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BRAND GUIDE AT A GLANCE This tip sheet serves as a mini brand guide to help UHCL present itself in a consistent and thoughtful manner, focusing on logos, color palettes, fonts and photography for use in print. Submissions to brand guide include anything with an official university logo, such as flyers, brochures, tablecloths, nametags, stationery, promo items, and more. If you have questions on the submission process or are ready to submit, contact us at brandguide@uhcl.edu.

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Brand Guide at a Glance


Logo files are available for download at www.uhcl.edu/brand-guide/downloads.



We use these logos for materials geared to external and off-campus audiences.

We use these logos for materials geared to internal

The wordmark and block graphic should never be separated. Use the all-white

and student-focused audiences. Use the all-white

version if the background is busy or hard to read.

version if the background is busy or hard to read.

Limited Use The presidential seal is reserved for use by the Marketing and Communications department on behalf of the president.


Our color palette reinforces the university brand and focuses on our main colors that identify us to the world.

Primary These colors comprise our primary color palette. UHCL blue is the base of our brand and should be the main color used in all materials.

PMS 382

PMS 307 UHCL Blue CMYK 100, 16, 0, 27 HEX #0078AE RGB 0, 120, 173

CMYK 29, 0, 100, 0 HEX #C1D82F RGB 193, 215, 46 PMS Cool Gray 10 CMYK 40, 30, 20, 66 HEX #63666A RGB 99, 102, 106


PMS 354

These colors comprise our secondary color palette and should

CMYK 80, 0, 90, 0

be utilized in combination with the primary palette only as an

HEX #00B259

accent. Its main purpose is to add depth and versatility to the

RGB 0, 177, 89

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0 HEX #FFFFFF RGB 255, 255, 255

primary design. PMS 540

PMS Black C

CMYK 100, 41, 5, 62

CMYK 63, 62, 59, 94

HEX #003a60

HEX #2D2926

RGB 0, 58, 96

RGB 45, 41, 38

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Brand Guide at a Glance


Our font families include Oswald and Merriweather and should be used on all materials. Contact UCT at supportcenter@uhcl.edu to have these families downloaded to your machine.


Oswald Font Family

Merriweather Font Family

For headlines, use the Oswald font family.

Oswald Extra Light Oswald Extra Light Italic Oswald Light Oswald Regular Oswald Italic Oswald Medium Oswald DemiBold Oswald DemiBold Italic Oswald Bold Oswald Heavy Italic

Merriweather Light Merriweather Light Italic Merriweather Regular Merriweather Italic Merriweather Bold Merriweather Bold Italic Merriweather Black Merriweather Black Italic Merriweather   UltraBold Italic

For all other text (subheads, body copy, captions, etc.) the use of Oswald or Merriweather is appropriate.

Example of Use

This is a sample headline in Oswald Light. This is a sample subhead in Oswald DemiBold. This is sample body copy in Merriweather Regular. Dus rem fugitiorit esecum el intum alitaescia dolupta taturectem quam dolore reptionsequi temqui odi doluptatamTem. Inctemp ersperest voluptatem eum veriatur? Ximus a dempel id qui te sus, volorum quam laut quat vero exeris dolum expellorecat quo estiur? Estoriorent ad quiandi ciligentur?

Alternative Fonts If the primary fonts are not available, it is acceptable to substitute Trebuchet MS and ITC Garamond Condensed respectively. Note: For formal pieces (i.e. letters, solicitations, invitations, etc.) the preferred typeface for body copy is ITC Garamond Condensed.

University of Houston-Clear Lake


Our photography is candid, relatable, diverse and inspirational and should be used to help tell our story.

Brand Style When cropping photos, we include the entirety of the subject and avoid cutting off limbs, heads or any other necessary content. We frame our photos with the subject in mind and align using the rule of thirds. We avoid taking photos during hours of direct sunlight: the best time for photos are early morning and early evening. We take into consideration our camera settings to compensate for fluorescent lighting when taking photos indoors.

Ready to submit to brand guide? Email us at brandguide@uhcl.edu.

Brand Guide at a Glance