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Johnny Football QB guru George Whitfield Jr. breaks down his pupil, Johnny Manziel prior to 2012 season

by Olin Buchanan & Gabe Bock, Photography: Jason McConnell, Aggieland Illustrated

G From D.C. to Aggieland

Former White House Chief Of Staff, Now An Aggieland Neighbor by Ashley Diamond Siegert, Fig-Mint Photography


ur neighbor, Andrew Card, you may know as the man in the iconic picture from 9-11 who whispered to the President, “A second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack.” At the time, Card was the White House Chief of Staff for the Bush administration where he served for five and a half years. Now Card adds to his extensive resume, the position of Acting Dean for the Bush School of Public Affairs at Texas A&M.


orn and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, Card received his Bachelors in Engineering from the University of South Carolina and went onto study at both

The Merchant Marine Academy and Harvard. “Growing up, I knew I would be an engineer and I knew I would be involved in politics. I was told that “politics was not a dirty word, it was a noble calling. I loved engineering and couldn’t wait to do it, but I didn’t know that if you were an engineer and a politician, you were an oxymoron.”


ard went on to serve in the White House under Presidents Reagan, Bush (41) and Bush (43). While working as the Secretary of Transportation for President George H. W. Bush, he was asked to visit Florida and sites of destruction from Hurricane Andrew.

running in the streets BCS Marathon Returns To Aggieland


n less than five weeks, more than 3,000 people will be converging on the streets of Bryan-College Station for an important, memorable, and bucket list event. They won’t be wearing suits to attend a graduation ceremony, and they won’t have donned their maroon to head to Kyle Field. Instead, this eclectic crowd will be in a healthy mix of Adidas, Brooks, Asics, and Nikes. They’ll be tall, skinny, young, and old. And they will each be doing what for many of us is simply unthinkable….running either 13.1 or 26.2 miles.


es, the Scott and White BCS Marathon + Half Marathon is almost here, and there are some things you need to know before race day.

see WHITE HOUSE on page 7


n one hand, you might be tempted to say that the BCS Marathon is one of the best kept secrets in town. It’s true that many locals still aren’t aware of this event which began last year and will have its second annual race this December 9th.

eorge Whitfield Jr. has the joy and pleasure of training some of footballs great quarterbacks. At Whitfield Athletix, developing and building the “complete quarterback” is the ultimate goal. To achieve this objective, they utilize unconventional methods to achieve universal fundamentals. Training is a “learning laboratory” where quarterbacks are challenged and encouraged to train and practice without fear of mistake or failure.


hitfield has worked with multiple NFL quarterbacks including the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and this past summer prior to becoming a household name and a SEC record breaking QB, Johnny Manziel spent the summer at Whitfield Athletix. Whitfield was blown away at how big both Newton and Luck were and thinks that both of them definitely have the frame to play linebacker in the NFL.


hitfield first met Johnny Manziel this past May. His first thought was that Manziel could play nearly any skill position because he was such an incredible athlete. Once Manziel picked up the ball, a couple of things jumped out to him. The first was that Manziel possesses natural arm talent and the second was his overall athleticism. see FOOTBALL on page 10


t’s also true that the race happens somewhat quietly and behind the scenes for those who don’t fancy setting off for a 3 or 4 hour jog as a good way to spend a crisp Sunday morning. But to say it’s a secret in the running and fitness community locally, regionally, or even around the country, would simply not be accurate. see MARATHON on page 4

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The MED Gets New Accreditation

1,000 Flag Salute to Service

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(continued from page 1) BCS Marathon Returns To Aggieland


f the more than 3,000 runners currently registered for this year’s race, nearly 60% are from outside of Bryan-College Station. That’s about 2,000 runners, plus their families, who will be converging on our city to run this year’s race. That’s 2,000 people who will sleep in local hotels, shop at local stores, eat at local restaurants, and fill up at local gas stations. That’s nearly 2,000 people who will go home talking about Aggieland and its unmatched hospitality. That’s 2,000 people who somehow found out about this little race in Bryan-College Station that many of us right down the street haven’t even really noticed ourselves. Even calling it a little race isn’t very accurate as it has already, in just its second year, become one of the 75 largest marathon/half marathons in the United States.


ace Director Chris Field agrees. “I really don’t think most people in BCS realize how big of a deal this race has become,” he says. “Our runners and sponsors know, but I don’t know how much the average citizen realizes it.” To further prove his point, Field indicates that there are runners traveling to BCS for this race from a hearty 29 different states across the country. That includes runners from as far away as New York, Iowa, Florida, and California. He also notes that after just one year, the race was the highest rated marathon in Texas, based on runner ratings. “It’s really been incredible,” he adds. “No one saw this coming. Not even us.”


t started humbly enough. It was May of 2011 when someone on a local message board asked why Bryan-College Station didn’t have it’s own marathon. Many reasons were given: too small, too expensive, too hard to get local municipalities to work together. There were plenty of dissenters, just a few people who said they’d love to see it happen, and then Field who chimed in with “I am excited to read through this… I am a marathoner who also runs a local non-profit… I have wondered many times about the possibility of starting a full marathon here in Bryan/College Station. Are there others here who would be interested in serving on a committee to make it happen if [I] took the reins on getting it done?” And just like that, a marathon was born. How does one go about putting together a race of this magnitude from scratch? “Lots of prayer,” Field laughs, “and being stubborn enough to think you can do it when everyone says it can’t be done. And working with great folks from both cities and Texas A&M. And surrounding yourself with a great team. And having a wife who lets you pretty much work around the clock on a race for 3 months. And…well, I guess there are a lot factors that have to converge, “ he says. “We feel very blessed it’s all happened like it has. It’s been quite a journey.”


hile Field loves running, his real passion is his family’s work with the local non-profit Mercy Project, which he and his wife began about three years ago. They are based here in BryanCollege Station, but their work is focused in Ghana, West Africa where they are the first group to implement economic development projects to help rescue children from slavery in the fishing industry there. Due partly from the success of last year’s race, they were able to rescue their first 24 children from slavery this past September. “This race has been an unbelievable gift to us and the children in Ghana,” he says. “It’s a ton of work. Seriously, a ton. But it’s so very worth it.”


o runners run. Families and friends cheer. Lives are changed--here locally and across the world. When you look at it like that, it’s easy to see why this race has become such a big deal. Now it’s just time that we all jump in to do our part in making it even better.


ou can learn more about the race and sign up to run or volunteer at


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A 1,000 flag salute to service at veterans park


or Veterans Day, November 11, 2012, Bryan Rotarians along with local students set out 1000 American flags at Veterans Park to honor veterans, active duty soldiers, and first responders who serve and protect. The Bryan Rotary Field of Valor will be an annual event to honor individuals who embody the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self”.


he flags will be on public display for one week, November 11-17, 2012. Bunny Pratt, event chair for the Field of Valor project, said, “My hope is that citizens will be drawn to Veterans Park to see this amazing and awe-inspiring display of one-thousand American flags then take time to tour the Veterans Memorials and reflect on those honored there.” Pratt also noted that the Bryan Rotary has arranged Field Trips for local schools aimed at 5th grade students. Volunteers will lead students through 10 historically themed tour stations. To date, 1180 students are expected to participate. Since field trips are an extra expense for schools, the Bryan Rotary Club is covering the bus transportation costs with the help of sponsorships from area citizens and businesses supporting the Field of Valor. Teachers and parents are encouraged to download the Field Trip resources posted online at


he Bryan Rotary Field of Valor display has a three-fold purpose: 1) To offer a patriotic tribute to those who serve our country and community; 2) To raise funds for Bryan Rotary Club programs and projects; and, 3)To provide a civics lesson to area fifth-graders through field trips to the park.


otary is a global network of community volunteers. The Bryan Rotary Club was chartered in 1921 and is a vibrant service club supporting local and international humanitarian initiatives. For more information on Bryan Rotary Club activities, please visit


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sponsored by




Nov 16 Lights ON Downtown Bryan

Dec 1 Holidays in the Rotunda

Nov 17 Santa’s Mile and 5K

Dec 2 Jingle Bell Fun Run SUNDAY


Nov 18 Play On! Matinee



Dec 2 BCS Christmas Parade Dec 4 Beethoven’s Boldest

Nov 20 Taste of the BV The Brazos County Expo FRIDAY


Nov 30 A Christmas Carol The Theatre Company, Bryan

Dec 7 First Friday in Downtown Bryan

Dec 10 The Nutcracker Rudder High School



Dec 12 OPAS:  THE ROMEROS AND CONCERTO MALAGA Dec 14 Downtown Bryan Christmas Parade

Want to see your event here? EMAIL US AT:

Dec 9 Symphony Concert

Nov 30, Dec 1, Dec 7 Christmas at the Creek



800 University Drive East | 201 Dominik Drive 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Dec 9 BCS Marathon

For more details go to or follow us on Facebook!


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G 0% FIN2 AMNONCTINHS FOR a7pproved credit with




(continued from page 1) Former White House Chief Of Staff, Now An Aggieland Neighbor “



t the time, it was the single largest natural disaster in the history of the US. I saw people in desperate need of help and I was impressed that significant help came from charities and churches, but then more help was needed by the federal government and I watched how that made a difference. It did reinforce for me how government actually does serve a purpose to bring order from chaos.”

GMC Sierra



n 2000 while President Elect George W. Bush was assembling his administrative staff, he called Card into his office cryptically stating that he needed some “help.” Card shared, “I thought he was asking me to run his transition. When I realized that he wanted me to be Chief of Staff...I was blown away.” Card reflected on his time as Chef of Staff. “It’s not a job. It’s a commitment. I really did get to the office at 5:30 in the morning, and I didn’t go home until I knew that the president had gone to bed and so it made for very long days and the responsibilities were 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. However, I found that the management challenges, the policy burdens and the communication impossibilities made for a very rewarding and fabulous experience. If you ever have the chance to be the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States, DO IT. SAY YES. Even if you only stay in the job for a few days.”


s White House Chief of Staff, one of the most important tasks is to determine what information will be brought before the President. Card explained what formula he used to make those decisions. “First of all I would tell people, ethics is more important than your job. The second thing I would say. “If you need to see the President, go see the President. I don’t want to stand in your way from addressing something that truly needs to be seen by the President, but if you want to see the President, you had better not go. Also, most of us love to argue policy, so I used to have this test. I would ask, ‘Can you describe what principle underlies the policy that you are bringing to the president?’ Then I would say, ‘Describe what people will benefit from the policy.’ Next I would ask, ‘Is this a presidential decision, or just a governmental decision? Because if it is just a governmental decision, then someone else can make it.’ I was very surprised by how many people would get stumped by the very first question, the underlying principle.”



ne can imagine that after working in such a powerful position, with access to phenomenal information and the power to change the world on a daily basis, it could be difficult to walk away. When asked, “If a hypothetical President Elect Romney called you up in December, would you go back?” He responded, “I think that all people around me especially my wife realize that I am predisposed to say yes when a president asks me to do something. I think that we have an obligation as US citizens to answer the call to duty. Would that be prudent for him? Probably not. Would it be prudent for me? It might not be. But I grew up saying yes to government duty.”



Proud winner of the BBB Torch Award for Market Ethics.



ard went on to describe how the Bush School is also focused on the call to government duty. “President Bush’s vision for the Bush School is that number one, the students come to the school because they want to be prepared to answer the noble call of public service. He wants them to get an education that isn’t too expensive, so we focus on raising money for scholarships. This is a graduate school so it’s a Masters Degree program where every one of our students gets a scholarship. We have two programs, one in International Affairs and one in Public Service Administration.” ard is currently the Acting Dean of the Bush School while Dean Ryan Crocker is on assignment as the Ambassador to Afghanistan until September of 2013. In the mean time, he and his wife, Kathleene, a Methodist minister serving as the interim Associate Pastor at A&M United Methodist Church, are enjoying life here in Bryan/College Station. “I love Aggieland. My wife and I really have embraced this community and it’s because the community has embraced us. This really is a ‘Howdy’ neighborhood.”

205 N. Earl Rudder Frwy. between Briarcrest & University Drive.















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stroke center gets accreditation



he College Station Medical Center has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval for stroke care by The Joint Commission (TJC). The advanced certification as a Primary Stroke Center from TJC recognizes the hospital’s commitment to the highest standards in the country for stroke care. TJC’s Primary Stroke Center Certification program was developed in collaboration with the American Stroke Association. The certification is based on the recommendations and guidelines fro primary stroke care centers published by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association.


troke is the nation’s fourth leading cause of death. Each year, about 795,000 people experience a new or recurrent stroke – one every 40 seconds. Stroke is a leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States, with about 4.7 million stroke survivors alive today. According to the 2009 National Vital Statistics Report, 9,366 Texans died from strokes in 2006, accounting for 6 percent of total deaths in Texas.



he MED is committed to making our stroke care program the best it can be – and this means partnering with physicians for ongoing improvements in quality and clinical practices, and investing in the latest tools, techniques and innovations,” said Tom Jackson, MED CEO. “When people who live and work in the Brazos Valley think about superior stroke care, we want them to think of the MED.”

t the MED, patients can be assured of certain standards regarding diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, with the ultimate goal of reducing the time between stroke onset and treatment,” said Sherri Welch, MED Chief Nursing Officer. “Part of what distinguishes our Primary Stroke Center is our advanced diagnostic capabilities and treatments for routine brain attacks as well as complex stroke cases.”


he goal of the MED’s stroke treatment program is to provide the best care to every stroke patient. The program includes a multidisciplinary team of physicians from emergency medicine, neurology, neurosurgery and interventional radiology, as well as nursing, rehabilitation services, pharmacy, radiology and social work.


n addition to dedicated stroke care 24 hours a day, the MED’s stroke program includes neurological telemedicine that is able to remotely evaluate suspected stroke patients in the Brazos Valley when neurology expertise is not immediately available.


ccording to the American Stroke Association, warning signs of a stroke include: * Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body

* Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding

* Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes

* Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination

* Sudden, severe headache with no known cause


f you or a loved one experiences any of these symptoms, call 911 and get to an Emergency Room immediately.


NOVEMBER 2012 | abou own P r e s s . c o m | Pa g e 8

A digital agency based in Bryan / College Station that can help your business improve your online brand via custom website designs that are built with a user friendly content management solution for your ease of use. We have helped such great brands with their online needs including websites and social media solutions: Brazos Valley Bombers, Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, World Poker Tour, Cal Ripken Jr., CJ Wilson, Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings, Deron Williams, Harlem Globetrotters and hundreds of others

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(continued from page 1) QB guru George Whitfield Jr. breaks down his pupil, Johnny Manziel prior to 2012 season

INJURED? We care. We can help.


anziel joined Whitfield’s staff in San Diego while Donovan McNabb was also around his program. Manziel talked to McNabb about how badly he wanted to get on the field and compete for the starting spot prior to this season which showed how hungry he was and how hard he was willing to work over the summer. From day one, you could definitely feel that highly competitive spirit within Manziel. Knowing a guy is very competitive and knowing that they take a lot of pride in their game really sets the table for success.


anziel did a great job with his broom drill. The broom is used as a tool to get guys to move around in the pocket and to simulate a pass rush. Guys are only going to move so much if a coach is rushing them out of the pocket, however, with a four foot broom, the guys will move a lot more. Whitfield uses the broom drill to bring the heart rate and adrenaline of the quarterbacks to a higher level. With that added adrenaline and heart rate comes more stress, and the drill allows him to see how the quarterbacks react under that stress. Manziel is easily one of the best athletes Whitfield has ever worked with at the quarterback position.


anziel has more tools, physically, than Colt McCoy. However, it’s hard to compare Manziel to any other quarterback because he is a very unique player, and because of that, he will probably define his own path. Over the summer, Whitfield didn’t get to see Manziel perform in real time with defenders coming at him, but he was able to take out his entire arsenal of weapons and work on each individual one. Manziel is extremely talented at so many different things.


hile in San Diego, Manziel had about three days where he was paired up to work with Florida State’s E.J. Manuel. Whitfield put both Manziel and Manuel into the drills at the same time, and if you turned your back on them and just watched the receivers, you wouldn’t know which one was throwing the ball. After a while, Whitfield started thinking about how this young guy from Texas was going toe to toe with a 6-5, future draft pick quarterback from Florida State without any problem. You could tell that Manziel was eager to learn whatever he could from whoever he could by the way he peppered Manuel with questions both on the field and off the field during the lunch break.

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The Carlson Law Firm 855-6-LAW-HELP


ith ten games under Manziel’s belt, the hard work from this summer at Whitfield looks to be paying off as the red-shirt freshman continues to lead the Aggies to a hugely successful inaugural season in the SEC.


1121 Briarcrest Dr. #302, Bryan

Principal office in Killeen, Tx. Attorneys licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas.


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review, pause, review again and save 9 Places You Can Save Money for Your Family by Debbie Davis


ost families are spending more and more money every year (and not just because the cost of living rose) while also saving less and less. One reason is that few household managers spend much time reviewing expenses and expenditures to find ways they can save money. However almost every family has places where costs can be cut and pennies can be pinched — and if those freed up funds are then used to pay down debt and save for the future it could have a dramatic impact on their quality of life.


Food is one big area where many families could be more thrifty. Families spend an average of $2,434 on food away from home, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you (and your spouse and your children) eat lunch out every day of the week then try brownbagging at least one of those days. If just one of you does it you may save up to $400 a year and if you can double or triple that savings you could finance a family vacation with it.


Another major expense is your home. When was the last time you looked at refinancing? Can you find a lower interest rate? Can you renegotiate to a shorter time frame? Even if you can’t change your mortgage payment you may be able to pay a bit extra each month which over time will help pay down your mortgage faster. Also, don’t overlook your utilities. There are ways to save in this area as well including updating your insulation and weather stripping, keeping up-to-date with maintenance and cleaning of your furnace and air conditioner or using a programmable thermostat to take advantage of those times when your house is empty or the family is asleep.


Transportation is another major expense for many families. Not only are vehicles expensive to buy but also to maintain and operate especially with gasoline prices at such high levels. Is car-pooling an option for any members of the family on at least a part-time basis? Make sure to combine errands and trips to cut down on your travel and save money when buying gasoline by taking advantage of special programs and discounts and remaining vigilant about gas prices. In addition, following a regular maintenance schedule and proper tire inflation can also help you achieve maximum gas mileage for your vehicle.


Choosing your bank wisely can be another way to save money. Make sure the bank you use offers free (or at least low cost) checking as well as electronic bill-paying. Electronic bill-paying and a debit card can cut down on your need to use checks and postage which will save you in the long run as well as help you better manage payments so you will avoid fees, penalties, and higher interest rates.


Cutting your credit card costs can be another major savings. This means making sure you are using the best possible credit card with a low interest rate and low or no annual fee. Shop around until you find your perfect match and don’t forget to cancel and cut up those rejected suitors.


Health care is not really an area where you can cut expenses but you can save money by taking advantage of special offers and programs. For example, many employers offer a Flexible Spending Account where you can save money before taxes for out-of-pocket medical expenses for prescription and non-prescription drugs, dental expenses, and eye care.


Tuning up your insurance policies can also help you save money. When did you last compare rates for your home, your vehicles, and yourself? Some other ways to cut costs are to raise your deductible level or using the same company for multiple coverage (your home and vehicle). When you are shopping around make sure to give your current company a shot at keeping you. Sometimes they can offer a better rate too.


Another major expense for many families is the cost of communication including local and long distance phone service, cell phones, cable or satellite television, and Internet access. Review your expenditures and cut out the services you don’t need. Can some of these expenses be bundled to save money? Are there better plans for your needs?


When looking to save money it is important to become an aggressive shopper. The Internet makes it possible today to compare prices and product reviews while not spending a lot of time and money driving from store to store. Any big ticket item (and that includes your weekly groceries, cleaning products and health and beauty aids) deserves a closer study.


ver the next month take time to review your family expenses and expenditures in each of these nine areas. Making a few alterations in your family’s spending habits will soon make a difference in the overall household budget. You can raise your family’s quality of life by making just a few changes in your monthly budget.


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real Real estate Estate capsule Capsule Monthly Home Sales


October Comparisons

2012 2011 2010 2009 2008


October 2012 Homes Sold Volume Average Price


163 $31,263,079 $191,798

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New Listings


October 2011 Homes Sold


Volume Average Price














114 $21,533,990 $188,895

Days on Market


New Listings


October 2010 JAN












Homes Sold








































Average Price

2010 2011
























100 $17,568,112 $175,681

Days on Market


New Listings


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Financial perspective with Matt Turnbo, Edward Jones

Your Money Matters

How Might the Election Affect Your Investment

PMS 5535


lection Day has past and as an investor, you might be wondering how the election’s outcome might affect one specific area — your financial outlook.


here’s no simple answer, of course. But a look back in time does reveal some points of interest. Most notably, the stock market and the economy have performed well, on average, under every combination of Democrats and Republicans in Washington. But there are differences — specifically, the economy has historically grown faster under Democratic presidents and when Democrats had the majority in Congress. On the other hand, inflation has historically been lower during Republican presidencies and congressional majorities, resulting in improved performance for the bond market.


till, these tendencies don’t necessarily have predictive power. Furthermore, when assessing the long-term effect on investment prices, there’s strong evidence that market forces — such as corporate earnings, consumer spending and interest rates — are more important than politics or elections.


onsequently, you’ll want to stay current on these market forces as you monitor your investment strategy over time.


ut wait — won’t your tax situation change, based on who wins the election? Specifically, won’t there be changes related to how your investment earnings are taxed?

can’t guarantee profits or prevent losses, it can help reduce the effects of volatility on your portfolio — which will make it easier to establish a strategy and stick to it.



t this stage, it’s hard to predict what these changes might look like, if they happen at all. Keep in mind that the president, will need to get his plan through Congress.


hat’s also the case for other policy changes, and it’s one of the main reasons that you shouldn’t “play politics” with your investment portfolio. It’s difficult to guess what will happen to policy — and the consequences are frequently different than intended.


hen it comes to taking charge of your financial future, don’t wait for Washington. You’re in charge — you’re the one who will need to gather the resources and get the professional help necessary to keep your investments aligned with your long-term financial goals. Don’tWhite be distracted by the political rhetoric — and use your power wisely.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.


ltimately, your investment success will depend less on the decisions made by a president or Congress and more on the decisions that you make. So, instead of thinking about what the financial markets might do if one party is in power, or focusing too much on how your investment taxes may change, focus on solid investment principles, such as buying quality investments, holding them for the long term, staying aware of your risk tolerance and, especially, diversifying your holdings. While diversification

From Our Family To Yours,

PMS 5535

Matt Turnbo

Financial Advisor Black 2405 Texas Ave., Suite 307 College Station, TX 77840 Compass Bank Building 979-693-1385 White

PMS 5535

We Look Forward to a Successful & Blessed 2013. Black


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