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The International Center The Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s International Center assists nations in strengthening their municipal and administrative capabilities. We also bring scholars and practitioners to Georgia to help international officials better understand and respond to global trends. We accomplish this mission by utilizing the world-class faculty of the University of Georgia and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and capitalizing on their research skills and extensive professional experience. By working together with our international partners, we can improve governance and the lives of people in Georgia and around the world.

Founded in 1785 and located 60 miles east of Atlanta in Athens, the University of Georgia (UGA) was the first public university in the United States. The University of Georgia is recognized for its academic achievements, active student organizations and student involvement, and famous athletic programs. Nearly 10,000 faculty and staff are employed by the university, and more than 34,000 undergraduate and graduate students are served annually. UGA OFFERS

• 140 undergraduate degree programs • 124 master’s degree programs • 91 doctoral degree programs • More than 170 study abroad and exchange programs


China Program

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government For more than 85 years, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government has worked with public officials throughout Georgia and around the world to improve governance and people’s lives. From Georgia’s early days as an agrarian state with a modest population to its modern-day status as a national and international force in business, industry, and politics, the Institute of Government has helped government leaders navigate change and forge strong directions for a better Georgia. The Institute of Government employs 140 faculty and staff members in six divisions, providing a wide variety of programs, technical support and services, policy study, and analysis––all designed to improve governance, promote informed decision making, and enhance the public policy–making process. Each year, thousands of government officials and public administrators work to improve their knowledge and skills through continuing education opportunities offered by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. In 2013, the Institute trained more than 20,000 Georgia state and local elected government officials.

The International Center’s programs, technical assistance, and research initiatives are grounded in the Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s more than 85 years of experience working with state and local governments. The International Center helps nations in transition strengthen their municipal and administrative capacity, and we bring international scholars and practitioners to Georgia to help officials better understand and respond more effectively to global trends. In 1998, the International Center embarked on its first project in Macedonia by assisting with training the staff of President Trajkovski. Since then, the International Center has greatly expanded its program offerings. In the last two decades we have PARTICIPATED IN GROUP PROJECTS WITH

China, South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Palestine, Georgia, Armenia, Kenya, Liberia, Romania, and Uzbekistan. HOSTED TRAINING DELEGATIONS FROM

China, South Korea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Georgia. HOSTED INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS AND RESEARCHERS FROM

China, Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, and Latvia, including three Fulbright Scholars, two Muskie Fellows, and eight IREX Fellows. COORDINATED AND HOSTED ADDITIONAL VISITING DELEGATIONS FROM

Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, India, Burkina Faso, Morocco, and Serbia.


China Program


China Program With the help of faculty members at the University of Georgia and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government as well as leading subject matter experts, the International Center has been providing training programs and professional development opportunities in public administration for Chinese government officials since 1998. The goals of our China Program are to strengthen public administrative capacity and to encourage a cultural exchange and mutual understanding between China and the United States. To date, more than 2,000 Chinese government officials have traveled to the United States for training or have received training through the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Our training programs focus on two key areas: public administration and management, and policy making.

The International Center has partnered with national, provincial, and municipal government agencies in China to provide public administration training programs that meet the needs of their public officials. The China Program includes two training phases: Instructors from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government travel to China to teach training programs designed exclusively for our Chinese partners.

Phase 1

Chinese trainees travel to Georgia to participate in training courses, attend lectures, and take part in onsite visits that provide hands-on training opportunities.

Phase 2

Both options offer valuable and unique training experiences and information. We encourage our partners to take advantage of the Phase 1 training offered in China in order to get the most out of the training offered in the United States under Phase 2. Training programs recently offered by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government in partnership with Chinese government agencies include • 2013 China National Auditors’ Office Financial Auditing Training • 2012 Jiangxi Administration Institute Government Capacity Building Training • 2012 Shanghai Administration Institute Social Risk Analysis, Prevention, and Control Capabilities of Public Policies Training


China Program



Mutual leadership visits between institutions in China and the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government enables the two partners to better understand one another’s needs and design and implement more effective training programs. The visits also promote cultural exchange by introducing the University of Georgia and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government to different regions of China.

Attending academic conferences and seminars organized by our partner institutions in China allows U.S. researchers and practitioners to present and discuss their work with peers from around the world––promoting a professional and cultural exchange between our two countries.


The International Center provides an individualized internship program that offers mid- to senior-level officials 6 to 12 months of targeted training. Interns study at the University of Georgia for four months as full-time students. Following their academic study, interns work with a variety of U.S. local government agencies, and internship assignments are based on the Chinese official’s specialty or targeted study area. The official then has the opportunity to shadow a U.S. professional and gain valuable on-site training. This hands-on training exposes the official to additional skills and methods they can use back at home. Interns also have the opportunity to present research findings and report on their training experiences before returning to China. VISITING SCHOLARS PROGRAM

Our visiting scholars program provides education and training for Chinese public officials and faculty members. Visiting scholars audit university classes, attend seminars, and conduct research. The program allows visiting Chinese scholars to share their findings and experiences, and apply what has been learned upon their return to China.


China Program


Our Partners

Athens–Clarke County Consolidated Government U.S. Department of Agriculture

KEY CHINA PARTNERS Beijing Administrative College Beijing Human Resource and Social Security Bureau Chinese Academy of Social Sciences China National Auditors’ Office China Ministry of Water Resources China State Forestry Administration China Executive Leadership Academy, Yan’an Fudan University Guangxi Institute of Public Administration Jiangxi Administrative Institute Qinghai Administrative Institute Shanghai Administration Institute Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Shaanxi Administration School

U.S. Department of Commerce Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Federal Emergency Management Agency Georgia Department of Human Services Georgia Department of Corrections Georgia Emergency Management Agency Georgia Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget Georgia Municipal Association Georgia Supreme Court U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development New York Stock Exchange The United States Senate and House of Representatives U.S. Government Accountability Office U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Shaanxi State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Sichuan Administration Institute Sichuan Provincial Department of Corrections Tsinghua University Zhejiang Institute of Administration




Dr. Rusty Brooks Director 706. 542. 7502

Mr. Fei Zhang, MPA, MBA China Program Manager 706. 542. 5633

China Program

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