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From The Other Side Of The World To The Other Side Of The Sofa - Pink Sofa _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Lorean Betty -

From the other side of the world to the other side of the sofa. It was an anxious 2 weeks wait for my results to come back but luckily everything was clear. All I wanted to do was to phone my sister Sarah in Australia to give her the good news. I called her and we discussed her coming back to England for the first time in 5 years, and to my delight she said that she had already booked the flight! But I felt a bit of a fraud as I had just found out that I was ok, none the less I was glad I would be seeing her. On the way back from the hospital Steve and I called into our favourite furniture store as we really need to re-decorate the living room and were desperate for new sofas. We explained our particular requirements and were shown relevant options. The sales advisor took lots of trouble over us and made us feel comfortable and relaxed to take our time in making decisions.

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After 2 hours and a cup of coffee, and a lot of help from the sales lady we ordered our new Pink sofas. These sofas were part of their new Simply Pink collection, and for every order the store were making a donation to towards Breast Cancer Breakthrough, which is close to my heart. After explaining that Sarah

was coming over from Australia in 4 weeks time, the sales lady said she would do her best to have the sofas delivered before she arrived. The furniture store called me to arrange delivery and to my joy they would be delivered before Sarah arrived, as we had hoped. The sofas arrived Wednesday morning, they looked superb. The delivery men brought the sofas into the living room and they fitted perfectly. Once the delivery drivers left I couldn't wait to sit on them, I sat down and sunk into them, they are oh so comfy. The sofas and the complementing scatter cushions that the sales person advised finished my newly decorated room off perfectly. That made me even more excited for Sarah to arrive as I knew she would love them. I was right Sarah did love the sofas! So I could spend some quality time with my sister I sent.

Steve and the Kids out to his mums so we could have a girly night in. We relaxed on the new sofas, catching up, drinking champagne and eating chocolates. To think, she had been on the other side of the world for 5 years and she was now sitting on the other side of the sofa. Before Sarah went home we visited furniture store so I could show her the Chair that I want for my bedroom and she was delighted to find that she could have the perfect sofas made for her and exported to Australia. Sarah chose a design from their new Simply Pink collection and as with my order the store donated £50 to Breast Cancer Breakthrough.Apparently they will be running this promotion throughout the whole month of October. I thoroughly approve of such initiatives as it goes towards raising the publics' awareness of this very important issue.

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