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To All Our Donors: I’ve always said that the University of Houston-Downtown is no longer Houston’s best kept secret. Your support for our students and faculty has helped propel this institution on an upward trajectory. Endowments are crucial to the growth of any university. They support a number of initiatives focused on academic excellence including scholarships, research and travel. As a result, UHD is attracting quality students, keeping student-to-instructor ratios low, and supporting faculty research efforts. I am pleased to share this report with you that illustrates how donors such as yourself impact our University. Thank you for your generosity. Your gift keeps UHD growing and helps Gators reach their academic and professional goals. Sincerely,

Michael A. Olivas Interim President, University of Houston-Downtown The University of Houston-Downtown encourages additional gifts to endowments. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us directly at 713-221-8184. We thank you for your continuing support.

THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-DOWNTOWN From its modest beginning in Houston’s historic Merchants and Manufacturers Building, the University of Houston-Downtown continues to reinvent itself in response to the changing needs of its population and of a dynamic workplace. Today, UHD: • Encompasses nearly 40 acres and includes six facilities. In 2016, UHD purchased a 17-acre parcel of land north of campus to construct a new Science and Technology building, scheduled for completion in 2019. • Has a new Welcome Center, which opened in 2016 and provides a primary entry point for students, visitors and the community; houses key student services facilities and includes a larger space for the O’Kane Gallery. • Graduates more than 2,400 students annually and has an alumni base of over 42,000 students. • Offers more than 50 baccalaureate and graduate degree programs through its five colleges to over 14,000 students annually. • Adds $1.2 billion in income to the regional economy (Economic Modeling Specialist Int’l. “Demonstrating the Economic Value of the University of Houston-Downtown.” Reporting FY2013, Published January 2015). • Has the region’s largest MBA program based on size (Houston Business Journal, 2015) and has also added new baccalaureate programs in geoscience and health and behavioral science as well as new graduate programs in nonprofit management, rhetoric and composition and data analytics.

would advocate for me even when I couldn’t see my own potential,” she adds.


The scholarship afforded Caroline the opportunity to work with William Margolin, Ph.D., in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at UTHealth. Together, they studied proteins that help facilitate bacterial cell division. For Caroline, the experience exposed her to new research methods and helped her hone her technical skills in the lab.

Caroline and Rebecca Barbosa were undecided about their academic futures when they started college. They both enjoyed science but were unsure where their interests would lead. Thanks to endowed scholarships and a passionate faculty, the sisters’ graduated with biology and chemistry degrees in 2014.

Like her sis, Rebecca was awarded the prestigious Red Rose Scholarship. This endowed scholarship, which is not program-specific, funds $3,000 per student to assist with the cost of tuition. Recipients are selected on the basis of their academic achievements, leadership ability, and potential for contributing to the future of Houston.

Rebecca graduated from high school a year early, in 2010. This allowed both sisters to attend UHD together. “There are so many students at UHD who look like us and we knew it was the right school for us, explains Caroline. Rebecca shared a similar sentiment, explaining that UHD feels like home.

“When you receive a scholarship like the Red Rose, you have a responsibility,” she explains. “You see so many other students working so hard and you feel a responsibility to also perform at your very highest level. It helps you stay passionate and committed to success.

“I participated in a UHD advertising campaign during my undergraduate program,” she adds. “The catch phrase was ‘UHD is not just close to home, it feels like home.’ and I still feel that way today.”

For the Barbosa sisters, the future is bright.

On arriving at UHD, both sisters were accepted into the Scholars Academy, a special program in UHD’s College of Science and Technology that focuses on scholarship and student success for minority undergraduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a minor in Chemistry, Caroline made the choice to give back to her community. She now works as a Teach for America Corps member in HISD’s Marshall Middle School.

The Scholars Academy was just the beginning for both Caroline and Rebecca. The program, combined with their outstanding grades, student involvement and community service, opened doors to numerous scholarships.

“I’m looking at different master’s programs with the overall goal of continuing to work in low-income communities to help students in need and push them to be much more than society tells them they can be,” she says.

In 2013, Caroline was awarded the academically competitive Joan S. Abramowitz Research Scholarship. The Joan S. Abramowitz Research Scholarship is awarded annually to one outstanding undergraduate student. The recipient receives $3,000 and the opportunity to conduct laboratory research at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), Baylor College of

Medicine or another local research institution for eight weeks during the summer. Caroline credits her mentor, Poonam Gulati Salhotra, Ph.D., associate professor of Microbiology and Director for Community Engagement and Service Learning, for inspiring her. “It meant so much to know that there was someone who believed in me even more than I believed in myself and

Rebecca graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and is now enrolled in the MBA program at UHD while working full-time at Alliantgroup, LP — a tax consulting firm in Houston. “The MBA program at UHD was a clear choice for me,” Rebecca explains. “I’m a proud UHD Gator and the program is tailored for people, like me, who work fulltime jobs.” Rebecca expects to graduate in May, 2018.

SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT CREATES OWN LEGACY MIRIAM MORALES Like many UHD students, Miriam Morales was the first person in her family to graduate from college. Her positive UHD experience instilled the desire to achieve. Today, Miriam has completed the course work for her doctorate in epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Texas Medical School-Houston. She also has continued to participate in support various outreach and academic endeavors across campus. Today, she is a member of UHD’s Alumni Council, supports the university’s Scholars Academy—from which she was one of the first graduates—and assisted in crafting the new Master of Science in Data Analytics degree. As a past recipient of UHD’s Red Rose Scholarship, Miriam recently established the Miriam Morales Endowment, which benefits students majoring in STEM fields. “Now I’m in a place professionally where I can give more than just my time. That’s why I wanted to create this endowment for future students.” Endowments enable donors to target their investments. Morales stipulated both full- and part-time students be eligible for her scholarship. “I had a job while attending UHD, so I was taking classes part time,” she explained. “Many of the scholarships I was interested in were only available to full-time students. I know that some people can only attend school part time because they have families and jobs, but they deserve the opportunity to earn a scholarship, too.” Morales is the Director of Strategic Analytics with Memorial Hermann Health System, using clinical data to improve patient outcomes and physician performance as compared to national benchmarks.

FROM SOLDIER TO STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP OF CHANG YUNG-FA RECIPIENT MICHAEL MILLER After serving in the U.S. Army for seven and a half years and attaining the rank of sergeant, Michael Miller left the military and entered college as a first-generation student, where he encountered new challenges. “I learned the hard way about the cost of attending school and how much stress it can add to everyday life. The underlying costs such as supplies, books and commuting are a financial burden to many college students, including myself.” As a recipient of the Scholarship of Chang Yung-fa, Michael has been able to help defray these expenses and fund his pursuit of undergraduate research projects that he is conducting on the thermal properties of oil-bearing shales and other materials, field work that is critical to his chosen major of geoscience. According to his faculty recommendation letter, Michael is an ideal student, bringing the traits that he learned in the service—discipline, focus and diligence—to his studies. He currently holds a 3.88 GPA and has made the Dean’s List every semester since entering UHD. In addition, Michael is a member of the invitation-only Phi Kappa Phi honor society, a membership which is offered only to the top ten percent of seniors. Michael is currently on track to graduate in December 2017 and plans to pursue graduate studies in geoscience. The Scholarship of Chang Yung-fa Endowment was established at UHD in 2012 by the late Taiwanese businessman and philanthropist Yung-fa Chang, who was one of the undisputed pioneers of container shipping and an esteemed friend to the University. By establishing this scholarship endowment, Dr. Chang’s gift plays a key role in helping remove financial obstacles for high-achieving students.

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTONDOWNTOWN ENDOWMENTS Joan S. Abramowitz Research Scholarship Endowment in the Department of Natural Sciences Susan Kiernan Ahern Endowed Scholarship Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Jay Kevin Anderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund Lynette S. Autrey Scholarship Endowment Christina and Terry Axtmann Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Christina and Terry Axtmann Red Rose Scholarship Endowment #2 The Terry and Christina Axtmann Endowment Fund Bobby Bizzell Memorial Scholarship Endowment J. Don Boney Scholarship Endowment Fund Donald L. Bonham Memorial Scholarship Endowment Bill Brigman Quasi Endowment Cain Endowed Scholarship Fund for Teacher Education Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation Scholarship Endowment Lucia La Madrid Cain Scholarship Endowment Alicia Castillo Memorial Scholarship Endowment Max Castillo President’s Scholarship Endowment Max and Rosario Castillo Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Scholarship of Chang Yung-fa Foundation Crown Mark Scholarship Endowment Fund Marianne de Korvin Scholarship Endowment Deloitte Foundation Larry G. Jones Scholarship Endowment Ricky and Belen Diaz Family Red Rose Scholarship Quasi Endowment Distinguished Faculty Endowment Christy Drennan Memorial Scholarship Endowment Duangploy Memorial Scholarship Endowment James H. and Minnie M. Edmonds Scholarship Endowment Edwards Endowment Margaret and James Elkins Faculty Development Endowment James A. Elkins Jr. Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Esther Kam Engel Scholarship Fund

Donald R. Engstrom Memorial Endowment Fund ENRON Scholarship Endowment Faculty and Staff Development Quasi Endowment Fiesta Endowed Professorship in Accounting William V. Flores and Noël Bezette-Flores Scholarship Endowment Fondren Professorship in Finance Endowment Freshman Success Programs Quasi-Endowment Enrique B. Garcia Scholarship* Barry Garrett Scholarship Endowment Harry and Antje Gee Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Greater Texas Foundation Removing Educational Barriers Scholarship Endowment Halliburton Endowment Fund in Engineering Technology Carol and Tom Harper Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Hearst Scholarship Endowment Fund Artie Lee and Jackson C. Hinds Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Edwin and Justine Hodgess Scholarship Endowment Hong Kong City Mall / Hai Du Duong Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters Scholarship Foundation Fund Endowment* Houston Coca-Cola Bottling Company UH-Downtown Scholarship Endowment International Association of Administrative Professionals – Houston Chapter Endowed Scholarship* International Paper Scholarship Endowment Jones Endowed Scholarship Larry Jones Memorial Red Rose Scholarship Quasi Endowment E. Deane Kanaly Scholarship Endowment Clarence Kendall/100 Club Endowed Scholarship Fund Elyse and Bob Lanier Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Nicole LaRose Memorial Scholarship Endowment LASSO Scholarship Endowment Glenn and Judie Lilie Endowment in the Department of Urban Education Carmen and Antonio Marin Endowment* Marian & Speros Martel Endowed Professorship – Computer Information Systems Speros P. Martel Scholarship Fund Gene & Betty McDavid Scholarship Endowment Fund Metro Bank/Ming and Don Wang Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Military and Business Scholarship Endowment* Clyde and Susan Miller Scholarship Endowment Miriam Morales Endowment*

Dr. Ashgar Nazemzadeh Memorial Scholarship Endowment George Rufus O’Connor Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Ralph S. O’Connor Scholarship Endowment Thomas I. O’Connor Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Petroleum Land Management Endowed Professorship Shelly Power Endowment to Support UHD Arts Presidential Investiture Scholarship Endowment Red Rose Scholarship Endowment Red Rose Scholarship Fund Endowment Fund Rockwell Drama Scholarship Fund Charles and Betti Saunders Drama Scholarship Endowment Charles Saunders Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Entrepreneurship Endowment Ellen and Jim Seigler Endowment to Support Fine Arts Programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Stanley & Mary Shipnes Art Scholarship Endowment Fund Silver Anniversary Scholarship Endowment Fund Ongard Sirisaengtaksin Scholarship Endowment* Stafford Outstanding CIS Graduate Award Endowment M. Elizabeth Steen Endowed Scholarship* Myron Steves Endowed Directorship for the Insurance and Risk Management Center* Bill and Ann Stokes Endowment in the Theatre Program System Component Core Pool Quasi Endowment Inclusive of the University of Houston-Downtown Teresa Tapp Sports and Wellness Quasi Endowment D. Richard and Ann Trask Endowment Fund Trust Investment – Endowment Peter Y. Tsan Scholarship Endowment University of Houston Foundation University of Houston-Downtown University Theatre Drama Scholarship Quasi Endowment Urban Education Program Endowment Urban Scholars Learners Community Quasi Endowment Fund Wells Fargo Endowed Scholarship The Woman’s Club of Houston Endowment* Molly Woods Endowed Scholarship * Currently in the process of being funded in order to be eligible for distribution. Office of Advancement ยง One Main Street, Suite S990 ยง Houston, Texas 77002 713-221-8909 ยง

UHD Report to Endowment Donors - 2017  

This report illustrates how donors have impacted UHD.

UHD Report to Endowment Donors - 2017  

This report illustrates how donors have impacted UHD.