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Carl Vinson Institute of Government International Center The University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602


The International Center The Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s International Center assists nations in strengthening their municipal and administrative capabilities. We also bring scholars and practitioners to Georgia to help international officials better understand and respond to global trends. We accomplish this mission by utilizing the world-class faculty of the University of Georgia and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and capitalizing on their research skills and extensive professional experience. By working together with our international partners, we can improve governance and the lives of people in Georgia and around the world.


The University of Georgia Founded in 1785 and located 60 miles east of Atlanta in Athens, the University of Georgia (UGA) was the first public university in the United States. The University of Georgia is recognized for its academic achievements, active student organizations and student involvement, and famous athletic programs. Nearly 10,000 faculty and staff are employed by the university, and more than 34,000 undergraduate and graduate students are served annually. UGA OFFERS

• 140 undergraduate degree programs • 124 master’s degree programs • 91 doctoral degree programs • More than 170 study abroad and exchange programs

Korea Program

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government For more than 85 years, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government has worked with public officials throughout Georgia and around the world to improve governance and people’s lives. From Georgia’s early days as an agrarian state with a modest population to its modern-day status as a national and international force in business, industry, and politics, the Institute of Government has helped government leaders navigate change and forge strong directions for a better Georgia. The Institute of Government employs 140 faculty and staff members in six divisions, providing a wide variety of programs, technical support and services, policy study, and analysis––all designed to improve governance, promote informed decision making, and enhance the public policy–making process. Each year, thousands of government officials and public administrators work to improve their knowledge and skills through continuing education opportunities offered by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. In 2013, the Institute trained more than 20,000 Georgia state and local elected government officials.


The International Center’s programs, technical assistance, and research initiatives are grounded in the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s more than 85 years of experience working with state and local governments. The International Center helps nations in transition strengthen their municipal and administrative capacity, and we bring international scholars and practitioners to Georgia to help officials better understand and respond more effectively to global trends. In 1998, the International Center embarked on its first project in Macedonia by assisting with training the staff of President Trajkovski. Since then, the International Center has greatly expanded its program offerings. In the last two decades we have PARTICIPATED IN GROUP PROJECTS WITH

China, South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Palestine, Georgia, Armenia, Kenya, Liberia, Romania, and Uzbekistan. HOSTED TRAINING DELEGATIONS FROM

China, South Korea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Georgia. HOSTED INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS AND RESEARCHERS FROM

China, Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, and Latvia, including three Fulbright Scholars, two Muskie Fellows, and eight IREX Fellows. COORDINATED AND HOSTED ADDITIONAL VISITING DELEGATIONS FROM

Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, India, Burkina Faso, Morocco, and Serbia.

Korea Program

Korea Program The Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s International Center has provided professional development opportunities and training programs to Korean government officials since 2006. The International Center works with our partners to strengthen public administrative capacity, foster relationships with government and business leaders, and encourage cultural exchanges between South Korea and the United States. The International Center offers specially designed training programs that best meet the needs of our international partners. Our Korea Program includes both shortand long-term training options for Korean government officials. In addition, the International Center offers customized services to help Korean governments succeed in a competitive global environment. Our diverse training programs take Korean officials to every corner of the state and beyond to experience the American governmental landscape firsthand, while learning about specific government-related topics or areas of study.


Short-Term Training Program Since 2011, the International Center has worked closely with the Korean government to establish a strong training relationship and to facilitate the exchange of research and knowledge through partnerships with the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and the Governors Association of Korea (GAOK). More than 100 Korean government officials have participated in the short-term training program, with new training delegations hosted throughout the year. Due to the success of the training programs and positive feedback received from program participants, the average Korean delegation size has more than doubled over the last two years. The International Center coordinates a variety of interactive meetings with government, community, and business leaders in Athens and throughout Georgia. Korean delegations learn from government practitioners and top experts through discussions about common governance issues and challenges. These meetings not only provide hands-on training for the delegates, but they encourage and promote future trade and economic partnership opportunities. In addition to interactive meetings, the short-term training program includes organized lectures from state and local government officials focused on special topics such as U.S. public administration, government finance, and tourism development. Training delegates also visit federal and local government agencies. In the past, delegates have extended their learning by traveling outside of Georgia to cities such as Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

Korea Program

Long-Term Training Program Our long-term training programs allow Korean government officials to research their particular areas of interest or expertise, and receive comprehensive, in-depth professional development. Through the longterm program, visiting scholars conduct research, connect with public officials, and draw on the academic resources of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the University of Georgia. Korean visiting scholars have come from all levels of government: • Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea • Busan Metropolitan Government • Ministry of Security and Public Administration • Ministry of Strategy and Finance • Prime Minister’s Office • Seoul Metropolitan Government Past scholars’ research and training topics include • Government financial management • Human resource management • MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) industry • Federal Emergency Management Agency • Parks and management • Social welfare and human service programs in the United States • The system of ODA policy making in the United States • Recycling industry activation plan • Corruption prevention • Local governance and citizen participation • Fiscal crisis management • Policy evaluation


Our visiting scholars are provided a variety of opportunities to implement their research work more efficiently and effectively through Internships •

Athens–Clarke County Government

City of Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau

Georgia state government

Nonprofit organizations

Other local and state agencies

Job Training and Education •

Participating in on-site and remote job opportunities

Conducting observational learning

Shadowing of U.S. peers and professionals

Auditing classes and seminars

Conducting research

Experiential Learning •

Experiencing American culture

Learning and practicing English

Expanding professional relationships

Korea Program

Customized Program In addition to our standard program offerings, the International Center works closely with Korean government officials to develop customized training programs for an individual or a delegation. Our customized programs are designed to meet your specific training and professional development needs.

The International Center customized a training program for the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) in 2012. The first three-member delegation from KNPA participated in a tailored four-week training program in Georgia that focused on U.S. police and traffic management systems. During their Georgia training, the delegation visited the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia State Patrol Headquarters, Athens-Clarke County Police Department, UGA Campus Police Department, and State Police Training Facility. In late 2012, a second training delegation from KNPA traveled to Georgia for another two-week training program. This three-member delegation’s training focused on traffic safety issues and included site visits to local and state law enforcement agencies.


The International Center developed a customized training program for the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Article 38 Tax Collection Division in October 2013. The International Center coordinated a two-day program for three tax collection officials to learn about U.S. local government financial management and tax collection systems. The three delegates participated in the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s Financial Management Program and met the Finance Department Director of the Athens–Clarke County Consolidated Government. The officials also visited the Fulton County Tax Commissioner’s Office, where they met with the Tax Commissioner and his staff and discussed tax collection processes for Fulton County and the City of Atlanta. The training was designed to assist Seoul officials with reducing delinquent taxes and increasing tax collections in their city.

Korea Program

Training topics and customized programs have included: 2011 U.S. Public Administration and Local Government (SMG and GAOK)

2012 English Training Program (SMG) Emergency Management Program (SMG) U.S. Public Administration and Local Government (GAOK) Korea National Police Agency (KNPA)

2013 Parks, Sustainable Environment, and Sharing Economy (SMG) Best Practices in U.S. Local Government (GAOK) Article 38 Tax Collection Division Visit (SMG)



Dr. Rusty Brooks Director 706. 542. 7502

Dr. Taesik Yun Korea Program Manager 706. 542. 0165


Our Partners KEY U.S. PARTNERS


Athens–Clarke County Consolidated Government

Busan Human Resource Development Center

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Busan Metropolitan Government

U.S. Department of Commerce

Board of Audit & Inspection of Korea

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Federal Emergency Management Agency Georgia Department of Human Services Georgia Department of Corrections Georgia Emergency Management Agency Georgia Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget Georgia Municipal Association

Governors’ Association of Korea Korea Institute of Public Administration Korean Council for University Education Ministry of Security & Public Administration Ministry of Strategy and Finance Prime Minister’s Office Seoul Business Agency

Georgia Supreme Court

Seoul Human Resource Development Center

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Seoul Metropolitan Government

New York Stock Exchange

University of Seoul

The United States Senate and House of Representatives U.S. Government Accountability Office U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Korea Program

Institute of Government's International Center - Korea Program