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Electric Sports Car Man Spa Single Gent in the City Online Dating? Warm Weather Sports Bank

The Mid Century Gem of Palm Springs

Located in Downtown Palm Springs 225 West Baristo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262 1 800 676 1214

Pack it up right for your


10 Editor in Chief Stacy Ellen Publisher uG Media Art Director Jennifer Ortize Copy Editor Pippa Hinchley Contributing Writers Stacy Ellen Rib Hillis Pippa Hinchley Charles Lavers Delfin Joaquin Paris III Leslie M Rodriguez Gale Singer Contributing Photographers David Walden Jeff Wayne Contributing Hair & Makeup Klara Harutyunyan DaRico Jackson Leslie M Rodriguez Advertising 888-908-7619 uG Magazine published by Follow us on:

06 Spring 2012


CONTRIBUTORS Stacy Ellen, Editor in Chief of Urban Gentleman Magazine is a former clothing designer and account executive for print publications. Most recently, Stacy has worked as a wardrobe stylist for several other lifestyle and fashion magazines, celebrity clients, and local clothing designers. As Editor in Chief of Urban Gentleman Magazine, Stacy uses her experience from the last decade in creating the most comprehensive, relevant fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment content for the magazine.

Jennifer Ortize, Art Director of Urban Gentleman

Credits: Pasadena Magazine, South Bay Magazine, Ventura Blvd Magazine, Quatro Magazine, Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, American Gentleman Magazine, Daniel Bedingfield, Treva Etienne, Fashion Ezine Magazine, Italy, Nikola Bedingfield

Magazine, discovered her passion for art at a young age. She received her degree in graphic design and has launched her career as a freelance designer workiing with various clients.

Leslie M. Rodriguez specializes in the art of

Pippa is an award winning screenwriter, actress



and comedienne, who works extensively in film,

individual’s needs. As a self-taught makeup

TV and theatre. Her writing credits include Emmy

artist, she began doing make up work for Diva

winning sketch show Smack The Pony, Cannes

Tu, a local women’s lifestyle magazine and is

selected short film, Breaking Out, and 2 series of





UK TV teen hit, Sofia’s Diary. Her first feature film,

now the beauty editor for it. Leslie continues to

One White Crow, has been optioned by

pursue her education and has completed a

Hollywood production company, Allotria, and is

professional makeup artistry course through

being funded by Screen Australia. She has several

TNT agency, as well as MAC pro workshops.

other films and Tv projects in development and is

Leslie’s area of expertise includes film, fashion,

the producer and writer of all female web sketch

print, headshots, beauty, and bridal makeup.

show Live!Sex!Girls! Pippa is a graduate of the London College of Printing screenwriting MA and

Credits: MTV, Nickelodeon, South bay Magazine, Ventura Boulevard Magazine, Diva Tu Magazine

has taught screenwriting at the University Of London. Delfin Joaquin Paris III is a contributing editor and freelance writer. He is best known for his blog ThoughtsFromParis which he updates daily relating humorous stories of his life. He has quickly become an popular online personality writing for websites with his unique perspective and honesty. He has been interviewed by NBC to speak about divorce and humor. Delfin is a marketing specialist and has presented at conferences domestic and abroad. Credits: AimingLow, LauraRoeder, NBC

08 Spring 2012

u r b a n

g e n t l e m a n A women’s perspective



Spring 2012



It’s All About The

Ascot By Stacy Ellen

My latest obsession for men’s accessories is the Ascot. While not a new accessory by any means, it is a fresh approach to dressing your neck. So to speak. The Ascot became popular in Great Britain in the late 1800’s and is a cross between a silk scarf and a necktie. It was originally worn at formal daytime events with a tailcoat but in the modern age of the urban gent we think the Ascot can be worn with a tailored jacket, crisp button up shirt and jeans (as seen on Adam Rodriguez in our cover shot).





The Robert Cavalli Ascot is made of 100% silk and a must have for any urban gentleman’s wardrobe. Check this same ascot out on Adam Rodriguez page ?. Can be purchased at



The urban gent is not only style conscious, but environmentally conscious as well. With this ascot by Ceravalo made from recycled silk the dandy of today hits all points. This is an original, handmade ascot designed with new and re-purposed silk materials. The ascot is reversible. The front is black with red and baby blue stripes and the complimentary back side is also black with red and blue paisleys. Can be purchased at



Forzieri’s signature Ascot tie, made of the finest silk, is a key accessory in any debonair gentleman's wardrobe. A pleated neckband allows it to be worn in a variety of ways both under and over the collar. The Gentleman’s Emporium is bringing back the old school gent with their very fancy satin microfiber ascot, in formal purple tonal stripe. 100% microfiber, imported. With matching pocket square. Can be purchased at

Spring 2012




12 Ounces?

By Charles Lavers Ah, spring time in Los Angeles, that time of year when we reflect on the winter that wasn't and look ahead to at least another eight months of sweat, linen pants, and, for the purposes of this article, lighter weight denim. Railcar Fine Goods, based out of Arcadia, is celebrating spring with the release of lightweight 12 ounce denim jeans for men and women. Railcar began in a small studio located in a strip mall behind a gas station in El Monte. Says owner Steven Dang, “I went from 8 machines in a 700 square foot shop to 25 machines and 1500 square feet. 1500 square feet is still small, but we make it work.” Dang isn't your typical designer, though. In fact, Railcar, though his passion, is his second job. Six days a week you will also find him leading a crew of six men working on the MTA's Pasadena Metro Gold Line, performing maintenance and repairing the light-rail cars that run parallel to his route on the 210, between jobs building engines and building jeans. This spring he is building a lighter weight men's 12 oz. Cone Mills blue line selvedge that will help you beat the heat without sacrificing style points. ($178) For women, the 12 ounce stretch Japanese non-selvedge brown denim is available, but only in limited quantities. Made from one hundred percent non-stretch cotton, it is a fabric that will break in soft and easily gain most favored jean status. ($158) I asked Steven what he wants people to know about his product.“What sets all of our goods apart is the manufacturing. We manufacture all of the goods that we sell. So when somebody buys Railcar they are buying goods manufactured by Railcar the company. We don't use any side contractors to make anything. It is also made on traditional and vintage sewing machines by a real seamstress. Not by automated robotic machines. You can see the quality. The fabrics we choose and the way we make them makes our jeans an instant collectible.” P.S. Keep your eye out for Railcar denim jackets

14 Spring 2012

coming late summer.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY David Walden STORY BY Pippa Hinchley WARDROBE STYLING BY Stacy Ellen MAKE-UP BY Klara Harutyunyan

Wardrobe Credits: Ted Baker Shirt and Jacket; Ascot from; Mr. Turk Pants; Walk On Orange Sole Derby Shoes Location: Silverspoon 8929 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

uG: So, ‘Magic Mike, you play a male stripper –when is it released?! Adam: Hah! Yes I do. June 29th! It was a scary challenge to know that I'd be playing a male stripper and be exposed to the world wearing nothing but a thong! Scary to accept the challenge of getting myself in the kind of shape I would need to be in to look the part. And most of all, exciting to get the opportunity to work with a director of Steven Soderbergh's caliber - and a great group of actors (including Channing Tatum, Mathew McConaughey). All things I dreamt of when I imagined being an actor. uG: What was it like to work with Steven Soderbergh? Working with Soderbergh was a dream come true. I've always enjoyed his movies and respected the brave artistic choices he makes. As for working with him, he was a prince. He's been working with most of his crew for many years and you can feel that right away. In Magic Mike, he really gave us a lot of freedom to improvise and have fun. He would have us hang out in the space we were going to shoot in, let us talk and joke around while he set up the shot and by the time we were ready to shoot we'd be having fun and bring that energy to the scenes. If the fun we were having translates the way I hope it does, people are going to enjoy the hell out of this movie. Image courtesy of WB

22 Spring 2012

uG: Would you tell all those Urban Gents out there what you do to stay in shape, please?

Adam: I work my ass off! Cardio, weight training, boxing, and keeping in motion as often as possible. It's hard because by nature I love to sit around and read, and eat, and drink, and watch TV but, like anything, you have to keep a balance, so that's what I do. I work my ass off to stay in shape and when it's time to relax and chill, I do exactly that, with no guilt. uG: Do you enjoy clothes and, if so, who are your favorite designers? Adam: I do enjoy fashion and have always appreciated clothes that make me feel good when I put them on. That said, I hate shopping and try to do it no more than twice a year. uG: What do you do to relax? Adam: I love to take a long walk or play guitar . Reading a good book is also something that helps me relax. Spending quality time with people I love and enjoy being with. And sex! uG: Have you a Guilty Pleasure? Adam: Melting a bar of dark chocolate in a sauce pan and pouring it over vanilla ice cream! Add crushed almonds and sometimes a shot of espresso coffee! Delicious! And, I'm embarrassed to say, watching The View every once in a while. I think Whoopi Goldberg is so damn cool. And I love Jeopardy. Alright, that's enough. uG: Well, what a gent! Watch out for Adam in comedy Magic Mike, in cinemas, June.


Creating With Passion By Delfin Joaquin Paris III


ichael Stervinou is one of the most exciting French artists working today. At 33 years old, he has already exhibited his work in Los Angeles, New York City, and Paris. Michael is entirely self-taught and only has been painting since 2005. His focus on abstract impressionism creates a world of imagination where colors dance on the canvas, and then into the soul. Urban Gentleman spoke to him about art, emotion, and yes, even death. Which painters inspired you early on? When I was in Spain with my parents took me to the Dali Museum and I was totally stunned by what he had created. The power in his work ignited a real desire to become a painter. I like abstract styles like Dali because it forces one to think and to imagine. Who inspires you today? Aside from painters, I love Amy Marie Goetz, a talented fashion designer from Los Angeles. She and I have collaborated on runway shows combining my art as a backdrop to her clothing. Are your ideas fully formed before you take brush to canvas? Never. If I think of an idea in advance it doesn't work. Painting is about instinct and staying present for what comes up and then out. What role does emotion play in the process? Emotions are everything! You can't make true art without strong feeling. Emotion is the catalyst for all my art. I create when I am sad and when I'm happy. Emotions actually do the painting for me.

24 Spring 2012

Talk about inspiration. When I paint I concentrate on aesthetics. I try to mix colors in a unique way that is beautiful. The best compliment is when people tell me they felt beauty in one of my paintings, which is my goal. Do you have any rivalries with fellow artists? Ha! Well, I don't really have any rivalries since I create with passion. Art is the story of the heart. Sometimes I think that I would love to have the talent of certain artists, but this is admiration and not jealousy. The most important goal of my work is to paint in my own style and to share it. That's all. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what colors would you use in your final piece? Dying as an artist does not signify the end. Paintings will always exist and continue to live once I pass. My last painting would show a big rainbow. I would do my best to make a sort of face smiling using yellow, red, white, gold, green, deep blue. Death itself would provide the palette.


April 3rd-8th

SPRING CALENDAR World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor -Jyv채skyl채, Cental Finland, Finland

The 2012 World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor will be held April 3-8, 2012 in Jyv채skyl채, Central Finland, Finland. The meet will feature athletes ranging in age from 35-95+ in a display of speed, strength, and endurance for all ages. Track events will range from 60 meters to 3,000 meters while other running events include cross country, half marathon and a 10 km road walk. Field events will include the full range of jumps and throws.

April 19th & 20th Fenway Park Open House (Free) Boston, Ma

April 19th s free event for fans to come into Fenway Park and enjoy every part of the 100-year-old ballpark. There will be historical artifacts, photographs and banners on display along with a chance to meet Red Sox legends and visit parts of the ballpark generally inaccessible to fans 100th Birthday of Fenway Park- On the 20th will commemorate 100 years of history at Fenway Park with a large-scale pre-game ceremony. The Red Sox will play the New York Yankees, same team (then the New York Highlanders) they played on April 20, 1912. Both teams will wear 1912 throwback uniforms.

26 Spring 2012

May 3rd-7th June 2nd-5th

Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials-London,

England is hailed as the greatest 3-day-event in the world and the competition most event riders would like to win. Attracting one of the largest crowds of any outdoor sporting event worldwide, it is also an extremely popular family day out, even for the non-equestrian. With numerous side attractions held over 5 days.

June 8th–10th

Annual Czech Beer Festival Prague

With a selection of the best from Czech breweries, Czech chefs, butchers and bakers for you. You’ll have the chance to taste more than 70 brands of Czech beer, always in top quality in glass pitchers. 200 girls and boys in Czech national costumes will be your servers.

June 13-16th

Cambridge Bike Tours (Bike the May Bumps)Cambridge, England Kapalua Hawaii -Annual Kapalua Wine & Food Festival

A collaboration of Kapalua Resort partners creating a new spin on the longest running food and wine event in the USA and showcasing why we are “Lucky Live Hawaii!” This celebration of the finest in food and wine will embrace all things Hawaiian, especially the fabulous culinary bounty on Maui and here at the world renowned Kapalua Resort.

is a specially designed evening of following the college rowing crews as they race and enjoy a picnic by the riverside. Much like the “Head of the Charles Regatta” held in Cambridge, Massachusetts in October.

Spring 2012



Spring Into Vacation! By Delfin Joaquin Paris III

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

You love Mexico, but cringe at the idea of spending time with hundreds of spring breakers stumbling around. Playa del Carmen is the destination for you. A little too far south for college partiers, you should consider spending time on Mexico's Caribbean coast. Not only covered in white-sand beaches, there are also many fun activities nearby. The Mayan ruins provide a nice half-day cultural trip. Visit Chichén Itzá, Cobá or Tulum and see how the Mayans ran things back in the 1200s. While in Playa del Carmen, visit one of the many nearby cenotes, which are underground caves consisting of deep natural water. Bring your swimsuit and have fun playing Marco Polo among the stalagmites.

Austin, Texas

Every friend who has visited Austin has said that you just have to go visit. But you may not know exactly why. First, Austin has the largest state capital in the country and a large number of museums. The weather is near-perfect, staying in the low 80s on most days. For nightlife Austin is also known as "The Music Capital of the World" boasting over 200 bars, clubs, and theaters where bands perform. Austin is also home to the largest natural bat colony in North America. On spring nights you can watch 1.5million fanged friends take off from the Congress Avenue bridge seeking out their next meal. You may want to wear a turtleneck.

Whistler, Canada

Laying on the beach a little too boring for you? Head to Whister for a fun, active vacation. The skiing is some of the best in the world and the season lasts until June. There's also kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, ziplining, and even bungee jumping for outdoor types. Shopping in Whistler is impressive with over 200 stores in the village catering to vacationers. The best reason of all to visit Whistler? My vote goes to their local culinary specialty Truffle Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster and Bacon. You'll burn off all of those calories skiing, anyway.

28 Spring 2012

Looking to head somewhere exciting this spring? Well, before you book that same boring vacation, take a gander at our recommendations for unique and fun getaways.

Sports Car goes Electric

By Charles Lavers Earlier this year Tesla Motors debuted its latest creation, the crossover Model X at a star-studded event in Los Angeles. Tesla, the electric car company “charging� itself with creating the world's first electric sports car to have significant range without compromising performance, was founded by PayPal and SpaceX creator Elon Musk. The Palo Alto based company initially unveiled its sedan, the Model S, in March 2009, and will be manufacturing its automobiles in Fremont, CA, thanks to the nearly half billion dollars it received as part of a federal program to move away from gas burning vehicles towards electric or alternative forms of energy. Depending on how much you are willing to believe, the Model S, the sedan with room for five, will go from zero to sixty mph in 5.5


seconds. The Model S is in production and will begin delivery in July 2012. The cost? There have been many figures, though $60,000 is a number frequently heard. As for the Model X and its distinctive falcon wing doors, don't expect to see see it humming around your neighborhood until 2014. Built on the same flat battery platform as the Model S, with two motors, one which drives the front wheels and the other driving the back, it has room for seven people in three rows and will do zero to sixty mph in a very impressive 4.4 seconds. While no price has been announced, expect it to be roughly in the same range as the Model S, and keep in mind that purchasing an electric vehicle qualifies you for tax incentives your gasguzzling counterparts are not privy to.

Spring 2012



Get your pampering on at the


Gentlemen, here’s a look at two great pampering places that know how to take care our Urban Gentlemen. By Leslie M. Rodriguez

The Dtox Day Spa has two locations one in SoCal, one in Encino and one in Los Feliz. They are eco-friendly with customer service that has been rated 5-star by the Ellen DeGeneres show and the L.A. Times. DTox has a co-ed steam room and dry sauna and offers massages along with 'just for men' facials. Treatment rooms are gently illuminated by candlelight, while the outside terrace features waterfalls, private cabanas, and a large Buddha. There's an invitation to enjoy some organic hot tea, fruit-infused water, fresh or dried fruit, and, yes, brownies, while you relax. Let’s not forget to mention they offer the highest quality fair-trade ingredients including organic essential oils, nut free massage oils and a skin care line that offers ingredients free of sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals. Check it out at

The next place we will look at is Nickel Spa for men. Located in NYC, it is the place to visit. Created by a man for men, with skincare range and spa that is exclusively designed for men. Their products are high performance and easy to use, giving you instant results. This place first opened its doors in 1996, since then it operates spas in Paris, London, and New York. This place offers you facials, massages, manicure and pedicure, along with a hair salon and barber, making it the only trip you'll ever need. And for those who like to do it themselves, they offer a large retail area where you can find various grooming products.

Spring 2012





the dating game of a single parent The word ‘dating’ carries so much with it. For some, it conjures up fond memories of long candle lit dinners, holding hands and the excitement of a first kiss. For others, it brings up terrifying images of awkward silences, uncomfortable laughter and the Houdini like escape-artist tricks of getting out of the car and in the front door without that horrible ‘kiss good night’. Whether it was good or bad, the idea of getting back into dating can be a bit overwhelming for a newly single parent. Dating before kids, while it may not be easy, was certainly easier than it is now with the responsibility of parenthood. There are added challenges, and ‘criteria’, in dating as a single parent that make it difficult to find that special someone again… Difficult yes, but not impossible. For many of us, the last time we had a curfew was back in high school living in our parents’ homes. As a young adult, if you wanted to stay out all night on a date and watch the sunrise it was as easy as staying awake. Now, with kids, it is much harder to be spontaneous. Instead of meeting the disapproving eyes of your father as you arrive home past midnight, it’s now the baby sitter who gives you a contemptuous look….and then takes your money. Before kids, the criteria for dating someone went kinda like this: Are they hot? Check. Do they make me laugh? Check. Are they a good kisser? Check. Are they good in bed? Check. Now, with kids, the checklist looks more like this: Do they like kids? Check. Do they like my kids? Check. Do my kids like them? Check. If they have kids, do our kids get along? Check. If you are lucky, somewhere in there you can still check off that they are hot too. Being a single parent and trying to date is a bit like playing craps. You meet someone new that you like and roll the dice with the “I have kids” line and see how it turns out. It takes a special person to take that in and not politely excuse themselves. When you are dating a person who has kids, you are not just dating them but their kid as well. A single mother friend of mine once told me that it is even harder to find a good guy who is willing to get involved with a single mother. One solution is the Brady Bunch principle. We all remember the theme song: Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls all of them had hair of gold, like their mother-the youngest one in curls. Here's the story of a man named Brady who was living with three boys of his own.

42 Spring 2012

They were four men living all together yet they were all alone Till the one day when the lady met this fellow. And they knew that it was much more than a hunch , That this group must somehow form a family, That's the way we all became the Brady bunch. The Brady bunch, the Brady bunch. That's the way we became the Brady bunch.

Because single parents have similar situations and challenges, it can often be a great fit when dating. You won’t have to explain that you need to be home by a certain time to get the baby sitter home; most likely they will be nodding agreement. Furthermore, single parents can relate to your situation and share their stories of trying to be a good parent and have a life at the same time. The phrase ‘misery loves company’ wouldn’t exactly be applicable here, being a single parent isn’t misery, but as any single parent will tell you…it’s hard. Finding that special someone isn’t easy, but the reward can outweigh the challenge.


The Online Dating


As told to uG magazine by a Single Mother navigating the dating world.

Well, I decided to put a professionally done photo of myself as my profile image on an online dating website. The experiment started with me wanting to see how much interest I would get from this photo. Within 24 hours I had over 100 emails and winks. Wow... I was surprised! I thought I would get some response because, to toot my own horn, I look pretty good in this photo with my hair and makeup professionally done, great photographer (not my phone in my bathroom) and a little retouching! The true test was to go out on a few dates and see if my innocent experiment was actually going to help me find a great gentleman. Results... I went on a few dates. I got along with all of my suitors - a few I saw potential in and a few just did not seem to be my right fit. The ironic thing about this experiment is this: the suitors I thought had potential did not seem to see the same in me. The non-potential suitors that I was not interested in were the ones that were asking me for a second date. Hum...what is wrong here? Are my standards too high? Should I settle for someone that is interested in me but I'm not sure? What happened with the suitors I was interested in? I'm pretty laid back when it comes to dating. Should I be more aggressive as a modern woman dating today? Is it as simple as: none of my dates so far are my perfect match? The last answer is the one I’m going with. I thought this online dating thing was working pretty well to meet a potential romantic interest until one of my online dates said: "and with everything you have going on, I still want to date you" ! When did being a successful, independent woman become a liability? I know a true urban gentleman wants his lady to handle her own, right? Just when I thought the online dating experiment was going to end with the same results I get in the real life world, I was totally taken by surprise. I found what I thought was the other half of my ‘power couple’ and we both fell for each other. The difference was my perception of what I wanted. I no longer wanted just a ‘+1’, I wanted a true love, and I found it . So, my advice to men and women looking for love, or just companionship: Make really clear to yourself and the world what you want, because that is exactly what the universe will give you. At least that is what I believed, until the day my "true love" asked me for money. Oh no, or, hell to the N.O.! A true gentleman should never, ever, ask a real lady for money. Got it? Conclusion, no matter where you choose to find your significant other just always be true to yourself. Xoxo, from a cute, sexy, independent, ambitious 21st century lady - still hopeful that "true love" is out there.

Spring 2012



Let’s Get Physical

(and social!)

Spring is here! Time to emerge from your winter hibernation and become active, both physically and socially. Below are a few sports that combine both the need to burn a few calories while meeting fun people along the way. Inner Tube Water Polo I spoke with Aaron Bauhs, the Membership Manager at NYC Sports Social Club. They club which boasts thousands of member offers ten co-ed sports leagues. Marc became most excited telling me about inner tube water polo. As you've probably guessed, this is traditional water polo with an inner tube to keep you afloat. This is great news to anyone who wasn't regularly blasting their quads all winter. "Inner Tube Water Polo is the most fun game you've probably never heard of and one of my personal favorites! It's a fierce cardio workout, but almost no one comes in with prior experience." Over the years Aaron has witnessed those who meet for the first time on a team, fall in love, and even marry! Oh, and by the way, keep the speedo at home. Nobody wants to see that. Kickball In Chicago, the big spring sport is the old schoolyard favorite, kickball. This time there are no teachers keeping watch with silver whistles, and no

44 Spring 2012

By Delfin Joaquin Paris III

bullies throwing the ball at your head. There are over 200 teams in the windy city alone, and popularity for the sport is spreading fast. According to the World Adult Kickball Association (no, I didn't make that up), “…there are now WAKA leagues present in virtually every major market in the US.” Also, most teams are sponsored by local bars, so afterward you can celebrate with some victory shots. Just remember to kick responsibly. Beach Tennis There's a new sport that has been picking up steam combining the intensity and fun of tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Never heard of Beach Tennis? Don't be intimidated, as most people who play are not previously skilled in any of these sports. Marc Altheim, CEO of Beach Tennis USA, brought this sport to the US in 2004 after a vacation in Aruba. It has become incredibly popular and there is now even a Beach Tennis Pro Tour. Marc believes Beach Tennis will become an Olympic sport within the next decade. You don't have to be on the coast to enjoy, however. Beach tennis is played on any surface and is a great addition to any backyard party. Pick up a paddle (but put down the bratwurst first)!

Sophisticated Style Refined Taste


Building a Team of Professionals for

Independent Business Owners By Gale Singer When was the last time you met with your team of professionals to help you with a key business decision? If you're like many independent business owners, you may be thinking “What team of professionals?” As a business owner, you probably handle the running of the business yourself. Still, it is possible to run a business more efficiently and profitably by utilizing a team of professionals who can consult and guide you in the management of your company. The trick is to seek out team members for the long term –– to build relationships with professionals who will understand your situations and needs on an ongoing basis. Special bonus: Many of these professionals are also independent business owners just like you. Here are four key players: Attorney: You may prefer an attorney who specializes in the needs of business owners and can consult with you on topics such as asset ownership, best-choice business form, succession planning, contract review and employee-employer relationships. A crucial component lies in establishing a relationship with your attorney, so that you can simply pick up the phone when you have a question. Accountant: Once again, you may prefer someone who understands the needs of independent business people and, if possible, also knows your industry. An accountant should help you “read” your books more effectively, translate raw data, help you effectively plot areas of profit and loss, and –– perhaps most important –– show you ways to manage your tax liability. In short, your CPA could save you money. To really benefit from your accountant, don't make the mistake of meeting only once a year at tax time: give your accountant the opportunity to work with you all year long. An Officer at Your Financial Institution: Credit is the lifeblood of many businesses. It’s always important to maintain contact with the person who can help you access the cash flow you need at the time that you need it and at a favorable rate. In addition to issuing credit, many financial institutions frequently provide a wealth of other services at minimal or no charge. Regular contact with your institution will keep you abreast of new opportunities that can benefit your business. An Insurance Professional: An insurance agent familiar with the challenges facing independent business owners can act as an effective problem solver. Specifically, a trained, licensed insurance professional can play several crucial roles in your business:

1. Help your company meet its immediate insurance protection needs. This includes helping select and fund insurance for key executive coverage, death and disability* buy-out, pension, and other qualified plans. 2. Help meet your personal insurance and financial product needs. Family decisions can be a key factor in making any business decisions. Your insurance agent can help you coordinate a cohesive insurance program that satisfies your needs and goals on personal and professional levels. 3. Help coordinate the work of other professionals. Insurance agents will help you focus on the big picture and work to help you put together a team of professionals. *Please note: Disability insurance is available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life, dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality. This educational third-party article is being provided as a courtesy by Gale Singer. For additional information on the information or topic(s) discussed, please contact Gale Singer at (818)577-7411 or Gale Singer, CA Ins. License # 0H30904 New York Life Insurance Company

Spring 2012


Adam Rodriguez Spring 2012  

Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami to MAGIC MIKE, Spring Getaway, Ascots, Denim, French Artist, Road Trip, Palm Springs, Tesla, Man Spa, Courtshi...

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