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REKORDERLIG THE BRAND Created in 1999, entered UK market in 2009 Positioned as a premium cider brand with strong Swedish heritage and innovative flavours such as Mango & Raspberry, Orange & Ginger and Strawberry & Lime.

Key consumer group is 22-45, but they do not aim to restrict and hope to expand people’s idea of what cider is beyond the obvious range of products. Rekorderlig is used to refer to someone who is dependable, decent and clever in Swedish.


As part of their ‘Beautifully Swedish’ brand platform, Rekorderlig created a series of videos to create awareness and educate UK drinkers. The humorous films are led by a fictional life coach, Olof and his team offering techniques and skills to a group of British students in an effort to bring out their inner Swedishness.

Rekorderlig Facebook UK – 54,034 fans


‘Sweden is infamous for it’s colourful style and innovative design. Scandi interiors are more subtle and sophisticated, a far cry from most student accommodation in the UK. We hope this competition will excite students who until now, have been a relatively untapped target market for Rekorderlig.’

Rekorderlig Twitter UK – 12,318


Rekorderlig created the Winter Forest Bar specifically to promote their Winter Cider. Mixed with cinnamon and able to be served hot or cold, they unusually created cocktails to emphasis the versatility of the drink. Served in the setting of a Swedish Forest, the immersive experience included Swedish food and a performance from up and coming Swedish artist FAYE.


‘At the heart of Rekorderlig is that we are beautifully Swedish and with this tour we're trying to give people a small understanding of Sweden as a country, some of its great food and drinks.’

REKORDERLIG INSIGHT & ANALYSIS Rekorderlig have already built a cult following focused on their unique taste, now working on widening consumer base and creating loyalty. Portray a 360 degree view of Swedish culture from food and drink to design, firmly embedding themselves as part of the culture. Reiterate the liberated, outdoorsy, quirky stereotype of Swedes championed by a number of Scandinavian brands including IKEA. They create a new way to experience a common product (Winter Cider) producing differentiation and making a product memorable in the consumers mind.

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