shorter sometimes. there’s nothing wrong with “a little bump and grind”. god is I don’t believe in god but I respect the thought of a god, it helps people get through life and give you hope that we are not just here for nothing. i can’t stand when people walk by other people in need. i don’t eat veggies and its a bad habit.. every man should have respect for women and be a gentlemen. my life isn’t over yet so watch out. i’ve learned that you only go as far as you throw yourself into whatever you’re doing. best advice i’ve ever gotten is talk to women with the confidence that you’re meant to be talking to them. pizza is probably my favorite food. hate is when jealous people cant do what you can do. i can’t live without music! gay; I am always happy. there is no limit of love that can be giving or taking. i’ve always been a great listener. orange county is one of the most amazing places to live.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 47

JACOB PERRY Photographer & film

One of the most ambitious youths in today’s society, Jacob is comfortably making his niche in the art scene. Versatile and eager to take in all that he can, Jacob is quite the artist with the tools he’s given. While trying to photograph him, I couldn’t get him off his bike making me realize that he is a simple kid at heart while trying to make his mark in this complicated world. Watch out for more of Jacob for he will soon be taking over the world. 48 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 49

there is no limit if you commit yourself to something. i’m most happy when I have a girlfriend. It is so nice knowing that someone can feel that way about you, I can’t help but be happy. everybody should be able to do what they love. fear is in all of us, but the people who escape it are the ones who succeed. i respect people with self control. i like to avoid people who are going to bring me down. i want to see the world. today I want to do something great. weakness is not believing in yourself. success means doing what you love everyday, therefore I am successful. when i was growing up, I never thought film would be the path I would go down. art is expressing yourself. alcohol is a distraction, I have never had alcohol in my life and I plan on keeping it that way. i wish I could have a new camera. there’s nothing wrong with having some fun and drinking, as long as you can control yourself. i can’t stand when people take pictures of me. i don’t eat breakfast. every man should have something to be happy about. my life has changed a lot in the past few years. i’ve learned that hard work will pay off. best advice i’ve ever gotten is probably from one of my biggest influences, my boss Torrey Tayenaka. There has been so many great pieces of advice about life I wouldn’t even know where to start. pizza is best in New York. i can’t live without my camera, I take pictures and video constantly. my favorite thing in life is operating a camera i’ve always been me. orange county is my home and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

50 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed Photograph | Grae by Nataly Magazine Zigdon | 51

Portlan Beckman writer

52 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

Portlan definitely has a way with words and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Reminding me of a young Macklemore without the Ryan Lewis beats, Portlan lets his words be presented in a raw form and reveals the truth and reality of the world we live in. I got to meet up with Portlan and we eagerly conversed about everything from equality for both men and women to how much people can change in just a few years. Portlan is a huge example of that and travelling to Spain back when has changed his entire being, mind and soul. His words will definitely change the way you see the world and we can’t wait to see what he has to say next.

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 53

Photograph by Nataly| Fresh ZigdonSqueezed 54 | Grae Magazine

ignorance is the willingness to recognize and wrestle with it. It can be a prime platform for growth or a dirty quagmire of apathy. i’m most happy when vulnerability is involved...especially if the instance takes place outdoors everybody is capable of loving themselves and must learn to do so in order to be truly capable of accepting love. today, of all days, past present or future, is part of my existence--I should probably take advantage of that. i respect and appreciate nature as my most valuable source of knowledge. i like to avoid people who ask for a water cup and fill it with soda. i want to see and experience the love and joy of having a child more than anything else in life (not soon though). society is too nice sounding of a word for the overall condition it is currently in. weakness is ignorance still in the body. success means being missed after death, while the residual positive benefit of your living trickles down for decades. my dad always says (and mom) always tell and show me they love me unconditionally, and without that, I’d not be half as committed to being divergent as I am. when i was growing up, I always will be. art is defined by the artist. i can never imagine nothingness, despite my best efforts; I will always be something. alcohol is not worth the amount of pain it causes in the world, but I consume it, though it’s not my first preference. i wish the world didn’t wear so much makeup. i don’t eat butter. By itself, ever. every man should have a desire to have a dynamic, full, and ever-changing understanding of mature love (so too should every woman). i’ve learned that most white people don’t like being presented the theory of white privilege, much less the suggestion it is alive and well--another branch of ignorance. pizza is better for making metaphors than it is for your health. hate is a terrible feeling but very much a reality. i can’t live without the outside. gay is not wrong; recognize and respect difference. i’ve always been an insufficient follower of instructions. orange county gets a lot of shit for being all sorts of things--materialistic, full of distressed cougars, infused with ignorance, hopelessly void of real humans--but it’s your choice how you dwell within a place of mixed priorities. Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 55

We’ve been walking for about an hour and a half now and we still can’t find the hidden abandoned pool I’ve been so eagerly telling the boys for days now. I have dragged these poor guys on quite the hike, who some have bought a 120 dollar pair of shoes to wear to this photo shoot for their new album ‘Good Journey’, out February 15. The most rewarding part about hiking through weeds and bushes under the scorching sun is that not one of them complained about it once. They all let this girl they had just met lead them through a path that we weren’t even sure lead to anywhere. That made the name of their album stay even truer to itself. Mercutio is made up of Ronnie Ruiz, David Lamoso, Rikki Preciado and Victor Marquez. Blood couldn’t make these four guys any closer. Make sure to check out Mercutio and look out for their new album coming out. 56 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

MERCUTIO b a n d

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 57

ignorance is unfortunate. i’m most happy when I’m playing music with my best friends. everybody love everybody. today, was a good day. i respect people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. i want to see musical success. society needs progress. art is a creative self expression. success is accomplishing your goals. my dad always says do your best never settle. i can never give up on our dreams. alcohol is best served cold. i wish is a great song by our friends MAINSTREAM SCARE. there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you learn from them. god is love. i can’t stand when people are judgemental. brothers are always there for you blood or not. every man should have a copy of our album GOOD JOURNEY. my life is blessed. i’ve learned that life is uncertain and uncontrollable. best advice i’ve ever gotten is don’t be a fool, rap your tool. pizza is delicious. i can’t live without family, friends and music. gay is more than being happy. i’ve always been possessed by music. orange county, no place like home.

58 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 59

If I did it for

would have been

60 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed

the money, I

a fucking lawyer.

-Macklemore Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 61

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Contribute to Grae. Rorschach.

The Rorschach Gallery is where we showcase Want to have your art work featured in Grae? Send your art work to inspire [at] How do you know you’re qualified? Grae is searching for underground artists and people who simply have a passion to create. Whether it is a picture, a song, a canvas or a story. If your art strives to open minds… you’re exactly what we’re looking for!

The TreehouSe.

Consider yourself a writer? Send us a sample of your writing or a piece you wrote specifically for Grae’s theme of the month and your work could be featured in our Treehouse section. We only take fiction and creative writing. We’re not trying to sell anything or promote anyone in this section. The Treehouse is all about writing with a twist.

The Grae Team.

Want to join the Grae Team? Shoot us an email and let us know that you want to be apart of our rockin’ team. We welcome monthly writers, photographers and graphic designers. If you know the perfect artist to interview, do your thing and send us the artwork and interview you’ve set up for them. We’ll be more than happy to feature you as the brilliant writer who found such an inspiring artist. Maybe you’re not a brilliant writer, just really good at asking questions. Hey, we’ll take it. Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 63

64 | Grae Magazine | Fresh Squeezed Billy Yarbrough

Fresh Squeezed | Grae Magazine | 65

Grae Magazine's Fresh Squeezed  

We all know Orange County gets a bad rap. But we don’t focus our attention on the brilliant and creative human beings that live here, so I s...

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