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Resident A Monthly Publication of the Residence Hall Association at The University of Georgia Designed and Compiled by Cory Shaw, Director of Communications

A Recap of Almost 250 residents enjoyed the September program with free bowling, shirts, and food What better way to enjoy your time than with a rented-out bowling alley with friends? How about a rented-out bowling alley with friends, plus free pizza and shirts! RHA was proud to host its 14th annual Bowling Night “Rock & Roll Bowl� on September 26. Around 250 residents came out to enjoy three free hours of bowl-

ing, relaxing from midterms in the process. Everyone that came out had a good time getting to know and competing with other oncampus residents. Did you attend the event? Find and tag yourself in the Rock & Roll Bowl Facebook album.

by rc goslee A resident showing off his bowling technique

This September photo of the month shows the success of Rock & Roll Bowl

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October 2012 Volume V, Issue II

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2 A Message from the President Mallory Whitfield on programs, committees, and concerns Hey RHA! I hope your semester has been going well as midterms come and go. The RHA Executive Board has been working hard to make sure you guys get the most out if the programs we have planned for you all for the remainder of this semester! If we didn’t get a chance to see

you at Rock & Bowl, make sure to come see us at Scream on the Green! If you get the chance, come introduce yourself! Also, if you’re still looking to get involved, we will continue to accept applications for committees over the next few weeks. The applications can be found on our website.

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, I am here to help! Feel free to email me. Go Dawgs!

by mallory whitfield

Supporting the Arts For October, don’t miss the chance to be served free dinner and see the Wizard of Oz In RHA’s continuing efforts to support the arts, we are proud to announce our second program for the fall, entitled “RHA is Off to See the Wizard.” RHA will be purchasing tickets to Athens Creative Theatre’s rendition of “Wizard of Oz: The Musical.” We will be providing a seated dinner and free tickets for the first 50 residents who register through the link below. The program takes place on Friday, October 21st, from 5:00 to 9:00 at night. Dinner will be served from 5:00-6:00 in the Reed Programming Room, after which we will leave for Morton’s Theatre. The production begins at 7, but it is advised that you arrive to the theatre around 6:30. Transportation to the theatre will be available in the form of UGA vans, but attendees may choose to walk or drive them-

The Supporting the Arts advertisement

selves. Please note though that downtown parking is not included. Dress will be business casual, so please plan to avoid wearing jeans, shorts, or t-shirts. Tickets will be purchased for the first 50 people to register. Registration ends on Tuesday, October 9th at 11:59 PM. You can register here. Notifications will be sent out by 5 PM on Wednesday, October 10th, at which point you will receive further information. Please join RHA on Friday night for this production of Wizard of Oz: The Musical, and as always, RHA looks forward to supporting the arts.

by ben bradshaw and james han

A Glimpse Ahead: Election Day Program With more details to come, look forward to the evening of November 6th

Hey UGA Students! Get excited for our Election Day Program, on the night of November 6th! It doesn’t matter what party you are just come ready to party

into the early hours of the morning! We are excited to gather and watch the election results as they come in live. As the anticipation builds, spend the time with

good friends, good food, and fun Presidential elections only activities. Stay tuned to our RHA happen once every four years. Be Facebook Page for updates on here to celebrate it. this large program as more deby amber painter tails emerge!





3 October Means Scream on the Green The October 18th event features “The Strangers,” and as always, free giveaways and food Halloween may not be until the end of October, but “Scream on the Green 2012” gives you the ultimate horror experience two weeks earlier! Join RHA and RHS on October 18th from 7:30 to 10 PM at Myers Quad for a screening of the scary movie “The Strangers.” The first 300 residents with a valid student ID and housing sticker will receive their choice of a customized Scream on the Green blanket or longsleeve shirt. In addition, hot cocoa and cider will be served during the movie, along with popcorn and candy. If you are interested in going, RSVP to our Facebook Event, and help spread the word to all on-campus residents.

by cory shaw

The Scream on the Green 2012 advertisement

universal studios entertainment

“The Strangers”film wallpaper

SGA’s Presidential Search Forum Have the resident voice be heard in choosing the next UGA President The search for the next President of UGA is officially underway! For those of you who attended the University Presidential Search Forum hosted by the Student Government Association thank you for showing your support and voicing your concerns! The members of the search

committee made it clear that they wanted to hear the students’ opinions. Will Burgess, the President of SGA, will be acting as the student representative during the search. President Burgess said he will be making an effort to get as diverse an opinion as possible from as many different student


organizations as possible in an And as always feel free to email effort to accurately represent the me as well with any questions student body. you might have. If you have any thoughts about the Presidential search or want to voice a concern that is important to you, you can visit the by kaitlyn branson SGA webpage where there is an opinion box on the homepage.



4 Staying Updated With RHS and NRHH From Ben Bradshaw, NRHH Executive Director, and Rob Clement, RHS Programming Director

After a very active September where we filmed a wellreceived Roll Call video for the RHA Executive Board and two episodes of our new talk show “Classic City Bark,” we find ourselves faced with the challenge of what to do next. How should we go on and help entertain the residents? The answer: this month, our channel will go live. This is an exciting prospect for those of us who have been with RHS for a few years and remember back when we used to have the channel. We got recognized in dining halls and on campus, people actually saw our work. This semester, we’re going to have an active campaign to try and increase awareness of the channel. In the future, hopefully channel 12, and then 12.1 when we upgrade to digital, will not just become a channel students watch, but a channel students watch religiously. “Classic City Bark” may become mustwatch television for residents. In the distant past, students created a sitcom/dramedy for the channel. Maybe one day something like that can be revived. It’s hard while you’re chugging down the tracks, in the swing of things, to notice just how much ground you’ve covered. Between

the two episodes of “Classic City Bark,” we have over 90 minutes of great footage that we’re dying to premiere. With the Roll Call video for Exec ‘N Rec and the footage we’ve captured at both Exec ‘N Rec and Rock & Roll Bowl, RHS has over 100 minutes of footage we can use in the future and to promote RHA events now. This month, we are cosponsoring “Scream on the Green” with RHA, and while we are there, RHS will film its fifth episode of “Classic City Bark”. This is an exciting event for RHS because it is truly the first of its kind. Last year, we showed a video before “Scream on the Green” that got quite a few chuckles, but this year, RHS will have a more active presence in the program. And as always, RHS is looking for more members. If you’re looking for something fun to do and you want to break out of the same old boring routine, RHS is always a great opportunity. We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in our studio, right next to the RHA office in Creswell Hall. Be sure also to follow us on twitter and to add us on Facebook.

by rob clement

Hey RHA! Exciting things are happening in October, but none more so than NRHH Week! I hope you will come check out some of our events and really learn what we are all about. I would also like to give a shoutout to Emma Lecroy and Brad Burzumato, who were chosen for September as the Outstanding Member and Outstanding Executive Board Member for NRHH. Finally, I’d like to remind you that October is a busy month, so many of those around you will be feeling overwhelmed. This is a perfect time to give your friends a reminder their efforts are noticed. Now for you: Join the Top 1 percent! For those of you that have lived on campus for at least one semester (in addition to this Fall), now is the perfect time to apply to join NRHH. Applications are live, can be found on our website, and are due by Friday, October 12th at 5 pm. What does NRHH do? We are the Top 1 percent of those living on campus, a group of fellow student leaders and scholars who want to make a difference within the Residence Halls and within the Athens Community. We focus on four pillars: Leadership, Service, Recognition, and Scholastics. We promote these within the halls by hosting monthly service

and recognition projects, as well as socials and other events to network with other members. Still not convinced that NRHH is the organization for you? Come try us out! All this week we will be celebrating NRHH and our potential new members by opening our events to anyone considering applying. Our General Body meeting on Monday, October 8th is open to anyone, so come hear an awesome speaker and see what we are all about. You can find us in room 250 of the MLC at 5:30 pm. Then on Tuesday, October 9th, you can come to Reed Programming Room to our Zumba party at 6:30 pm. If the meeting did not convince you to join, this opportunity to ask questions of our members will! To wrap up the week, we will be volunteering on Saturday, October 13th at a local cemetery, helping clean up the grounds. Directions and details can be found on our website, and we will be providing transportation for those who do not want to drive themselves. If you would like more information about applying, our events, or what it is that we do, please check out our website or send us an e-mail.

by ben bradshaw

September OTM Winners! Advisor - Jane Lee Custodial/Maintenance - Vivian Johnson Diversity Program - Henna & Dinna Executive Board Member - Paige Sullivan First Year Student - Katy Wong Graduate Assistant - Jane Diener Office/Hall Assistant - Morgan Roth Organization - Residence Hall Studios Resident Assistant - Abi Zimmerman Residential Community - Reed Roommate - Christin Wade-Vutro Social - Soda Shoppe Spotlight - Campus C.L.A.S.S Advocates Student - Taylor Stubblefield




5 Exam Care Packages Coming Soon This package, provided for $25, will give residents a chance to relax come Finals RHA is proud to announce the release of our annual Exam Care Package. We are excited to have the opportunity to help Housing live its mission statement by providing a comfortable package that not only relieves stress, but also helps to foster academic growth with numerous study supplies. In each package a resident can expect to find not only a plethora of useful study supplies, but also some snacks to get them through those tough study sessions. The standard package will include a 4-in-1 ruler that doubles as a stationary set, an RHA promotional coffee mug, as well as a coupon redeemable

for a free meal at a local Athens restaurant. Everyone’s parents should be receiving these order forms in the mail in late October and early November. Packages will cost $25 with several optional addons including a coupon redeemable for a free large pizza, a promotional RHA Nalgene and/or tumbler, and limited edition UGA Trivia Books. Exam Care Packages have a lot in store for anyone who gets one!

by james han and rc goslee

Fall 2011 Exam Care Packages

Dates at a Glance Take note of what’s happening in October

RHA is Off to See the Wizard 10/12 @ Morton’s Theatre

Housing Update From the U.G.A. Line newsletter, Reed Hall is home to a new sign language community A small group of students in the Reed Community have taken the initiative to kick-start a new learning community known as the American Sign Language Multicultural Experience (ASLME). The ASLME community held its kick-off meeting during the first week of classes. This community serves to educate students on Deaf Culture and promote the usage of American Sign Language on a daily basis. On Monday, September 3rd the ASLME community gathered together for the first event of the year, during which they watched the season premiere of Switched at Birth. Switched

at Birth is a drama that airs on ABC Family and explores the challenges Daphne, who is hearing-impaired, faces in everyday life. The ASLME community welcomed 30 additional guests who attended the event. Afterwards, they engaged in an educational discussion regarding some of the issues Daphne encountered. The event was a great success and the ASLME community looks forward to upcoming events throughout the year.

Scream on the Green 10/18 @ Myers Quad Get Smart Month How to Edit Your Own Paper 10/9 Keeping Hope Alive 10/11 Self-regulation and Meta-cognition 10/16 Computer Safety 10/18

by amber mccraw, gr for academic initiatives

Room of the Year Contest Video submissions due 10/15

RHA Committee Space Still Available Time is remaining to sign up for any of the nine offered committees

Hello Residents! Are you on Hall Council, or wish you could be? Do you want to get more involved on campus, or in Housing? Well, look no further! RHA has the answer, and the answer is RHA

Committees. We are looking for dedicated students to join one (or maybe even more) of our committees. Whatever your passion, focus, or inclination we have a committee for it. We do a myriad


of activities, like: preparing for homecoming; amending hall constitutions; planning diversity and sustainability events; and creating advertisements for RHA programs. It is not too late to join!



Applications are on the RHA website, and they can be submitted to me or brought to the RHA office outside of Creswell.

by amber painter

The Resident - October 2012  

The October publication of the Residence Hall Association at the University of Georgia.

The Resident - October 2012  

The October publication of the Residence Hall Association at the University of Georgia.