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Issue 6 Spring 2012

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Welcome to the Spring edition of ‘Your Health. Your Trust. Your Say. Your membership’ “This is down to the fantastic expertise available in the NHS but this expertise should be available for all patients, regardless of where they have been injured. “That is why we are implementing Major Trauma networks, which means in the West Midlands alone an additional 45-60 patients lives should be saved a year.

Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley MP has praised staff at University Hospital in Coventry as they prepare to officially become a Major Trauma Centre on March 26, 2012. Mr Lansley MP toured the Emergency Department of the hospital on March 1 2012 with Trust Chief Executive Officer Andy Hardy, Trust Chairman Philip Townshend, Board Member Christine Watts and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Mark Radford. The implementation of the regional trauma care system begins on 26th March 2012 with three adult major trauma centres across the West Midlands: •

University Hospital, Coventry

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

University Hospital of North Staffordshire in Stoke

The Birmingham Children's Hospital will be the children's major trauma centre. This system will give people access to specialist medical teams, with all the necessary specialist services needed to treat major trauma patients available on one hospital site. The three adult Major trauma centres will serve a population of 5.4 million. UHCW will provide the Major

Trauma service for the whole of Coventry and Warwickshire and the neighbouring parts of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. Escorting Mr Lansley MP on his tour was Matthew Wyse, Clinical lead for the Major Trauma Service and Gary Ward, Clinical Director for the Emergency Department. Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer said: “Independent data from the Trauma Audit and Research Network shows we are currently one of the top performing hospitals in England for our survival rates following major trauma. “It is because of our expertise and facilities that the Trust has been named as one of the three Major Trauma Centres for West Midlands and we are thrilled to show Mr Lansley the fantastic staff and facilities we have here.”

“University Hospital in Coventry is a great example of the difference that can be made to patients’ lives by having all the expertise, experience and equipment in one place.” During his visit Mr Lansley was also shown the Trust’s Forget-me-not Lounge and Memory Lane which are both aimed at improving the experiences of patients with dementia in hospital. The Memory Lane is a collage of 210 tiles which depict local Coventry and Warwickshire scenes, family events, World War II, the Cathedral and sporting events by Ward 40, University Hospital. The Forget-Me-Not lounge on Ward 40 provides a relaxing, calm environment for patients with dementia and their loved ones. The opening of the Memory Lane and the Forget-Me-Not lounge were both made possible by monies given by The King’s Fund.

Andrew Lansley MP, Secretary of State for Health said: “Thanks to the advances in medicine and technology, patients are now able to survive horrific injuries that previously would have killed them.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

We Care, We Achieve, We Innovate

Strategic News New appointments at UHCW NHS Trust

Gail Nolan Chief Finance Officer

Samantha Tubb Non-Executive Director

Gail Nolan has been welcomed to University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Samantha Tubb, a business consultant from Worcestershire, has been appointed as a new Non-Executive Director for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Gail took up the post from January 3, 2012 and joins the Trust from NHS Nottinghamshire where she was working as the finance lead on delivering the national Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention scheme. This aims to improve the quality and delivery of NHS care while reducing national costs to make £20bn efficiency savings by 2014/15. Prior to this Gail worked as the acting Director of Finance for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, building on a successful track record in senior financial leadership posts across the NHS and wider public sector. Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer at UHCW NHS Trust said: “I am thrilled that someone of Gail’s calibre has joined our Executive team. “There are a number of financial challenges which all NHS Trusts are currently facing and I am confident that Gail has the skills we need to negotiate these.” Gail, Chief Finance Officer at UHCW NHS Trust said: “There may be tough financial decisions to make in the next couple of years but I am sure that we can face these without compromising on patient care and by making the best use of the fantastic staff and facilities we have.”


Ms Tubb, aged 36 and originally from Gloucester, worked as a management consultant for 13 years, focusing on risk and finance within the financial services industry. She has worked with a range of international financial institutions across the UK, USA, Australia and mainland Europe and as a partner took a special interest in risk governance and organisation in complex institutions. The mum of three said: “This is an exciting time to become part of the NHS. “I hope I will be able to add useful and practical skills as a Non-Executive Director and help see the Trust through to successful Foundation Trust status and beyond.”

Chief Nursing and Operating Officer leaving Trust for Middle-East challenge

After seven years at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, AnnMarie Cannaby, the Chief Nursing and Operating Officer, will be leaving in May. Ann-Marie has accepted a fantastic new role as a Director of Nursing in a hospital in Qatar where she will help develop the Nursing Services. She started at UHCW as Associate Director of Nursing at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby in 2005 before becoming Chief Nurse at UHCW and then adding the Chief Operating Officer role in 2010.

Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer said: “Samantha has substantial experience of business and risk management which should prove invaluable to the Trust in these financially challenging times, combined with strong commitment to the values of the NHS.”

Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer at UHCW NHS Trust said: “I am sad to see Ann-Marie leave but international roles do not come around often and I can understand why she could not turn down this position.

Ms Tubb was appointed by the Appointments Commission as a Nonexecutive director of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust for a period of four years. Her first term is from 1 October 2011 and she will be paid a remuneration of £6,005 per year.

“She has delivered a great amount to the development of nursing roles at UHCW and I want to thank her for all the dedication she has given us over the last seven years.”

Foundation Trust Members’ Magazine

Paving the way forward - Strategy for UHCW NHS Trust. This will guide our future direction and commitment to meet the health needs for the people we serve.

Our Strategy Our Vision - Care, Achieve, Innovate Our Strategy and Service Developments are linked into this. Strategy To be the best local choice for the people of Coventry and Warwickshire, whilst becoming a national centre of excellence for research and education, to deliver the outstanding, innovative services expected by our communities and stakeholders. We have four strategic priorities • Delivering safe, high quality and evidence-based patient care. • Developing excellence in research, innovati0on and education. • Improving the way we work. • Enhancing our positive reputation and identity.

We Care Improving the patient journey, when arriving at hospital, receiving care, and leaving our care.

We Achieve Quality (do no harm, best possible outcomes, best possible patient experience) We want to be the best choice for patients in Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond. The top performing hospital in the country for Patient Experience and the top choice for doctor, nurse and research training.

We Innovate To develop the research ethos of the Trust, grow our specialist revenues and develop the services where our record of innovation is already strong.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust


Centre of Excellence

Hospital delivers extra midwives

One of the country’s top performing maternity units is set to appoint another 18 midwives to its wards. University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust announced in October how it was bucking the national trend and had just appointed 20 midwives. But less than six months later, the Trust which runs the inpatient maternity service at University Hospital in Coventry is investing in more midwives. New Mum, Jade Hicks from Rugby is just one of more than 6,000 parents who benefit from midwifery care. She said: “Our baby was born yesterday (19 March) and words alone can not describe the level of professionalism and care that we received from the entire team. Our midwife Sarah was fantastic and


demonstrated the level of care that simply does not get mentioned enough. There is no doubt that the standard of care delivered by midwives contributed to the fantastic experience of the birth of our first child." And it is not just the uncomplicated births that midwives get experience in at a large Teaching Hospital. They gain experience looking after women who have other complications such as diabetes, heart disorders, obesity and recurrent miscarriages. The extra investment in midwives means it will be better equipped to deal with the rise in birth rates which is expected to happen over the

Foundation Trust Members’ Magazine

next five years. During its last recruitment over 100 applications were received for the 18 posts from as far away as Europe. Carmel McCalmont, Head of Midwifery said: "We are committed to providing the best care to our patients and having a very skilled team in all aspects of pregnancy enable us to deliver this. We are able to offer women and their families a choices over their birth because we have the expertise that enables us to.” University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust will have a total of 267 midwives caring for women and their babies.

Here at UHCW NHS Trust our mission is to Care, Achieve and Innovate. Whether it’s performing pioneering surgery or finding new ways to deliver convenient care, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to provide a truly excellent service. Here are just some areas in which we are breaking new ground.

Midwife Mark delivers for University Hospital A former salesman who is one of just 90 male midwives in the country has begun work at University Hospital in Coventry. 47-year-old Mark Harris sold kitchens before training to be a nurse in 1988 but now he is helping to deliver some of the 6,000 babies born in one the busiest maternity units in the country. The dad-of-five and granddadto-three joined the Unit from a further education college where he taught health and social care to the next generation of NHS staff. He is now working on the labour ward at University Hospital helping to ensure women and their babies receive the best possible care. As a male midwife Mark joins 267 midwives at University

Hospital and 36,000 female midwives nationally. He said: "I was training to be a nurse when I met a midwife who radiated enthusiasm for her patients and she inspired me to become a midwife. The experience of labour stays with patients for life and I want to be able to do everything I can to ensure that experience is best it can possibly be.” Mark began working on the Unit in September. He said: ”Women can chose to have another midwife if they prefer. This is their labour experience and it has to be with someone they feel comfortable with, and if that means a female midwife then it is absolutely fine with me.

“Patients are on the whole are very positive and do not seem to notice after a while that I am a man, they see me as someone there to help and care for them.” Mark admits that people often think he is a doctor and even medical colleagues get it wrong sometimes and think he is a partner of one of the women giving birth. Carmel McCalmont, Head of Women and Children’s Services said: "We are very lucky at University Hospital because we do not have any problems recruiting the very best people which enables us to give the best care for our patients and their families."

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust


Centre of Excellence Forget-Me-Not Lounge and the Memory Lane opened by Lord Mayor Patients with dementia at University Hospital, Coventry can now take a trip down memory lane or relax in their very own Forget-Me-Not lounge. The Memory Lane and the Forget- Me- Not lounge were officially opened today by the Lord Mayor of Coventry, Keiran Mulhall as part of the Trust’s Forget- Me- Not Campaign. The Forget-Me-Not campaign aims to highlight the importance of dementia care to ensure all dementia patients are communicated and cared for in the right environment. The Memory Lane is a collage of 210 tiles which depict local scenes, family events, the war, the Cathedral and sport by Ward 40, University Hospital. The images that have been used on the tiles are scenes from around Coventry and Warwickshire from the past 100 years. Project Lead for the development of the Memory Lane, Julia Flay said: “The images that have been used along the Memory Lane have been used to evoke memories and provide a talking point and means of distraction for the Trust’s patients who have dementia or who are confused.


“The Memory Lane and Forget Me-Not-Lounge have been developed at University Hospital to provide a dedicated facility to enhance and improve the environment and experience for those with dementia, their carers and visitors during their time at hospital.” The Forget-Me-Not lounge on Ward 40 is beautifully decorated in lavender and pastel greens, providing a relaxing, calm environment for patients with dementia and their loved ones, to provide an enhanced healing environment. It has been designed for patients

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with dementia, their relatives, carers or accompanying staff members to come and take time out. University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust is committed to providing the best standard of care for older patients with confusion, frailty or dementia and this is why Memory Lane and the ForgetMe-Not lounge have been developed. The opening of the Memory Lane and the Forget-Me-Not lounge has been made possible by monies given by The King’s Fund.

Awards The plain-speakin g bowel cancer screening team

Trust Awards Success

UHCW NHS Trust Tissue Viability Team

As part of the Trust’s mission to Care, Achieve and Innovate we are always keen to share the achievement of the different departments and employees.

their work on highlighting the case of Steve Nixon, a man whose heart stopped 28 times but was saved by staff at UHCW.

We are pleased to let you know that as a result of hard work the following individuals and teams have been shortlisted for the below awards:

• The cross-disciplinary team who managed and implemented the VTE assessment programme and tool across the Trust has been shortlisted for the 2011 E-Health Insider Awards for the 'best use of IT to promote patient safety category'.

Awards 2012 • The Golden Hedgehog PR Awards 2012 - shortlisted for In House Team of the Year for Midlands, Wales and The South. • UHCW NHS Trust Tissue Viability Team was shortlisted as one of the finalists in the Pressure Care Award for the British Journal of Nursing Awards 2012. Awards 2011 • The plain-speaking bowel cancer screening team based at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby has won national praise for its easy English. Its leaflet to explain how to use its testing kit has been awarded a coveted Plain English Award 2011, recognising it as one of the most understandable documents available. The leaflet is part of the national bowel screening programme and was developed in conjunction with Dr Steve Smith, Clinical Director and Mrs Sara Lee, Manager of the Bowel Cancer Screening Hub at St Cross. • The VTE team won the Public Sector Project of the year category in the UK IT Industry Awards 2011 and 2011 Health Business Awards - won the Healthcare IT Award for the VTE project. • Communications team shortlisted for its Car Parking Communications Strategy in the Best Media Handling category for the 2011 AHCM Communicating Health Awards. • Communications team shortlisted for The Man Who Died 28 Times has been shortlisted for the Best Use of New Media category for the 2011 AHCM Communicating Health Awards. • Laurence Wood and his colleagues highly commended for their work by the NHS Innovation Challenge Prize Team, part of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. • Communications team nominated for two How-Do UK Public Services Communications Awards 2011: Best use of social media for the Steve Nixon case and and Best small in-house communications team (up to five employees). • Communications team nominated for the PRCA 2011 Awards in the Digital and New Media Award category for

• The Research and Development team has been shortlisted for the HSJ Awards 2011 in embedding a culture of clinical research at Trust level. • Consultant Sergio Pagliarini has been shortlisted for one of The Macular Disease Society’s national awards for Clinical Services of the Year after being nominated by a patient. • Patient Safety Award 2011- In the Technology and IT to Improve Patient Safety category for KingMark, invention by Richard King. • Consultant Laurence Wood was shortlisted for a BMJ Group Awards 2011 for the Getting Evidence into Practice category and 2011 Department of Health Innovation Awards for his work on reducing extremely premature birth. • Head respiratory physiologist Joanna Shakespeare and Respiratory Clinical Physiologist Julie Aughton’s project, Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the assessment of fitness for vascular surgery, has been shortlisted in The Chief Scientific Officer's award for leadership (England) category of the 2011 Advancing Healthcare Awards for Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Scientists. • Natasha Wileman and Margaret Goodman have been shortlisted for a Medical Futures Innovation Awards for their Teggy Mouthcare device which allows patients to brush their teeth without a sink. • Patient Safety Award 2011 - In the Patient Safety in Diagnosis category for Today’s Blood Results Today. The Coventry and Warwickshire Pathology Service blood sciences laboratory team at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT) have been working with SWFT to collect samples from the wards earlier in the day (starting at 6am) to support earlier processing.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust


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Date for the Dairy

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire Annual General Meeting will take place on 25th July 2012 at The Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby. CV21 2LN

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UHCW NHS Trust Foundation Trust Newsletter Issue 6 Spring 2012  
UHCW NHS Trust Foundation Trust Newsletter Issue 6 Spring 2012  

UHCW Foundation Trust Newsletter Issue 6 Spring 2012