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city of others presents


in a world of strangers

FALL 2008 collection

Madison Wide Leg in Gale

Hamilton Slim Straight in Radiant

Austin Slim Boot in Gust

Brooklyn Skinny in Monsoon

Minsk Flare in Drift

Skinny in


in Gust

Minsk Flare in Gale

Madison Wide Leg in Boreal

Stockholm Super Skinny in Gale

Stockholm Super Skinny in Monsoon

Flare in Radiant

Brooklyn Skinny in Sultry

Austin Slim Straight in Dew

Madison Wide Leg in Boreal

Brooklyn Skinny in Overcast Hamilton Slim Straight in Overcast

[city of others] is a premium denim brand from community and voicing the dreams and opinions of our generation. [city of others] is a community of youthful, music, culture, and people. [others] are students, artists, musicians, and campus, country or even the world, [others] are aware of the importance of being an active part of the community around them. We want to serve you by offering the best value in the premium denim market. We want to lead by issues into action and empowering you to do the same. We believe all this can be accomplished through connecting you to an authentic community worth joining. [ ] What’s up with the square brackets? We chose this as our logo because it’s a way to visually frame the things that are important and inspiring to us. So when you see pictures of our brackets around a group of friends, a nd, inspiring art, a community need, or even a sketchy old RV those images will give you a look into what the [city of others] is all about.


WEST: Roki Prunali ph: 213-995-5550 cell: 415-793-6748 fax: 213-995-5551 showroom: 127 E 9th St. Suite #412, Los Angeles, CA 90015


PHOTOGRAPHER: Aaron Redfield Robbie Jeffers (assistant)

EAST: Lynn Coan McKee ph: 212-871-6636 cell: 917-756-5328 fax: 212-871-6639 showroom: 231 W 39th St. Suite #405, New York, NY 10018

MODELS: Kate A. for Nous Kate J. for Nous Ryan Hansen Ross Crooks

PRESIDENT: Rick Spielberg cell: 213-595-4003 PRESS: Tony Chu ph: 323-890-1800


UGLY: [city of others} catalog  

This is the Fall 2008 Catalog for [city of others] which I designed and Art Directed

UGLY: [city of others} catalog  

This is the Fall 2008 Catalog for [city of others] which I designed and Art Directed