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On October 29th, The University of Georgia partnered with both Auburn University and the University of Alabama for a day of exchanging ideas, and discussing each school’s SGA and their role on campus. Better Relations Day has become a tradition among Auburn and UGA, as a way to foster positive relationships between the schools on and off of the football field. This year the forum of school leaders featured discussion about student seating, voter turnout in elections, successful programs, and ways to promote SGA’s image throughout campus. Better Relations Day has more recently grown to encompass the exchange of not only leadership ideas and policies, but also to increase the quality of our peer institutions. In the Fall of 2014, The University of Georgia will host Auburn for Better Relations Day in Athens to continue the tradition of building lasting relationships year after year.

NOEMIE TSHINANGA FRESHMAN FORUM DIRECTOR Freshman Forum stands together to build the next generation of service leaders at The University of Georgia. This generation of Forumers have exceeded the bar and brought service to the next level. From this past semester, Forum’s color groups have participated in various service projects that serve the Athens community. Some projects vary from the Athens food bank, volunteering for the AthHalf, teaching the English language to Spanish-speaking adults, and driving Athens locals home with Designated Dawgs. As you can see, all of the groups have focused on giving their time to those in the Athens community through other organizations. From these projects, these Forumers have experienced the humble satisfaction of making an impact on the community. For this upcoming semester, the Forumers plan to create their own service projects by tackling issues they feel need to be addressed. With this great group of students, we expect nothing less but spectacular work for this year!

ALEX MOOSARIPARAMBIL CHIEF OF STAFF The ticketing policy and the subsequent athletics rewards program continues to be at the forefront of our administration’s agenda. I have been working with Marshall Mosher, Athletic Board Student Representative, as well as a variety of Senators and graduate students to develop a comprehensive policy overhaul to athletic ticketing. Our committee has been able to meet with individuals from the Athletic Board as well as the ticketing office in the hopes of drafting something that will please everyone. We hope to have the new policy ready for public forums at the beginning of next semester. If you have any feedback, feel free to email the Student Government Association executive email account at



TAYLOR LAMB PRO-TEMPORE SGA has made a lot of progress this year! Senators have really shown initiative by keeping their ears to the ground and listening out for ways SGA can improve the college experience for the student body as a whole. Earlier this year, Senate passed a resolution that would help enforce the existing non-smoking policy in the breezeway between the MLC and Tate 2. Currently, authors of the resolution are planning on working with university officials at the start of spring semester to move their resolution forward. Under the leadership of Uzma Chowdhury, senators are currently reaching out to professors, administrators, and other faculty members to garner support for the creation of a Women’s Center on campus, an idea that also passed through Senate earlier fall semester. A lot of progress has been made on that front. As chairman of the Rules committee, I’m currently working on streamlining the Senate process as a whole. So far, I’ve collaborated with Patrick Klibanoff, the Director of Communications, on becoming more transparent. Patrick has helped me upload all of the bills and resolutions that have come through Senate this year to the SGA webpage so the students can access them anytime. I’ve also created a notebook to start a physical archive within the SGA office. Several more changes are underway, and I feel like it’s little fixes like these that will help Senate to run more smoothly now and in the future.

MINDY JOHNSON FRESHMAN BOARD DIRECTOR The fifteen members of the Freshman Board were welcomed to the SGA family on September 9th of 2013. They were officially confirmed in Senate on September 16th and have served as voting members in the body for six sessions total during the fall semester. Freshman Board has made strides in speaking with fellow members of the Class of 2017 to better serve as their representatives. They hosted a Meet n’ Greet on Brumby Beach one afternoon last semester. FB representatives have also met with a number of administrators to discuss interests and look into the possibility of projects to pursue on campus. These include meetings with officials in the Honors Program and the Office of Sustainability. The Boarders’ goal for this semester is to present their own piece of legislation on one of the projects they are interested in and have administrative support for. We should all be excited to see what this inspiring group of first-years accomplishes next.

TRIPP CALLOWAY DIRECTOR OF EXTERNAL RELATIONS Next semester as the pro football season comes to a close and the weather in Athens starts to resemble Seattle, Washington, members of the Georgia General Assembly will hold session in Atlanta. Unlike Rand Paul’s filibusters, this gathering of decision makers garners little attention from the UGA student body. Students are not the only ones, every generation has typically placed a higher value on the federal legislative agenda relative to that of the state. This is odd, particularly for students, because every session our state representatives and senators make decisions that can noticeably change our lives. Not only do they vote on the budget that includes funding for this university, but other issues such as concealed campus carry and casino gambling to fund HOPE scholarship. The Embark administration plans to have UGA students represented this year with SGA’s 2nd Dawgs at the Dome. This year the event will serve as a means of showing the legislators why the University of Georgia is worth every dime of funding. Rather than push particular policies, our goal on February 11th, 2014 is to leave legislators with a positive impression of the University of Georgia that will stay with them on the voting floor.



SIGNE HANSON PROGRAMMING BOARD MEMBER, DIRECTOR OF HOMECOMING 2013 Homecoming was a blast as always! This year SGA participated in street painting, banner painting, and the parade, along with various service opportunities. The Chalk-Box Project was one service opportunity for which members of SGA donated school supplies to be placed in a decorated box, which was then delivered to the Athens Boys and Girls Club. We filled our box to the brim! The other collective task was creating a “No Place Like HOMEcoming” themed float. Many hours were spent in the CSO stuffing tissue paper into chicken wire to create our very own poppy field and tying green balloons onto tubes to fashion an emerald arch. The cherry on top was having the executive team dress up as characters from the Wizard of Oz and ride on the float. Thank you to everyone that participated, we hope you enjoyed homecoming as much as we did!

GREYSON CLARK DIRECTOR OF POLICY The campus green fee provides our Office of Sustainability with funding, which, in turn, provides impressive returns on our investment. To demonstrate student support for the Office and the green fee, the Policy Board organized a student referendum on the homecoming ballot to gauge support for a $1 increase of the green fee to $4 each semester. The referendum passed with 1,332 yes votes, 75.21% affirming our work. Subsequently, the SGA Senate passed a resolution calling for the green fee to be increased. In our second semester, the Policy Board’s work on this project continues. We will collaborate with decision makers to create a process and timeline to formally evaluate the green fee. This project will formally incorporate the student voice and bring them into conversation with groups and individuals who are connected to our campus green fee. We are happy to work for students and with students. If you are interested, get involved!

CAROLINE CALDWELL FRESHMAN FOCUS DIRECTOR This year’s Freshman Focus is a group of 30 outstanding first years who have taken this semester by storm. With great enthusiasm and generosity, each member of Freshman Focus has worked fervently towards bettering himself/herself as a leader, bettering this university, and bettering the Athens Community. This past fall semester the Freshman Focus members, through SGA committees, created projects that would improve the experiences of freshman students on campus at UGA by reaching out into the community to help students from Cedar Shoals High School on “Apply to College Day”. They came together each week with open minds to learn and grow as a group and as individual leaders. Their passion to learn, whether it be from one another, from their experiences at this university, or from the beautiful community around them, is inspiring and I cannot wait to experience what is yet to come for this incredible group that is Freshman Focus.

MARY GRACE GRIFFIN TREASURER SGA’s Small Clubs Allocation Committee is charged with distributing $10,000 in Student Activity Fees to registered student organizations. The committee is comprised of four senators (Patrick Worsham–Franklin; Leigh Borkowski–College of Education; Sarah Hughes–Student Life, Service; Alex Caille–Franklin) and is chaired by the executive treasurer. Student organizations present funding requests to the committee. The committee then recommends how much, if any, funding the organization should receive to the Vice President for Student Affairs. Funding awarded by the committee thus far has covered conference registration fees, travel expenses, craft materials, advertising, room reservations and printing. Expenses not covered by the committee include food, awards or T-shirts. Funding recommendations are made on a case-by-case basis and take into account various factors including an organization’s presentation clarity, available revenue sources, and impact on the UGA and Athens-Clarke County communities. The committee has awarded $4,103.50 to a total of 14 student organizations thus far and will continue to hear funding requests through the spring semester.




How long have you been teaching at the University of Georgia? The father of modern Ecology, Dr. Gene

Odum, hired me away from the University of Michigan 38 years ago.

What has been your favorite thing about being a professor here? I like the two core aspects of

academic employment: Getting to propose and answer interesting questions and getting to share the excitement of discovery with the next generation of citizens and scholars.

What courses do you most enjoy teaching?

Although it is very unusual for a research-oriented faculty member to prefer to teach introductory science courses to non-science majors, that is my greatest teaching joy. Several decades ago I realized that saving the planet meant getting the word out, not just getting more numbers. We need science to inform the debate, but we must have environmentally literate citizens to create a sustainable planet.

What are the most important lessons you want your students to take away from your classes? You must think critically. You would not accept quackery from your physician, and you must not accept it from your elected leaders.

If you could give students one piece of advice to keep in mind during their time at UGA, what would it be? Find your true North. Identify what you really

care, about and pursue it to the ends of the Earth. UGA has created the best study abroad programs in the word. Whether for a year, for a semester, or for a term-break, experience what it is like to dream in a very exotic place.

interviewed by Leighton Rowell, Outreach Manager


ACADEMIC, CAMPUS, AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP Describe your role as Assistant VP for Academic, Campus, and Community Partnership.

I provide support for 6 different departments: (1) Center for Leadership and Service, (2) Multicultural Services and Programs, (3) International Student Life, (4) Student Affairs for UGA-Extended Campuses, (5) LGBT Resource Center, (6) Academic Affairs. I provide support for these 6 apartments. In addition, I work alongside Vice President Wilson of Student Affairs. I work with committees, faculty, and students to fulfill the academic mission of the institution.

Why did you choose to serve in this position?

The people. I simply love working with students. Although, as my career expanded, I had less contact with students and more contact with staff. However, I still try to remain connected to students. One of the ways I do this is by serving as an advisor for Omicron Delta Kappa [a National Leadership Honors Society]. But, I do love the staff as well. I have grown so much from interacting with various staff members.

How do you bridge the gap between academic affairs extracurricular student affairs? I feel

as though the two are inextricably linked. We’re about student learning, growth, and development. Student affairs involves both time in the classroom as well as outside. I personally don’t see a gap. Both are paired together, each with an emphasis on learning and growth.

In the past, what have you done to partner with the Athens Community? What challenges have you faced? In my previous role, I was head of the Center for Leadership and Service. I had the opportunity to work alongside several great partners, many of them were nonprofits. Those in the community were very excited to partner with UGA. It was amazing to see students give back and get involved. For students, Athens is their home now. It’s important that they feel ownership over the community and continue to serve the community they call home. It’s important to be intentional about serving; it takes focus and energy to reach out to the community.

I know you have been involved with various programs out of the Center for Leadership and Service such as IMPACT [formerly alternative Spring Break], Dawg Camp, and LeaderShape. Tell me about your experience with LeaderShape. I have been very involved

with LeaderShape since 2005. I have been involved with both kinds of faculty involvement LeaderShape. I have been a co-lead facilitator and I have also worked with a group of people that lead the institute itself. Last year was the first time that I did not assist with either one of these. For me, LeaderShape enabled me to facilitate transformative opportunities for students and show them how to grow as a person.

If you could give an incoming freshman any advice what would it be? Be open to let UGA

really help to transform you. Let the people here help you. There are so many great opportunities through the people you meet, relationships you build, and academic experiences. I mean, go backpacking through the woods if you want to! Be open the experiences UGA has to offer.

interviewed by Alexsis Skeen, Press Secretary



VICTOR K. WILSON VP FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS What are student affairs? Basically, student life outside the

classroom. UGA Student Affairs is a division of the University dedicated to enhance the overall learning environment for students. It includes 17 departments and more than 700 staff members who support virtually all aspects of the student experience outside the classroom. Our programs and services help to make the campus smaller, more dynamic, and welcoming for everyone. I tell students they will not leave college without interacting with some area of Student Affairs.

What do you believe was your biggest success in your first semester as VP for Student Affairs at UGA? If I had to pick one,

I would say would say our new academic partnerships and initiatives with on-campus academic units. This term we created a new academic initiatives focus area of Student Affairs, hired a director of academic partnerships and initiatives, Dr. Sylvia Hutchinson, and established a new Student Affairs Academic Advisory Board, with renowned faculty from across the University. We are trying to ensure a seamless learning environment for students, in and out of the classroom.

What have you most enjoyed about being VP for Student Affairs?

DR. KASEE LASTER DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION ABROAD What does your job entail? My job consists of 4 major components: (1) promoting

Study Abroad through Education Abroad Fairs and other events, (2) running exchange programs, (3) assisting faculty in running the study abroad programming and also helping students find the best program for them, (4) managing and promoting scholarships.

What is an exchange program?

An exchange program involves an agreement between UGA and a partner school abroad. Right now, we have 50 partners. Basically, you are still enrolled here at UGA and you go to school there. Because of this, HOPE and Zell Miller still apply. If you are an out-of-state student, in-state tuition applies on exchange programs.

Why did you choose to work in the Office of International Education?

Well, I first got involved as a graduate student when I was getting my PhD in British Literature. Then, in 1992, I participated in the Oxford Abroad Program as a faculty member. I really enjoyed the relationships I built with students, colleagues, partners, and the research opportunities I was given. I love how both my job and the trips are very people oriented.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

There is so much! I really love the events we put on- we had a photo contest in the fall and we will have a “thank you” reception in the spring for faculty members.

Students, of course! I think everyone who works in UGA Student Affairs values the time spent directly with students most, whether that’s at events or programs, in advising settings, or more casually. It’s absolutely why we’re here. Student Affairs makes a real difference in students’ lives, and that’s what I will always enjoy most.

Why do you think it’s important for students to study abroad? I think the biggest

You’ve had ties to UGA since you were a student here in the late 1970s, after which you worked in admissions and the administration. What have been the biggest changes for students at UGA during your tenure here? I love this

assume you can’t afford it! Come by to the Office of International Education and talk to us. Investigate it first, don’t just assume.

University—I always have. Today students will find the most diverse, welcoming learning environment I have ever experienced here. We are deeply committed at all levels to ensuring that all students have a great experience at the University of Georgia. And I think you will see that reflected across our community. Another big change is the infrastructure. When I was in school here, east campus was woods. Now there is the Ramsey Center, East Campus Village, and all of the student amenities there. Along with the other improvements and additions across campus, there are fantastic resources for students today.

What is the most important thing for students to understand about your role in the University? Students have a powerful voice in what happens here. In many ways, my position is a liaison for student interests across the University. We are always open to good ideas and ways to help students find their place at UGA and flourish through campus engagement.

If you could give students one piece of advice to keep in mind while at UGA, what would it be? Engage broadly. With the faculty.

With fellow students. With community members. With Student Affairs. I encourage students to get involved and be open to new experiences and learning opportunities everywhere they go. This is one of the most amazing learning environments anyone could experience.

interviewed by Leighton Rowell, Outreach Manager


thing is that study abroad sets you apart from other people. Only ¼ of UGA students study abroad, but less than 10% of students study abroad nationally. Study abroad also teaches you how to problem solve, be independent, and best of all, you’ll have fun!

What advice would you give to a student interested in study abroad? DON’T

interviewed by Alexsis Skeen, Press Secretary


by Leighton Rowell, Outreach Manager



On warm days this spring, you won’t want to stay inside. Walk, drive, or bike over to the Intramural Fields! With nature trails, soccer fields, and several docks overlooking Lake Herrick, there’s something for absolutely everyone. Take a couple of friends or enjoy the scenery by yourself.





There’s more to south campus than science and math classes. Next to the ecology building, you will find the perfect place to relax: the koi pond. This hidden treasure provides a tranquil locale for studying, napping, or even listening to acoustic tunes when local musicians put on a show.

Everyone knows about the Founder’s Garden on north campus, but the garden behind Old College remains something of a secret. Although it’s in plain sight and is opposite the main library on the quad, students rarely linger there long enough in between classes. Next time you have a free minute on north campus, slow down and appreciate our school’s beauty from a different perspective.


SGA IN ACTION STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES As your student government, we provide you with access to convenient and complementary legal support. Through SGA’s Student Legal Services, students are provided a 100% free, completely confidential consultation with a local, Athens-area lawyer. Lawyers can assist in a variety of circumstances, and all information is protected by the attorney/client privilege. Some of the areas include: automobile accidents, landlord/tenant, family, relationship, roommate, personal injury, medication, name change, will/estate, and more. Consultations take place on Thursdays and Fridays in the Tate Student Center, room 147. To schedule your consultation and see a list of FAQs, please visit

UGA MOBILE APP UGA is a big place and can be difficult to navigate sometimes. With the UGA Mobile App, we try to make things easier by granting students access to helpful resources right at your fingertips. If you just missed the bus, don’t sweat it. The Mobile App will tell you another Orbit is just 4 minutes away. Trying to bypass the crowds at the dining hall? It looks O-House only has 30% occupancy - maybe you should head there. Including calendars, maps, student accounts, Bulldawg Bucks, major searches, and athletics info, the UGA Mobile App is here to make resources more accessible. Oh and by the way, don’t stress about cost. It’s simple. The app is free to download on iTunes for all iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

COLLEGIATE READERSHIP PROGRAM Need access to The New York Times for that international affairs course? Not a problem. Through the Collegiate Readership Service, all UGA students have complete access to and NY Times Smart Phone apps for free. In addition to electronic access, students are granted complimentary access to printed publications, including USA Today, The New York Times, and Athens Banner-Herald. Printed publications are located in Collegiate Readership distribution sites throughout campus. With a quick swipe of your UGA ID at the distribution site, the world is at your fingertips.

SMALL CLUBS ALLOCATIONS Starting a new club or organization can be difficult without proper funding, but with our help, funding won’t be an issue. Each year, SGA allocates more than $10,000 to help fund events and activities for small organizations on campus. This money, coming from Student Activity Fees, is open to registered organizations that are not affiliated with any particular college or school. If interested, organizations should submit the Small Clubs Programming Form to the Student Government Association at least 4 weeks prior to the event for the Small Clubs Allocations Committee to review. During funded events, organizations may not charge admission fees. In addition, allocations may not be used for food, beverages, charitable causes, recognition awards, or banquets. For a more detailed description of guidlines and access to the Programming Form, please visit http://ugasga.

FRESHMAN INSIDER Just as the name suggests, Freshman Insider will give you all the details on freshman year. From which residence hall to live in, to which dalling hall has the best food, Freshman Insider covers it all. The “Ballin’ on a Budget” section of the website offers great advice for fun things to do in Athens when things are tight and the “Study Struggles” portion offers unique study locations. The website also clears up common misconceptions about traditions, such as the accidental use of “The Arches” instead of “The Arch”. Even if you’re not a freshman, Freshman Insider offers upfront and honest advice and even more importantly, a good laugh. And let’s face it, we all wish we were still freshmen. Visit



Student Government Association

ELECTIONS Bulldog Nation, Spring semester is here, and that means that SGA elections are fast approaching. I personally invite and encourage all of my fellow students to involve themselves in these elections. Regardless of whether or not you are running as a candidate, you can do your part by voting, encouraging your friends to vote, reaching out to candidates with your questions, and making the issues most important to you known to executives and senate tickets. I also want you all to keep in mind that you do not need prior SGA experience to run as a candidate; we simply ask that you are hardworking and dedicated to creating the change you hope to see on your campus. You must attend an information session in order to start the campaigning. So, if you’re interested, please plan to attend one. Dates and times can be found below as well as on the SGA webpage and the locations of these meetings will be updated shortly. Please e-mail at with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you! Go Dawgs! Shreyas Vangala, Attorney General


(6:30-7:30, 6:30-8:00 FOR EXEC. TICKETS, LOCATIONS TBD)

Thursday, January 23, 2014 Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Monday, February 3, 2014 Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Monday, February 17, 2014 Wednesday, February 26, 2014 Monday, March 3, 2014 Wednesday March 5, 2014 = final session (all candidate paperwork must be turned in)

ELECTIONS CAMPAIGN TIMELINE Wednesday, March 26 - Sunday, March 30, 2014 = campaigning (polls not open) Monday March 31 - Wednesday, April 2, 2014 = campaigning (polls open) Thursday April 3, 2014 = election result announcements at noon (flagpole at Tate II)

IN THE EVENT OF A RUNOFF... Monday, April 7 - Tuesday, April 8, 2014 = polls open for run-off elections Wednesday, April 9, 2014 = run-off election announcements at noon (flagpole at Tate II) DOWNLOAD THE FULL ELECTIONS TIMELINE AT SGA.UGA.EDU.



WHAT’S NEXT? COMMITTE MEETINGS January 7, 21 February 4, 18 March 4, 25

Executive Boards (Policy, Programming, Communication, and Student Services) meet to discuss and implement new initiatives. Senate members meet to discuss and draft legislation. 7:30-9:30 pm in MLC 248


Students and faculty are invited to openly discuss passing legislation with Senators. 7:00-7:30 pm in MLC 148


January 14, 28 February 11, 25 March 18 April 1, 8 (Ratification), 15 (Inauguration)

Senators debate and vote on legislation. All students and faculty are welcome to attend. 7:30-9:00 pm in MLC 148







Bulldog Bulletin | Spring 2014  

A Student Government Association Publication at the University of Georgia

Bulldog Bulletin | Spring 2014  

A Student Government Association Publication at the University of Georgia