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Elizabeth Varicak, third year Lamar Dodd School of Art student, was selected to paint the Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel bulldog. The statue welcomes guests at the entrance to the hotel. TABLE OF CONTENTS

















“At the University of Georgia, we know that the success of our institution and the success of our home state go hand in hand. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunity to continue promoting economic vitality in Georgia.”



“UGA has the vast resources that can help communities throughout Georgia grow and prosper. As the land- and sea-grant institution it is our obligation to put those resources to work. Using our knowledge to make Georgia a better place to live and work is our key mission.”







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More than 7,500 students participate in service-learning courses, contributing about 325,000 service hours to the local community.















ENHANCING THE LOCAL ECONOMY The Archway Partnership began in 2005 in Colquitt County and continues today in Colquitt and eight additional counties with programs that enhance the local economy. During the five years of the initial partnership, dozens of UGA faculty and students worked with county leaders to address issues surrounding the county’s growth, including its lack of available infrastructure, housing, and child care options to accommodate a new poultry processing plant under construction. County officials developed a land-use plan to guide growth and local leaders began to look for resources to target at-risk youth and stem the growing high school drop out rate.

The local YMCA received a grant to establish the Healthy Colquitt Coalition to focus on improving the health status of local residents. With assistance from UGA Extension and College of Public Health (CPH), Colquitt was able to bring on another Archway professional, this time from CPH, to continue to improve citizens well-being. An impact study from March 2017 shows that in the 12 years since the Colquitt Archway Partnership began, it has helped generate an additional $226.9 million in economic activity for the State of Georgia.


“Before Archway, when a community issue or opportunity came up we didn’t necessarily think about how UGA could help us. Since Archway’s been around, a lot of times that’s one of our first thoughts—could UGA via Archway help us with this issue or opportunity?” ROY REEVES CHAIR, COLQUITT COUNTY ARCHWAY










“The results to date have been impressive, and we have really enjoyed our association with UGA staff and the students who are turning community aspirations into reality."



REVITALIZING COMMUNITIES Downtowns throughout northwest Georgia are getting a face-lift, thanks to the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the Lyndhurst Foundation in Chattanooga.

College of Environment and Design students work on downtown improvement project.

The Chatsworth project includes streetscaping improvements that link a new stage and surrounding park to downtown.

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Through the institute's Downtown Renaissance Partnership, faculty and students at UGA are preparing economic development plans and improvements for the cities of Chatsworth, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Ringgold and Rossville. The Vinson Institute has received $200,000 over the past two years to help revitalize these communities.

The Downtown Renaissance Partnership is a 4-year-old collaboration between the Vinson Institute and the Georgia Municipal Association and the Georgia Cities Foundation. The partnership includes intensive three-month fellowships for students in UGA’s landscape architecture program as well as other learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the university’s College of Environment and Design. PROJECTS INCLUDE • A historic rail depot in Chickamauga has been converted into a downtown Welcome Center • An old textile mill in Rossville is being studied as a possible site for social and business ventures • A new stage is being built in Chatsworth, and streetscape improvements will link the stage and surrounding park to downtown • The city of Lookout Mountain is developing a new town center development concept






60 YEARS STRONG AND GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME The Center for Continuing Education & Hotel turned 60 this year and is adding some new features to educate visitors about the origins of the building and its mission. A historic storyboard will greet guests in the gallery outside of Mahler and Masters halls. It traces the history of Public Service and Outreach at the University of Georgia. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation gave UGA $2.4 million in 1953 to pay for construction of the center, which would offer continuing education programs and hotel rooms for overnight guests. The State of Georgia matched the gift and the building was completed in 1957. In 1984, Kellogg provided an additional $8.4 million to expand the facility. The State of Georgia provided $1 million. The Center for Continuing Education & Hotel is key to serving UGA's tripartite mission through excellence in continuing education designed to address the strategic workforce needs of the state and to meet the needs of Georgia’s citizens through life-long learning and professional education.







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“We can’t let them fail. There’s a return on investment. These young people are set in the right direction. You can see the results.” SUZANNE YOCULAN LEEBERN


HELPING STUDENTS DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS Embark Georgia helps students without strong family support develop the leadership tools and strategies to pursue a higher education degree. Run by the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, Embark assists young people throughout the state

who are or have been in foster care or homeless. The goal is to ensure that these students are able to navigate the system and complete a degree program. Partners include the University System of Georgia, the Technical College System of Georgia, the Georgia Department

of Education, the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services and a variety of other state and private organizations. The first Embark Georgia Leadership Conference in May drew about 150 people, including partners and students, to campus.











Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

PROTECTING COASTAL DEVELOPMENT, HELPING RESIDENTS SAVE MONEY Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant has helped coastal Georgia communities reduce their potential for flooding, saving property owners millions of dollars through the Community Ratings System (CRS), a Federal Emergency Management Agency program. Communities are eligible to join the CRS by agreeing to

exceed minimum floodplain management standards in new development and mitigating the flood potential of existing development. For example, using an adaptation plan developed by UGA, Tybee Island has implemented several projects designed to lessen the degree of flooding and lower the town’s CRS score.

New construction now must be at least a foot above base flood elevation, and the town has made drainage improvements to prevent the storm water system from filling with sea water at high tide before a rain. Residents of the CRS communities can reduce their flood insurance premiums by meeting Tybee’s higher standards.

When resident Deb Baber elevated her home, her flood insurance fell from $2,500 to $387 a year. “That’s pretty good considering I live four houses from the water,” Baber said.




City of Savannah



City of Tybee Island



Chatham County



Glynn County



Jekyll Island State Authority



St. Marys Effective May 1, 2016



Camden County



Effective May 1, 2016

Chatham County

Glynn County

Camden County

Jekyll Island St. Marys

Newest Participant

Created Georgia's first program for public information with St. Marys

Estimates based on 2014 premiums using 2015 CRS Ratings





With Wick Prichard, kids prep food, harvest, and do repair work around the school garden.

“If our kids are not healthy, we're not doing them any favors."



GROW IT, KNOW IT, EAT IT Clarke County Middle School students are learning about gardening, nutrition and health thanks to a partnership between the UGA Office of ServiceLearning, UGA Cooperative Extension and the Clarke County School District. Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, all four middle schools in Clarke County were assigned AmeriCorps VISTAs to oversee school

garden programs under the direction of Wick Prichard, a former VISTA assigned to Clarke Middle School (CMS), now a fulltime UGA employee. While at CMS, Prichard created a sustainability program with a farm-totable operation called “Grow It Know It” that included meals prepared and served to the public by sixth-eighth grade students.

Through “Grow It Know It,” students get hands-on experience in recycling, composting, nutrition and food insecurity, all lessons in the middle school agriscience curriculum. The program has now expanded to all four middle schools in the CCSD.








GROWING SMALL BUSINESS BEYOND BORDERS For some Georgia companies, especially those in rural communities, growing revenue means growing beyond U.S. borders. In 2017, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) won a national award for helping Georgians do just that. The National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators presented the SBDC with its Advancing International Trade State Award for its work educating and training Georgia entrepreneurs and small business about global trade.

In 2016-17 Georgia had 14,000 companies exporting goods and services with a sales value of $35.5 billion, a 52 percent increase over the last decade. The SBDC has contributed to that growth through training programs like Export UGA, an intensive four-session, 16-hour program, and a monthly workshop in Atlanta that helps companies stay informed about key strategies for successful imports/exports.


“We knew all we needed to know as domestic distributors, but we had no direct knowledge of the foreign customer. My boss suggested I attend the Georgia SBDC's ExportGA class. I did and it was a great experience.”








COMING SOON, A NEW EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN Near its $5 million private fundraising goal, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia announced plans for the Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden, a twoand-a-half-acre, handicap-accessible educational environment that will include a wonder area with pollinator garden, a tree house, creature habitats, hands-on garden plots, an underground zone, edible landscapes, and a bog garden and pond. The garden is expected to be open to visitors by early 2019.


Richards, from Carrollton, Ga., was a charter member of the State Botanical Garden Board of Advisors and one of the garden’s most devoted and beloved supporters until her death in May 2007.


www.botgarden.uga.edu “She would be beaming with pride at this. She would be following the development of this garden with tremendous interest.”


Architectural renderings of the Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden.






Student Scholar Kavi Pandian, who interned with the J. W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development, got to work with Clarke County Peer Court. The program trains middle and high school students to serve as advocates, judges, jurors and bailiffs who hear other teenagers’ first-time misdemeanor cases. The leadership opportunity for youths also frees professional judges’ time to focus on more serious cases.

STUDENT SCHOLARS, FUTURE LEADERS IN SERVICE As a 2016-17 Public Service and Outreach Student Scholar, Shivani Rangaswamy got a first hand look at some of the critical issues challenging Georgia's rural communities. One that really stood out for the pre-med major was the much higher incidence of low birth weight babies to women who live in rural areas than those in urban communities. Twenty UGA undergraduate students completed the Public Service and Outreach (PSO) Student Scholar program in spring 2017. Created in 2011, the year-long program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to learn about the land- and sea-grant missions of the university. Students spend the fall semester meeting weekly to learn about the eight PSO units. During the spring semester they participate in individualized internships supervised by faculty and staff in the PSO units. So far nearly 100 students have participated in the program.

“I knew that birth weight gaps would exist,” Rangaswamy said. “I was surprised it was 17 percent higher, comparable to what you see in developing countries." The problem, she learned, is that pregnant women in rural Georgia have fewer resources available to educate them about good prenatal care, and


often don't know about ones that are available. Smoking, stress and poor nutrition can lead to newborn babies weighing less than 5.1 pounds. These babies are more likely to have health problems later in life including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and obesity. That not only reduces quality of life but puts a strain on already stressed rural healthcare systems. Rangaswamy spent her spring internship with the Archway Partnership researching programs aimed at tackling risk factors and locating providers in middle and south Georgia. She compiled the information into a resource guide, which she then took to clinics and health centers in seven rural Georgia counties.

As an intern with the Archway Partnership during the spring semester of 2016-17 Shivani Rangaswamy researched public health challenges in middle Georgia and found that a higher percentage of babies born in rural areas were low birth weight. Rangaswamy sought out resources available to women of childbearing age and compiled the information into a booklet. She then took copies of the booklets to health care professionals in Grady, Spalding, Colquitt, Clayton and Houston counties to distribute to patients.

"It’s an area we need to be working on as a state. We plan to use this to educate our staff so they can educate mothers. We need to get people in early for prenatal care and follow-up with education."


Student Scholar Jeff Bowden did his internship with the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, working with horticulturists in the Heritage Garden.



College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Marin Brewer, assistant professor of mycology, or the study of fungi, in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, worked with the State Botanical Garden of Georgia to identify, track and conserve native fungal communities.




Three UGA faculty members were selected for the 2016-17 Public Service and Outreach Faculty Fellowship to work alongside Public Service and Outreach units. The fellows program, created in 2011 by the Office of the Vice President of Public Service and Outreach, gives tenured and tenure-track professors the means to develop enhanced academic courses, conduct community-based research and apply that research to outreach initiatives.



Known as the “mushroom lady” around the garden, Brewer was inspired to study fungi and their relationships with plants during a stint at the Agricultural Research Service, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maine. “I have investigated fungi before, mostly in terms of plant disease and trying to understand emerging crop diseases,” she said. “But this Faculty Fellowship project marks the first time I’ve studied fungal diversity in a natural forest ecosystem.” Brewer’s primary objective was to identify and label the fungi found along the State Botanical Garden's Orange Trail. With the help of her graduate researchers, students in her mycology course and a national database, her lab collected samples and used DNA sequencing to confirm their findings. Armed with a detailed inventory of the collected species, the lab can now create an interactive map and markers to be placed along the trail. Using these tools, the mycology lab will track the species’ growth or decline year after year. “I wouldn’t be able to do any of this work, like the DNA sequencing and creating the interactive map and trail markers, without my fellowship,” said Brewer. “The grant has also provided opportunities for me to conduct several presentations, which helps build a bridge between UGA mycology and the garden.”



College of Engineering

School of Public And International Affairs

Jenna Jambeck, associate professor in the College of Engineering, was the first to quantify how much garbage enters the world’s oceans. Her study, published in “Science” in 2015, estimates that eight million metric tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year.

Rebecca Nesbit, associate professor of public administration and policy in the School of Public and International Affairs, wants to find ways to help organizations on the ground have a greater impact.

“That’s equal to five grocery-size bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world going into the ocean every single year,” Jambeck said. As a Faculty Fellow, Jambeck tackled the issue of marine debris in Georgia by collaborating with Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant to recruit students to collect data along the coast using the Marine Debris Tracker app. Jambeck co-developed the Marine Debris Tracker (MDT) app to engage citizens in marine debris and litter data collection and prevention. The app allows users to submit information about the type, amount and location of litter and debris items during routine cleanups anywhere in the world. Over one million items of debris have been removed and logged by people using the MDT. Removing trash that’s already in the environment is important, but Jambeck stresses the need for a more proactive approach. She has helped create educational materials that include information about ingestion and entanglement, and utilizing the MDT. “If people are noticing litter items and tracking it with the Marine Debris Tracker, then maybe they will think twice the next time they are offered a single use plastic item or will remember to bring their bags or use a water bottle,” she said. “It is these small changes, when taken collectively, that really do make a difference.”

As a Faculty Fellow she partnered with the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development to explore what UGA can do to help nonprofits the most. After arriving at UGA nearly five years ago, Nesbit reached out to Fanning to get to know the local nonprofit community. She developed surveys to figure out which nonprofits the clients in northeast Georgia find most helpful. She’s studying how their experiences with Fanning changed the way they work. Nesbit dug deep to find out how Fanning’s work has led to increased fundraising, adjustments in how an organization operates, revised missions or new hires. Next, she'll help Fanning staff figure out what tweaks to make and how to incorporate an ongoing evaluation process. This kind of program evaluation is difficult, Nesbit said. Fanning Institute programs vary from a day-long or weeklong training to a months-long strategic planning process. Instructors use different methods, too, which can make it difficult to do an assessment on the fly. “We want to connect the local nonprofit community with resources at the university,” Nesbit said. “Our hope is to strengthen these organizations so they can do good in the community. Ultimately, that’s what I hope to get out of it: something I can do to help the community and these nonprofits."





We celebrate you and your generosity. Thank you for giving and impacting the lives of others through Public Service and Outreach at the University of Georgia.

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Mr. Wallace Gary Crider Ms. Minnie P. Crider Mr. Charles Robert Crisp Mr. Jerry Crites and Ms. Michelle Crites Mrs. Gareth Crosby Dr. Deryee A. Crossley Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Crouch Mr. and Mrs. David Crowe Mr. Craig Jason Boles and Ms. Tanya Lynn Crowe Boles Mr. Jack Crowley and Ms. Rene Cheri Crowley CSRA Local Development Corporation CSRA Regional Development Center Dr. and Mrs. John V. Cuff Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cullerton Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cullifer Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weyman Culp Mrs. Kerri Culver Cumming Garden Club Dr. and Mrs. Kirk J. Cureton Ms. Nannette C. Curran Mr. and Mrs. A. Jack Curry Jr. Mrs. Ruth A. Curtas Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Curtis Ms. Sue Custance Mr. Joseph M. Dahm and Mrs. Joanne M. Jenkins Mr. Michael Allen Dale Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Morton Dale Dr. Dave Dallmeyer and Ms. Dorinda Gilmore Dallmeyer Mr. Mark James Dalusky and Ms. Carolyn Zachry Dalusky Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Clark Daniel Ms. Marta Daniell Ms. Pamela Tidwell Daniels Ms. Ann M. Darby Mr. James A. Darnell Dr. Alan Geoffrey Darvill and Ms. Janet E. Darvill Ms. Jeanne Das Ms. Shilpi Das Mrs. Julia Csicseri Davie Dr. Elizabeth A. Davis Dr. John Michael Davis and Ms. Susan E. Dye Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Roger William Davis Ms. Patricia Davis Mr. and Mrs. Dan A. Davis Mr. Mark A Davis and Ms. Christine S Davis Ms. Abigail E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James Albert Davison Kayloe Dawson Dr. and Mrs. James F. Day Mr. and Mrs. Gregory de Rocher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gene Deal Dr. O. C. Dean Jr. and Mrs. Manita Dean Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lucius Dean Ms. Babs DeArmond Dr. Kenneth Duncan Deaton Jr. Ms. Jennifer Fischer DeCinque

Dr. Paul Francis DeLargy and Dr. Carolyn Blount DeLargy Dr. Lawrence Steven Dempsey and Ms. Rebecca Rice Dempsey Mr. Larry Baldwin Dendy and Ms. Gail Carter Dendy Mrs. Elizabeth T. Denham Mr. William I. Dennard IV Ms. Madge Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Edward dePeterse Ms. Cristina Figueroa deRevere Ms. Susan Derrick Dr. and Mrs. Daniel V. DerVartanian Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Michael DeVore Mrs. Rosalyn DeVorsey Mr. and Mrs. John Diestel Mr. William Alexander Dix and Ms. Cydney Carolyn Wells Ms. Katherine D. Dixon Mrs. Mary Wayne Dixon Ms. Amanda J. Dixon Ms. Lenee Doby and Mr. Joe Doby Mr. and Mrs. David T. Dodge Dogwood Garden Club- Americus, GA Dogwood Garden Club- Brooks, GA Mr. Judson Philip Doherty and Ms. Sarah Schmitt Doherty Ms. Lynda Doll Mr. David Dolph Mrs. Elizabeth Dominy Mr. John W. Donnelly and Ms. Heather Joann Alley Ms. Maureen T. Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Dooley Mr. and Mrs. William Dopson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dorminy IV Mr. Daniel Dorminy Mr. William Henry Doty and Ms. Wilma Maxwell Doty Dr. George William Dougherty Sr. and Dr. Susan Sigur Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. William Woodson Douglas III Mr. David Dowdy and Ms. Rebecca Vest-Dowdy Down To Earth Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bertis Edwin Downs IV Mr. John R. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Sam Drennen Mrs. Virginia M. Dress Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Reid Drinkard Jr. Laine Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Duclos Mr. Jay Duggan and Ms. Cherie Duggan Duke Energy Corporation Mr. and Mrs. David Wendell Dukes Mr. Jim Dumont and Ms. Cindy Dumont Ms. Susan Duncan Dr. Mack Stewart Duncan and Ms. Julie A. Duncan Mrs. Dora T. Duncan Ms. Aletha L. Dunlavy Mr. Billy Dunn and Ms. Alice Rose Dunwoody Woman’s Club, Inc. Mr. Steven P. Dupont Mr. and Mrs. John W. Duren Mrs. Anna Burns Dyer Ms. MaryLou Dyer

Mr. John A. Dynes Mr. Jeffrey V. Dyson and Ms. Laurie L. Dyson Mr. Kyle J. Dyson Ms. Carla Eaton and Mr. Richard Eaton Mr. Brian Edenfield and Mrs. Sharon Davenport Edenfield Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edison Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Joseph Edwards III Dr. Gaylen L. Edwards Mrs. Martha Edwards Dr. and Mrs. Russell Edwards Jr. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Edwards Jr. Ms. Diane M. Ehlers Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Eidell Dr. Elizabeth Jackson Eidson Dr. Carolann Eisenhart Ms. Ann M. Eisler Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Eitenmiller Dr. Duncan C. Elkins and Mrs. Leigh Askew Elkins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Warren Elliott Mr. Matthew J. Elliott and Ms. Stacy Noelle Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Hamilton Ellis Jr. Dr. Debora Ellis Dr. and Mrs. Mark Frederick Ellison Ms. Joann N. Elmore Mr. Michael S. Elsner and Mrs. Jacqueline Carr Elsner Mr. and Mrs. Mark Embry Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lance Engel Enotah Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynn Epting Mr. Jack L. Ernsberger and Ms. Karen Ernsberger Ms. Chad Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Estes Ms. Christa Estes Ms. Shirley Duncan Evans Mr. Milton Evans and Ms. Bobbie Evans Dr. Daniel M. Everett and Ms. Kathleen Blane Ms. Georgia Everson Express Nails & Spa TP LLC Mr. and Mrs. John Russell Fair Jr. Ms. Shannon Fair Faithful Servant Charitable Foundation Mrs. April Farlow and Mr. Kip Farlow Mr. James T. Farmer III Mr. Robert D. Farr Mrs. DeWayne Rimstidt Farrar Dr. Catherine Grey Faulconer-Mouat and Mr. Michael F. Mouat Mrs. Emily C. Fawcett Ms. Martha Feinstein Mrs. Elizabeth B. Felts Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Fenley Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Michael Fennell Mr. Geoffrey Fenstermacher and Ms. Ann G. Fenstermacher Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cloud Ferguson Fidelity Bank Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Derek Judson Fields and Ms. Juli Morgan Fields Dr. Cheryl A. Fields-Smith





Fifth Third Bank Ms. Janet Filanosky Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Fincham Mrs. Iris Fiscus Mr. Dexter L. Fisher Mr. C. William Flammer Dr. William P. Flatt and Dr. Marihope Shirey Flatt Ms. Lilly Fleeman Mr. Thomas H. Fleenor Dr. and Mrs. Warren A. Flick Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Floyd Foothills Community Foundation Dr. Jon L. Forche and Dr. Nadine G. Forche Dr. Mark Ford and Ms. Jane Rodrigue Dr. Stuart W. Fors and Mrs. Kay Shearer Fors Ms. Jackie A Fortson Ms. Kathryn D. Fowler Mr. James Fowler Mr. Richard Fragaszy and Dr. Dorothy M. Fragaszy Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc. Frank Watson Consulting, Inc. FranNet of Atlanta Mr. and Mrs. Lew Frazar Ms. Cheryl Frazier Dr. Byron Jackson Freeman and Dr. Mary Crossley Freeman Ms. Louise Freeman Mr. Brian Paul Freese Mr. Steven H. Freilich Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Frey Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Friedlander Friends of the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cunningham Frierson Jr. Ms. Barbara Frohmader Ms. C. Gail Frost Dr. Jennifer L. Frum and Dr. Andrew J. Herod Ms. Mary Fucci and Mr. Albert Fucci Ms. Lorraine Fuller Mr. Lawrence J. Fusillo Mr. Chase Futrell and Mrs. Kimberly Parks Futrell Ms. Laura Hall Gabriel Dr. and Mrs. Leon Galis Mr. and Mrs. Denny Charles Galis Mr. Jesse D. Gallagher Mr. Henry Dan Gammage Mr. Bertram R. Gant and Ms. Monica Minor Gant Mrs. Kent D. Garbee Garden Arts Club Garden Club Council of Athens Garden Club of Georgia Inc. Garden Style Landscape, Inc. Mr. Jason Gardner Mr. J. Michael Garner and Ms. Anne Whitehead Garner Dr. and Mrs. Henry G. Garrard IV Mrs. Betty Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Alan Burton Garrett Mr. Gary Garrett Ms. Brandi Garrett

Mr. David Gastley and Ms. Mary Theresa Kramer Ms. Peggy S. Gates Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gatewood Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. Gatrell Mr. Donald Gauld Ms. Jennifer L Gay Dr. and Mrs. George M. Gazda Dr. and Mrs. Morris Roy Geffen Ms. Beth Gelb General Electric Foundation General Mills, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Genteman Mr. and Mrs. Richard George Mrs. Mary Russell George Georgia Bank & Trust Georgia Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. Georgia Crown Distributing Co. Georgia Department of Natural Resources Georgia Pine Level Foundation Georgia Power Company Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. Georgia Science Teachers Association Georgia Transmission Corporation Ms. Mary Jo Gerlach Dr. David E. Giannasi and Ms. Jean Teofilo Giannasi Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gibson Mrs. Caroline Mason Gilham Ms. Marie Gilmer Mr. James Hubert Gilstrap and Ms. Amanda Marie Tedrow Mr. Dominic J. Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glasscock Mr. Edward Stephen Glauser and Dr. Ann Shanks Glauser Mr. Paul Glenn and Ms. Judy Glenn Mr. Murphy Glisson Dr. Denise Glynn and Dr. Shawn Glynn Ms. Carol Goerig Dr. Theodore M. Goetz and Ms. Desiree Goetz Mr. Chris Goga and Ms. Diane Goga Dr. Scott E. Gold and Ms. Wendy Garfinkel-Gold Dr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Goldman Jr. Mr. Robert L. Goldsmith and Mrs. Susan Goldsmith Ms. Barbara Goodrich Mrs. Ellen Schneider Goodrich Dr. Elliot Charles Gootman and Dr. Marilyn Eisenstadt Gootman Dr. Belita M. Gordon Mr. Robert Emory Gordon Jr. and Dr. Leslie Stafford Gordon Ms. Sara Gottlieb Mrs. Mary A. Gould Ms. Sharon Nester Goulet Ms. Irene Grabowski Mrs. Margaret Heffernan Graham Mr. John B. Graham Jr. and Ms. Virginia Wilson Graham Ms. Bonnie Grandy Dr. Cherlyn S. Granrose Dr. and Mrs. Velon Hassell Gray Green Acres Garden Club Green Thumb Garden Club

Dr. Craig Evan Greene and Dr. Jeanne Ann Barsanti Ms. Amanda Greene Greensboro Garden Club Mrs. Helen T. Gregory Ms. Karen W. Greider Ms. Roberta T. Gresham Mr. Phillip C. Griffeth and Mrs. Suzanne Griffeth Ms. Allison Griffin Mr. David Benjamin Griffin and Ms. Maggie Coody Griffin Mrs. Gwen West Griffin Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce Ms. Linda Karpowicz Griffith Mr. Richard Anthony Grimm and Ms. Martha Grimm Dr. Stanford Willoughby Grist and Dr. Marilyn Michie Grist Ms. Pauline Groh Ms. Martha Gross Ms. Karen Kelly Grosvenor Dr. Parker Charles Grow and Dr. Kelly Crawford Grow Guardian Bank Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chalmers Guess Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Emily Sanders Gunnells Dr. Lewell Gunter Jr. Mr. David C. Hagaman Mr. Jack Hagerman and Ms. Toni Kelly Ms. Susie Haggard Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Louis Hajduk Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick Hale Mr. Evans Hale Ms. Beverly B. Hale Mr. and Mrs. John Nicholas Haley Mr. Lynwood Leo Hall Dr. and Mrs. James Davis Hall Ms. Meg Kollock Hall Ms. Pamela Hall Ms. Susan B. Hall Dr. and Mrs. Brian P. Hall Dr. Richard J. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Howell Hall Dr. and Mrs. James Reynolds Hallford Ms. Tryllis Hallford Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hallock Ms. J. Eloise Hally Mr. Robert S. Haltiwanger and Ms. Kimberly S. Haltiwanger Hamilton Plantation Garden Club Ms. Kylie Hamlin-Filkins Mr. John Hamman and Ms. Mary Hamman Ms. Freida P. Hammett Mrs. Michelle Hamner Dr. James L. Hamrick III Mr. Wayne Hamrick and Ms. Loretta Hamrick Dr. Eloise Rodgers Hancock Ms. Samantha Handley Mr. Kent M. Hannon and Ms. Sharron Hannon Mr. and Mrs. V. Nathaniel Hansford Dr. James Lee Hanula and Dr. Gail Mooney Hanula Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colquitt Harden

Ms. Melanie Adams Hardman Mrs. Lamartine Hardman III Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Hargrove Harkleroad Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Brent Douglas Harlander Ms. Susan Harmon Dr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Harper Mrs. June DeBeaugrine Harrell Dr. Wilma M. Harrington Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Belknap Harris Dr. Martha Johnson Harris Mr. Michael Johnson Harris and Ms. Deborah Clay Harris Mrs. Emily Byrd Harris Ms. Alice Harris Ms. Susan Harris Mr. Ernest Vivian Harris and Ms. Sally Mcculloch Harris Dr. Mark Andrew Harrison and Dr. Judy Ann Harrison Ms. Kate Harrison Mr. Roger A. Harrison Dr. Robert Charles Hart and Dr. Nancy Coleman Hart Hart Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Harter Dr. Tyson Harty and Ms. Jehan Yasmin El-Jourbagy Dr. Curt E. Harvey and Dr. Nancy L. Grayson Mr. and Mrs. A. Drew Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hatcher Mr. Russell Hattaway Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Harold Hawk Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Hawkins Jr. Mr. Al Hawkins and Ms. Debby Hawkins Dr. Robert B. Hawman and Ms. Barbara O’Connor Hawman Mr. and Mrs. Harry White Hayes Dr. Michael Francis Healy and Dr. Kathryn J. Roulston Ms. Maxine H. Heard Ms. Mary Theresa Heffernan Ms. Cathy Hefner Mr. Walter Hellerstein and Dr. Nina Hellerstein Ms. Jill A. Helme Mr. Shea Helton Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Henderson Mr. Charles W. Henderson Jr. and Ms. Anne Henderson Mrs. Martha Davison Henderson Dr. Elissa R. Henken Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Hennessy Mrs. Helen Phillips Henning Mr. Kyle A. Hensel Dr. James R. Okey and Dr. Sara Frances Hensley Mrs. Miriam W. Henson Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Heric Heritage First Bank Heritage Garden Club Mr. James David Herndon and Ms. Linda Clofine Dr. Ray V. Herren and Ms. Mary Herren Ms. Judy M. Herrin Dr. and Mrs. William Terry Herrington Ms. Carol Herzog Mr. George G. Hess and Ms. Sylvia M. Hess

LIFETIME OF SERVICE LEADS TO LEGACY GIFT David Knauft was doing service-learning before it even existed at UGA. His legacy gift to the Office of Service-Learning will ensure that the groundwork he laid will continue into the future. David and Evelyn Knauft have included money in their will to go to the Office of Service-Learning to continue connecting students to the community around them. A professor, researcher and associate dean in agriculture at four different universities, Knauft's accomplishments include helping to identify a mutation in peanuts that makes peanut oil healthier than olive oil. A highlight of his 19 years at UGA has been creating and teaching Project FOCUS (Fostering Our Community's Understanding of Science), an ongoing partnership between UGA and the Clarke County School District that helps elementary and middle school students better understand science. The program partners science majors with Clarke County teachers to help teach kindergarten through eighth grade. Project FOCUS was one of the first and largest service-learning opportunities at UGA. “We hope our gift will have a broad impact in people's lives,” Knauft said. “Not just on students, but also faculty members, and people in the community as well.”





From left, Noah Brendel, Patrick Stubbers

ATHENS RESTAURANT INVESTS IN GEORGIA OYSTERS ON THE HALF-SHELL Seabear Oyster Bar in Athens is more than 200 miles from the Georgia coast. But its owners are investing in the UGA Oyster Hatchery on Skidaway Island, hoping to one day soon offer fresh Georgia oysters on the half shell, alongside the Alpine Bay oysters from Prince Edward Island, Canada, and the White Stone oysters from Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. “I fully believe that the closer you are to the source of the oyster the better they taste,” said Patrick Stubbers, who owns Seabear with Noah Brendel and Peter Dale. Seabear was a silver sponsor of the first Oyster Roast for a Reason, a fundraiser for the hatchery held in November 2016. The hatchery, built at the UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant Shellfish Research Lab on Skidaway, is the first of its kind in Georgia. It is intended to help establish an oyster aquaculture industry, allowing harvesters to farm single oysters that can be sold on the half-shell. The hatchery is expected to produce between 5 million and 6 million spat, or baby oysters, per year by 2018, worth an estimated $1.6 million when harvested. Located in the Bottleworks on Prince Avenue in Athens, Seabear opened in 2014 and is committed to sustainable oyster cultivation.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hewson Ms. Cassidy Hewson Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Heyen Ms. Heidi Hilkert Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hill Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John Bunn Hill Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hill Mr. Deryl Allan Hill and Ms. Joyce M. Hill Mr. Jacob A. Hill Ms. Louise Hill Mr. Bob D. Hilton and Mrs. Sally Cook Hilton Mr. and Mrs. William Fred Hinesley III Ms. Susan Lee Hitchcock Mrs. Christen Hite Mr. Joel R. Hitt Mrs. Katherine K. Hoard Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bryant Hodges III Ms. Janet Hodges Hoe-N in Euharlee Garden Club Ms. Dana J. Hogan Ms. Patsy Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Bracey Hyers Holland Mr. Leamon Roy Holliday IV and Dr. Bonnie Stewart Holliday Hollingsworth Group LLC Mr. Robert E. Holmes and Ms. Penelope S. Crump Dr. William F. Holmes III and Ms. Marguerite Gahagan Holmes Holy Cross Lutheran Church Mr. Steve Holzman Ms. Mary E. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hopkins III Dr. C. Thomas Hopkins Jr. and Mrs. Sara Lucas Hopkins Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hopkinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grady Horne Mr. and Mrs. Foy Summerlin Horne Jr. Mr. Sanford Bernard Horwitz and Ms. Janet Horwitz Mr. Jeff Hough Ms. Charlotte Edmondson House Mr. Eugene H. Howard Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Kwilecki Howard Mr. Vincent Howard and Ms. Wren Nash Howard Ms. Judith Elkins Howell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L Howells Dr. Robert E. Hoyt and Ms. Patricia Gibson Hoyt Hubbard/Young Pharmacy, Inc. Dr. Leon R. Hubrich and Ms. Judy Hubrich Ms. Stephanie Hudak Dr. Cecil C. Hudson and Mrs. Sandra Strother Hudson Dr. Richard Alan Hudson and Ms. Brenda M. Rodgers Dr. Ronald Lee Balthazor and Ms. Jane Gross Hudson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Huff Dr. Elisabeth A. Hughes Mr. Marvin F. Hughes and Ms. Phyllis K. Hughes Mr. Neil Rutherford Hughes and Ms. Martha Tanner Hughes Ms. Rachel Hughes Mr. Anthony Barton Hughey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Huk Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hull III Mr. and Mrs. John S Hulland

Ms. Helen Hume Mr. James Hummel Ms. Elise Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Jan Hunnicutt Dr. and Mrs. Loren W. Hunt Jr. Ms. Elishiba Hunter Ms. Deborah Hunter Ms. Lauralee Hunter Mr. Donald Reid Hunter and Ms. Karen S. Hunter Ms. Janet G. Hurst Mr. James Michael Hussey Mr. Richard S. Hussey and Ms. Griscelda G. Hussey Dr. Paul Hutchinson Jr. and Ms. Corinne Alexander Hutchinson Mr. Richard Hutnik and Ms. Lynne Hutnik Ms. Becky Hutton Ms. Cynthia B. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery M. Ignatoff Dr. John Ingle and Dr. Caroline A. Ingle Mr. Jonathan D. Ingle and Dr. Mary Anne O’Neal-Ingle Mr. William G. Ingram and Ms. Ann L. Ingram Dr. Richard L. Ingram and Mrs. Janice Ingram Inspiring Excellence Iris Garden Club- Appling, GA Iris Garden Club- Tignall, GA Iris Garden Club- Atlanta, GA Dr. Kristen Mark Irwin and Ms. Jennifer Polsfuss Irwin Ms. Betty J. Irwin Ms. Gay L. Irwin Ms. Mary A. Isele Ms. Julie Ivarie J. C. Lewis Ford Dr. and Mrs. Juha I. Jaakkola Ms. Kim Jackley Dr. Calvin Jackson Jr. and Ms. Sinclair Shaw Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis Jackson Mr. Philip Bradley Jackson and Ms. Virginia R. Jackson Mr. Harold Jackson and Ms. Wakisha Humphries Jackson Mr. Kirby Jackson and Ms. Mary Ann Jackson Ms. Kendall Jackson Mr. Bruce E. Jacobson and Ms. Dortha F. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. James Mrs. Ina J. James Mr. Randall James and Ms. Alyssa Isham James Ms. Emily E. James James Farmer Designs Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Janke Dr. David Alan Janssen and Ms. Sayge Medlin Dr. G. Truett Jarrard Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Jarrett Dr. and Mrs. Walter A. Jarrett Mr. Mitchell Evans Jarrett Jefferson Energy Cooperative Ms. Betty Jennings Ms. Heather Jensen Mrs. Ulla Jensen Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jeter Jimmy Allgood Rental, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Y. Jobe John O’Kane Consulting LLC John W. Robinson Family Fdtn. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Johnson Mr. Daniel J. Johnson Mr. Franklin C. Johnson and Ms. Cheryl G. Johnson Mr. Jeffrey Johnson Mr. Paul Robert Johnson and Ms. Susan Mary Johnson Mr. Willis Johnson Ms. Denise L. Johnson Ms. Suzanne R. Johnson Mr. Steven R. Johnson and Mrs. Cheryl McKenzie Johnson Ms. Beverly Evon Johnson The Honorable Horace J. Johnson Jr. Dr. Francis J. Johnston and Dr. Joyce Domke Johnston Jolly Foundation Inc. Mr. Steven Jones and Ms. Deana Jones Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Jones III Mr. and Mrs. David Alan Jones Mr. and Mrs. Terry O. Jones Mr. Harold Jones and Ms. Bonnie Mallory Jones Ms. Barbara Jones Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Jones Mr. David Stockton Jones and Ms. Stacy Bishop Jones Mr. Douglas Jonkheer Mrs. Georgia Jopling Mrs. Jean White Jordan Mrs. Sandra Brooks Jordan Mr. Jon Gavin Jordan and Ms. Jennifer Ward Jordan Junior Ladies Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Justice Mr. Kenneth E Kagarise and Ms. Lunda Kagarise Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph L. Kagerer Ms. Terry Kaley Mr. Jim Kall and Ms. Barbara L. Kall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Kane Dr. and Mrs. Eric M. Kardon Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Kassay Ms. Karen B. Kassinger Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Katz Dr. James B. Kau and Ms. Mary Lou Kau Mr. Charles L. Kauderer Dr. Stanley J. Kays and Dr. Sandra Wood Kays Mrs. Holly Keatts Ms. Cora Lynnette Keber Ms. Betty Keen Mr. Harry Keifer and Ms. Suzanne Marie Keifer Mrs. Linda H. Kelly Ms. Lisa K. Kennedy Ms. Elizabeth Kerman Mr. David Alexander Kidd and Ms. Jane Vandiver Kidd Mrs. Jane Guillory Kilgo Ms. Jane Killen Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Kilpatrick Ms. Molly Kimler Kinetic Credit Union Dr. and Mrs. Allen Dupree King Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. King Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce King Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Taylor King Mr. Gregory King Ms. Virginia King Ms. Teressa A. King King & Prince Beach Resort Dr. Joshua Kinsey Mr. John J. Kipe and Ms. Charlene P. Kipe Mr. William Kirch Mr. John Kirschner and Ms. Audrone J. Kirschner Mr. and Mrs. James Lester Kitchens Dr. and Mrs. Scott Alter Kleiner Dr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Kleven Ms. Carole A. Kline Mr. Frank Klonowski and Ms. Diane Klonowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Knappenberger Mr. George J. Knasel and Ms. Lynn Knasel Dr. David Knauft and Mrs. Evelyn Knauft Mr. and Mrs. John Ward Knight Ms. Lisa L. Knighton Mr. and Mrs. Davis Purcell Knox Ms. Chelsea Kondos Mr. Joshua Hamilton Koons and Dr. Amy Elizabeth Medlock Mr. Frederick S. Kopp and Ms. Cindy Watlington Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kozlosky Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kraeling Ms. Cathy Kramarich Ms. Jamie K Kreiner Mr. Donald James Krom and Mrs. Carol Pitts Krom Dr. Dean M. Krugman and Ms. Vicki Kay Krugman Dr. Louis Harry Kudon and Dr. Rebecca M Glover Kudon Dr. and Mrs. E. George Kuhlman Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kujawa Berit Kuntz Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Kurrie Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Kurtz Dr. P. David Kurtz and Ms. Gail Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Kuykendall Ms. Clara Kwon Ladies Garden Club Ladies Garden Club Athens Lady Bugs Garden Club Dr. Richard Allen LaFleur and Ms. Alice Tipton LaFleur Mr. Myron D. Lair and Ms. Nancy F. Lair Lake City Animal Hospital Mr. Theodore LaMontagne Dr. Kevin Daniel Lanclos and Ms. Amy Tisdale Lanclos Ms. K. Morgan Landers Landlovers Foundation, Inc. Ms. Carolina H. Lane Mr. Robert W. Lang and Ms. Lynnette Aldrich Lang Dr. John Langone Jr. and Dr. Christine O’Brien Langone Mr. Stephen D. Langston Mr. and Mrs. John Reese Lanier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howell Lanier II Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lanigan Jr.




ATLANTA COUPLE HONORS MOTHERS WITH GIFT TO GARDEN A $225,000 gift to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia will pay for the construction of a stainless steel and polished glass arbor in the Alice H. Richards Children's Garden. Adrian and John Robinson, with their children Will and Rice, made the gift as a tribute to their mothers, who were among the earliest members of the State Botanical Garden Board of Advisors. John's mother, Margaret Mobley Robinson, who lives in Sea Island, was a charter member of the board when it formed in 1985. Adrian's mother, Charlotte Carter Merry, who lives in Highlands, N.C., joined the board in 1988. Adrian and John met as children and were in school together in Athens until second grade when Charlotte Merry remarried and the family moved to Augusta. Years later, after graduating from college, they reconnected during a Gardens of the World Ball and married a few years later. “It's all about our mothers,” said Adrian Robinson, an advisory board member since 2016. “They loved this botanical garden and worked so hard. They truly put their heart and soul into it. ”


Ms. Paula Lansford Mr. David W. Lariscy and Ms. Leanne S. Lariscy Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Beechwood Lastinger Mrs. Barbara W. Laughlin Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Lauth Ms. Rebecca Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Lawson Jr. Ms. Anne Wallace Layton Mr. Glenn Farley Leavell and Dr. Linda Steadman Leavell Dr. James Glenn Ledbetter and Ms. Jewell Norman Mr. Howard Ehni and Ms. Donna Lee Ms. Allison Lee Ms. Rachel G. Lee Mr. Donald M. Leebern Jr. and Ms. Suzanne Yoculan Leebern Mrs. Betsy Leebern Mr. Craig Steven Lesser and Mrs. Nancy Shepherd Lesser Mr. Jason Thomas Lessl and Ms. Sandra Roberts Lessl Professor Frank G. Lether and Mrs. Ellen Toone Lether Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, Inc. Dr. Mary Laura Leuzinger and Mr. John Macrostie Mr. Edwin A. Levine Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Lewis Mrs. Erika Cornehl Lewis Professor and Mrs. Richard Dana Lewis Dr. A. Jefferson Lewis III and Mrs. Karen H. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. David Parker Lewis Sr. Mr. Walter Nelson Lewis Liberty University Ms. Christine A. Licata Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lientz, Jr. LIFE League Consulting Group, LLC Mrs. Jeanne H. Lindberg Ms. Nancy R. Lindbloom Lindsay Thomas Consulting, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Lingard Ms. Claudia Linkous Mr. Milton J. Little Jr. Little Saint Simons Island Mrs. Donna Lloyd Dr. and Mrs. W. Edwin Loftis Ms. Elizabeth Lloyd Lohse Ms. Sarah M. Lomax Mr. J. Edgar Long Ms. Rachel C. Lovin Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Joseph Lowenthal Jr. Ms. Susan Crow Lowrance Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dana Lucas Lullwater Garden Club Ms. E. Kirsten Lundergan-Linker Ms. Sandra D. Lundy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lusk Jr. Lydia’s Place Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lee Lynch Mr. Walter Hiram Lynch III and Mrs. Salena Coleman Lynch Lyndhurst Foundation Ms. Randi Lynn Ms. Kornelia Probst Mackowiak

Madora Garden Club Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Magill III Magnolia Garden Club- Hartwell, GA Magnolia Garden Club- Fort Valley, GA Magnolia Garden Club- Madison, GA Magnolia Garden Club- Moultrie, GA Ms. Aquilina B. Magsalin Ms. Shannon Maher Ms. Amanda Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. H. Armin Maier III Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Maier Mr. Edward Alan Maioriello Mr. Paul Woodruff Malaspina Mr. Andrew Malawy and Ms. Linda Malawy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karl Malcom Ms. Jenny Malcom Dr. Kim Marise Mallett Mr. Michael Mandell Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gordon Maner Mr. Gordon A. Maner and Ms. Megan Allen Maner Mr. Trevor Johnston Mangan and Ms. Jean Goetz Mangan Ms. Carole E. Manley Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Mann Mr. Mark Manning and Mrs. Janet Cook Manning Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manwaring Dr. Richard Brian Meagher and Ms. Valerie Flocille Maples Mr. and Mrs. Andru V. Marable Marathon HR Services, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Marbut Marietta Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. Marjorie Lewis Rankin Bypass Trust Mr. John H. Markiel and Ms. Delores Markiel Ms. Donna W. Marks Ms. Belle Marsh Mr. Robert Marthai and Ms. Janine Marthai Dr. Janet Stillman Martin and Dr. Roy P. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Martin Mr. Chris Martin Ms. Lamara G. Martin Ms. Linda C. Martin Ms. Louise Fortson Martin Mr. Michael James Martin and Mrs. Mollie McLott Martin Ms. Karen Phillips Martin Ms. Alexandria Mason Dr. Judy Alves Masters Mr. Kevin James Masters Mr. John P. Mather and Ms. Linda Mather Dr. Paul Harvey Matthews and Ms. Michele Whitney Matthews Dr. Robert Wendell Matthews and Ms. Janice Rittenhouse Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick W. Mattox Jr. Mr. Ronnie Maulden and Ms. Rosemary Maulden Ms. Sheryl Kinman Mauldin Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Maurer Mr. John Mauro and Ms. Meg Mauro Mr. and Mrs. John S. Maynard Ms. Virginia S. Mayo

Mr. Donald McAlister and Ms. Regina McAlister Mr. Shaugnessy R. Mccann Ms. Mary McCauley Ms. Yancey Lanier McCollum Mr. Jerry Lawson McCollum and Ms. Terry Denise Tatum Dr. and Mrs. Fred M. S. McConnel Dr. and Mrs. Michael Timothy McCord Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vance McCorkle Dr. Gerald L. McCormick and Ms. Julie Suzanne McCormick Mrs. Georgetta Parks McCoy Ms. Vicki McCoy Mr. James L McCullough and Ms. Martha S. McCullough Mrs. Donita McClelland McDonald Ms. Catherine A. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Doyle McDowell Jr. Ms. Christine K. McFaden Mr. Thomas Sumner McFerrin IV and Mrs. Jane Johnston McFerrin Deleda McGaha Leslie McGarrah Mr. Cormac Murray McGarvey Jr. and Ms. Genie R. McGarvey Mr. Kenneth Ray McGaughey and Ms. Margaret Anne McGaughey Ms. Mary Ann McGourty Mr. and Mrs. James McInerney Ms. Marge McKee Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McKee Ms. Mary E. McKee Mrs. Bobbie Cobb McKeller Ms. Amy McKelvey Mr. and Mrs. Don McKim Ms. Leigh Ann McKinley Dr. Glenda Wall McLeod and Mr. R. Douglas McLeod Mr. Jerry McManus Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clifford McMillan Mr. John C. McMillan and Ms. Mary Ann McMillan Dr. and Mrs. James Wilburn McMinn Mr. and Mrs. John Francis McMullan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McMullin Mr. Robert McNearney and Ms. Carolyn McNearney Mr. Thomas McNeely and Dr. Elizabeth A. McNeely Mrs. Marilyn DeLong McNeely McNeely Foundation, Inc. Mr. Eric A. McRae Dr. Laura J. Meadows Ms. Rebecca Mears Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Mecklenburg Mr. John A. Meffen and Ms. Frances Johnson Meffen Mr. Bernard J. Meineke Mr. Carlton Newton Mell Jr. Mrs. Mary Rose Mellein Mr. Samuel E. Meller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Melnik Dr. Richard Menke and Dr. Sujata Iyengar Ms. Carol Mentonelli Ms. Julia H. Merkle Mr. Mark Meyers and Ms. Susan M. Carter Mr. David Hamilton Meyers and Dr. Dawn Miller Meyers Mrs. Barbara Michalove

Mr. Frank J. Michel and Dr. Elizabeth W. Uhl Dr. James T. Midcap and Ms. Linda L. Midcap Dr. Karen Menke Middendorf Middle Georgia State University - Macon Ms. Tanya Mikulas Dr. and Mrs. James S. Miller Dr. Scott Edward Miller and Ms. Patricia P. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charlie J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Miller Ms. Kathleen Miller Mr. John Miller Mr. James B. Miller Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson Millians Dr. Penny B. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Edward Collier Mills Ms. Vicki D. Millsap Mrs. Margaret Thomason Milner Ms. Mabel Milner Mr. T. Chris Milner and Mrs. Ward Turner Milner Mimosa Garden Club Mrs. Wilma Loper Minix Ms. Iris Miracle Dr. and Mrs. Ignacy J. Misztal Mr. Stephen Douglas Mitchell and Dr. Debra Bailey Mitchell Mr. Stephen W. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mittendorf Mr. John Harold Mize and Dr. Marion Lynda Hanscome Mobile Pocket Office Mrs. Erica Mock Modena Property Owners Assoc Mr. Christopher Marion Moder and Ms. Stephanie Cimaglia Moder Mr. Alec A. Molinaro Monroe Garden Club Ms. Jane S. Montgomery Mr. Richard Montgomery and Ms. Adele Montgomery Mrs. Rebecca Paradise Moon Ms. Pamela R. Moon Moon’s Pharmacy, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. J. Alan Moore Dr. and Mrs. Clinton Thomas Moore Mrs. Carol Clark Moore Mr. William Kent Moore Jr. and Mrs. Jan Johnston Moore Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Moore Dr. Andrew Riddell Moorhead and Dr. Kaori Sakamoto Ms. Amy Lee Moorhead Mr. Stephen M. Moorman and Ms. Nancy W. Moorman Dr. James Ellis Morang and Mrs. Laura Bowen Morang Ms. Mari L. Mordecai Mr. C.L. Morehead, Jr. Mr. Richard C. Morgan and Ms. Nancy F. Morgan Mrs. Barbara Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Morneault Mr. Keith A. Morrell and Ms. Patricia L. Morrell Dr. Van Morris and Dr. Libby Vassar Morris Ms. Anne F. Morris Mr. and Mrs. William S. Morris III Morris and Marla and Geffen Family Fund





Morris Communications Company, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Wiley Herbert Morrison III Mr. Frank Morton and Ms. Beverly Moore Morton Mr. and Mrs. Bradley James Moschak Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Moseley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fields Moseley Ms. Lynne E. Moseman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Moss Ms. Joyce H. Moss Mr. John P. Moss Ms. Kate Elizabeth Mowbray Mr. Wayne Moy and Ms. Jewelle Moy Dr. Pamela Michelle Moye Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Blitch III Fund Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Charles Mull Ms. Lauren Virginia Muller Dr. James William Mullins and Dr. Vivian Bridges McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Jason Eric Murtagh Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lee Musholt Musicfile Productions LLC Ms. Debbie Myers Dean and Mrs. Daniel J. Nadenicek Nancy Dalton Steele and James Harlan Steele Charitable Fund Nancy Hart Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Nash National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Mr. Carter Naylor Dr. Virginia D. Nazarea Ms. Jennifer R. Nelson Ms. Annette Nesler Mr. and Mrs. William Henry NeSmith Jr. Ms. Teresa Rae Nestor Dr. Richard John Neupert and Dr. Catherine Mary Jones Ms. Emily Rose Newdow Ms. Julie Newell Mr. and Mrs. James LeRoy Newland Mr. Dan Niccum Ms. Melanie Nicholas Dr. Wilf Nicholls and Dr. Joyce Nicholls-Goudsmid Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ray Nichols Ms. Heather Nichols Mrs. Kate Callaway Nicholson Ms. Susanna Rives Nicholson Ms. Susan Nickerson Mr. Jake Nix Jr. and Mrs. Ramsey Harris Nix Mr. Robert A. Noble and Mrs. Martha Estes Noble Mr. Richard Noble and Ms. Kathryn M. Noble Dr. James Patrick Noe and Ms. Jane Gross Noe Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Noland Ms. Nina Noori Dr. and Mrs. William Preston Norred III North East Georgia Millworks LLC North Georgia Community Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William Felton Norwood Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Hugh O. Nourse Ms. Lora Smith Novak

The Honorable and Mrs. Samuel A. Nunn Dr. and Mrs. Wade Lowry Nutter Mrs. Dorothy A. O’Brien Oconee Golf Company LLC Mr. Stewart Odendhal Mr. and Mrs. Keith Merritt Oelke Mr. Cecil Oglesby Oglethorpe Power Corporation Ms. Karla O’Grady Mrs. Jacquelyn O’Grady Mr. John Okeefe Ms. Jan M. Okey Ms. Jane Okrasinski Dr. John Olive and Ms. Debra C. Brenner Dr. Kerry M. Oliver and Ms. Rebecca Kathleen Neher Oliver Maner LLP Mr. Steven Reoyo O’Reilly and Ms. Katherine Lindsey O’Reilly Mr. Robert Orenstein Mr. Brian A. Orland and Ms. Martha Orland Mr. Niko A. Ormond and Mrs. Mary Watts Ormond Mr. and Mrs. Edward Drouard O’Rourke Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Harvey G. Ouzts Mr. Josh Ovett Mr. George Pabis and Ms. Shelli Pabis Mr. John Robert Packwood and Ms. Christine A. Packwood Mr. Alfred Padelford and Mrs. Sally Shields Padelford Ms. Halley Fennell Page Mr. Lance A. Pailer and Mrs. Jerry Harrison Pailer Ms. Sue Paine Dr. and Mrs. Barry A. Palevitz Dr. Vinod Babu Pandian Babu Ms. J. Ashley Panter Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Paramore Dr. Camila Salguero Pardo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Paris III Mr. Randall R. Parish Jr. and Ms. Susan Dutton Parish Dr. Marcia Anne Parker Mr. Brian Marvin Parker and Ms. Daynes Mackey Parker Ms. Teresa L. Parker Dr. Albert J. Parker and Dr. Kathleen C. Parker Ms. Carol H. Parker Ms. Melanie Carol Parker Mr. and Mrs. Larry Woodson Parks Mr. Kenneth Omer Parris and Ms. Andrea Ramey Parris Mr. Alan Parrish and Ms. Lamyrl Atkinson Parrish Partitions Inc. Mr. Edward E. Pasquale and Mrs. Verona Light Pasquale Patrick Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. Brandon Patten Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Walter Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Norman Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnston Patterson Mr. David Patterson and Ms. Barbara Parker Mrs. Patricia M. Patterson Shahid Paul Mr. and Mrs. Victor Michael Paxton Dr. and Mrs. Larry Jeffrey Payne

Dr. Robert Allen Payne and Ms. Vonceil Payne Ms. Vickie Peace Ms. Mary P. Peace Peach State Federal Credit Union Mr. James Peavy and Ms. Celine Peavy Mr. Jared James Peden and Ms. Shae Elizabeth Phelps Ms. Evelyn Kunz Peebles Ms. Sonya L. Peel Peeples Industries Inc. Ms. Huifeng Peng Ms. Gwen H. Pennington Mr. Dan Perrin and Ms. Carrol Perrin Mr. and Mrs. John W. Perry Mr. Alex C. Perry Mrs. Sarah Mullins Peters Mrs. Barbara Wickenden Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Larry Joe Petroff Mr. Joe Herndon Phillips Jr. Mr. David S. Phlegar III and Mrs. Julianne Daniell Phlegar Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pierson Ms. Victoria J. Pike-Green Pine Tree Garden Club- Atlanta, GA Pine Tree Garden Club- Hartwell, GA Pioneer Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. William Alan Pittenger Mr. John Pitts and Ms. Andrea Snyder Mr. John George Pitts III Pittulloch Foundation Planters Garden Club Mr. L. Richard Plunkett Ms. Helen H. Plymale PNC Bank Mr. Joshua H Podvin Mr. and Mrs. Alec L. Poitevint II Ms. Lynda Pollock Polly McLeod Mattox Interiors Mr. Paul Poninski Ms. Cynthia Neal Pope Mr. and Mrs. Michael Potter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Pou Mr. and Mrs. Phil Powell Ms. Anna E. Powell Ms. Rhonda S. Powell Ms. Ann Predgen Mr. Mark E. Preisinger Mr. H. Grady Thrasher III and Ms. Kathy Bruton Prescott Mr. Shelly M. Prescott and Mr. Gary W. Sergent Ms. Susan Rene Prescott Mr. and Mrs. John C. Presnell Mrs. Suzanne A. Prince Dr. William F. Prokasy IV and Ms. Pamela P. Prokasy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Prosser Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Przybyla Mr. Dennis Purvis and Ms. Annharrow Purvis Qbix Accounting Solutions, LLC Mr. and Mrs. John Victor Quackenbush Dr. Mary Ellen Burden Quinn and Mr. Robert L. Quinn

Mr. G. Wayne Quinn Mrs. Edell Hinely Raburn Mr. David K. Radde and Ms. Karen Nesler Radde Mrs. Joyce Raffel Mr. and Mrs. Marbury Rainer Mr. Bill Raines and Ms. Ellen Smith Duttweiler Ms. Susanna Rains Moriarty Rambler Rose Garden Club Ms. Par Ramey Ms. Stephanie L. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Chris Randall Mr. and Mrs. Franklin William Range Mrs. Margaret Rasmussen Mr. Robert E. Ratajczak Jr. and Mrs. Bridget Dougherty Ratajczak Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie B. Ratledge Mrs. Jerline J. Ray Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Razor Mr. Christopher F. Reagan Dr. and Mrs. Bryan H. Reber Mr. and Mrs. Charles Randall Reed Mr. and Mrs. Collins C. Reed Jr. Ms. Heather C. Reed Ms. Patricia Reed Ms. Barbara Reel Ms. Sara C. Reep Ms. Suzanne Emily Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hinton Reeves Reeves Properties Regions Bank Mr. Levon Register and Mrs. Ruth Register Mr. Stephen A. Reichert Mr. and Mrs. Albert Phillips Reichert Jr. Reidsville Garden Club Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reinert Dr. Elizabeth J. Reitz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Remar Renasant Bank Ms. Catherine Reuter Ms. Sheila Revell Ms. Brenda Revill Dr. and Mrs. John Marvin Reynolds Mrs. Sally Martin Reynolds Mrs. William H. Rhodes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Barton Rice Jr. Ms. Betty M. Rice Mrs. Symma Kitover Rich Dr. Erin L. Richman and Ms. Sara Uselman Mr. Rob Richter and Mrs. Carol Richter Mr. Ted R. Ridlehuber Ms. Monika Schaaf Riely Dr. Pascale Gorce Riley and Mr. Ronald T. Riley Mr. Eric Rinestone Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mark Risse Mr. Micheal Anthony Rivera and Ms. Jennifer Hall Rivera Ms. Lisa F. Robbins Ms. Deborah Ann Roberts

WELLS FARGO HELPS FUND NEW AND GROWING BUSINESSES Wells Fargo Vice President Ryan Hammock (center) and underwriter Katie Smith rolled into Athens with the company’s horse-drawn stagecoach to present a $50,000 check to Allan Adams (right), state director of the UGA Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and Eric Bonaparte (left), SBDC director of major sponsorships. The money supports the SBDC StartSmart program in multiple locations across Georgia and the SBDC GrowSmart program in Augusta. StartSmart is a multi-week training for new business owners and GrowSmart is a multi-week training program for business owners ready to accelerate the growth of their business.




Ms. Sharon Roberts Professor David D. Roberts and Ms. Beth Roberts Ms. Mary Roberts-Bailey Ms. Agnes Elizabeth Robertson Dr. Melinda Beth Robins Mr. and Mrs. John W. Robinson III Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Robinson Ms. Melanie Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Robinson Jr. Mr. Frank J. Rodriguez and Dr. Beverly D. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Albert Roesel Dr. Dean G. Rojek and Dr. Kathleen McCaffrey Rojek Mr. and Mrs. John H. Romfh Ms. Patricia S. Rone Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rooker Mr. Frank Ros and Ms. Jan Ros Ms. Shelley A. Rose Rose and Dahlia Garden Club Rose Garden Club Mr. Charles A. Rosenberger and Ms. Chandler Brooks Rosenberger Ms. Catherine Roth Mr. Jerry Rothenberg and Ms. Amy Rothenberg Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Rother Ms. Sarina Lynn Rousso Mr. Dozier A. Rowe and Mrs. Carol Rigdon Rowe Mrs. Lucy Minogue Rowland Ms. Deborah Ruark Mr. Donald A. Rudzinski and Ms. Rita Rudzinski Mr. Howard Rugaber and Ms. Patricia Rugaber Ms. Linda A. Russell Dr. Garth Stephen Russo and Dr. Natalie Dee Russo Ms. Jean H. Ryan Ms. Terry Salguero Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salloum Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Sams III Mr. John Scott Sand and Ms. Janice E. Sand Sand Hills Garden Club Dr. Walter M. Sanders III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Francis Sanders Jr. Dr. Jennifer Cruse-Sanders Mr. Doug Sanders Mr. Walter McDonald Sanders IV and Ms. Dianna Sanders Mr. James W. Stewart and Ms. Kathy Sanderson Dr. Paula Steinbauer Sanford and Mr. Jeffrey R. Sanford Dr. Albert H. Santora and Dr. Mary Christine Santora Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve Mrs. Jan Satterfield Mr. Richard Allen Saunders and Dr. Carol Anne Myers Ms. Marisa G. Savage Savannah Bend Marina Savannah Economic Development Authority Savannah Presbytery MK Pentecost Fund Ms. Elena L. Saville Ms. Elizabeth E. Saylor Mr. John W. Schelhas Jr. and Mrs. Susan G. Criswell Mr. David Stanford Schell and Ms. Isabel Johnstone Schell


Dr. Harald W. Scherm and Dr. Wendy B. Zomlefer Ms. Dorothy Scherr Dean Anna Scheyett and Mr. Stephen Kent Lay Mrs. Gertrude Schilsky Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Schmidt Ms. Lynne Schmidt Ms. Karina V. Scholtens Associate Professor John R. Schramski and Ms. Holley W. Schramski Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reilly Schreck Jr. Mr. Marcus Schuchs Mr. Steve Schultheis and Ms. Charlotte Schultheis Mr. Donald Schultz Dr. Richard Joel Schuster and Dr. Barbara L. Schuster Ms. Eleanor Green Schut Schwab Charitable Fund Mrs. Brenda Harrison Scott Ms. Barbara Bradbury Scott Sea Oats Garden Club Seabear Oyster Bar Ms. Kathy Seay Seedling Garden Club Mr. John Seglund and Ms. Janie Galloway Seglund Mr. Charles Sego and Ms. Kristi D. Sego Mr. and Mrs. Tom Seibold Mr. and Mrs. Alyn Richard Sells Ms. Toni M. Senory Moeineh Seyedin Mr. Eric Wayne Shafer and Ms. Loretta Lee Relma K. Sharp Ms. Mara O. Shaw Mr. F. Lee Shearer Mr. Mark Garland Sheats and Ms. Tracy Jean Sheats Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jay Shedd Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Sheets Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Anthony Sheffield Mr. Wade Myron Sheldon Jr. and Ms. Joan Ellen Sheldon Mr. Thomas C. Shelton Mr. Edward Norman Shelton Jr. Ms. Jane Shenk Ms. Heather Shepherd Ms. Ruth Shepler Mr. W. Harold Short Ms. Theresa Sibley Mr. and Mrs. Vonn Sieber Mr. Michael Siegel and Ms. Gail Siegel Dr. and Mrs. Michael Barron Sigman Ms. Dale Davis Sikes Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Hal Silcox Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Simmons Ms. Kelly Simmons Mr. and Mrs. John L. Simms Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simon Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weston Simonton Mr. Thomas Alan Simpson and Dr. Michele Leah Simpson Dr. and Mrs. O. Suthern Sims Mrs. Marvin S. Singletary Mr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Sisson Jr.

Mr. Chris Skelton and Ms. Julie Skelton Ms. Dana G. Skelton Ms. Claudia Skidmore Mrs. David R. Skillen Mr. and Mrs. William Daniel Skinner Dr. Kimberly R. Skobba Mrs. Sarah Strain Slappey Mr. Ryan Joshua Sledge and Ms. Lisa Sledge Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Small Small Business Access Partners Inc SmartPayroll Solutions, LLC Ms. Ruth N. Smith Ms. Donna P. Smith Mr. David A. Smith Mr. George Washington Smith Jr. and Ms. Nancy Inglett Smith Mrs. Jean S. Smith Ms. Janet G. Smith Dr. Henry McCord Smith Jr. and Mrs. Gail Grote Smith Mr. James L. Smith III and Mrs. Sandra Howell Smith Mr. Conner E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Channing S. Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wink Smith IV Mr. Kent Smith Mrs. Heather Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Sneeder Ms. Mary J. Snook Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Snow Dr. Cher L. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Philip Solomons Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Eric Somerville Mr. and Mrs. James Andrew Sommerville Mr. and Mrs. John D. Songster Mr. Craig Sontag Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar Mr. Perry Chester Sosebee and Ms. Carole Baird Sosebee Mrs. Margaret R. Spalding Dr. Denise A. Spangler Ms. Sally W. Speed Mr. Walter Jay Spencer Jr. and Ms. Brenda H. Spencer Dr. Gilbert Mark Spivack and Ms. Barbara Altholtz Spivack Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sponcler Mr. Michael A. Spronck and Ms. Margaret G. Agner St. Martin’s Episcopal School Dr. Eric V. Stabb and Ms. Janice Eleanor Flory Ms. Helen C. Stacey Mr. Joe Stallings Mr. and Mrs. Frank Earl Stancil Jr. Ms. Donna Staples Judge and Mrs. Homer Marshall Stark State Bank & Trust Company Ms. Lori Angela Steedley Mr. and Mrs. James Harlan Steele Jr. Ms. Brenda Steele Ms. Sara Janette Steele Mrs. Phyllis Clay Steinbeck Ms. Mary C. Steinberg Mr. Michael Stelzleni and Ms. Lynne Stelzleni

Mr. Ralph Haygood Stephens Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manley Stephenson Mrs. Lynda A. Stephenson Mrs. Carolyn S. Steuer Dr. Kerry Donald Stewart and Dr. Ann Krulien Fairey Mr. Donald E. Stewart Mr. Tod Stewart Ms. Terry Lynn Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leo Stone Jr. Ms. Vivienne S. Stopper Mr. and Mrs. W. Bryan Stovall Ms. Helen Stowe Dr. Michael R. Strand and Ms. Jena Ann Johnson Stratix Solutions Group LLC Ms. Birdie Dial Stringfellow Ms. Stephanie L. Stromp Ms. Shene Stroud Ms. Vivienne C. Sturgill Ms. Theresa Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Donald Sumner Jr. Mr. Paul Edward Sumner and Ms. Amy Runelle Heidt SunTrust Bank Ms. Ellen Surrency Dr. Pierre Sutherland Judge David Russell Sweat and Ms. Kay Allyn Giese SweetWater Brewing Company Ms. Loralee M. Swindell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Frederick Symons Jr. Synovus Financial Corporation Ms. Elizabeth Talbot Ms. Marcy Tanner Mr. David H. Tanner Mr. Tom Tappan and Ms. Bonnie Tappan Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Tarbutton Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Tarbutton Jr. Mr. Kevin Joseph Tarner and Ms. Rachel Azalee Hughes Dr. Mary Combs Tate Mr. Edward Taylor and Ms. Frances Mae Taylor Mrs. Carole Taylor Ms. Teresa Jo Taylor Ms. Linda S. Tedrow Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Templeton Mrs. Andree Clark Terry and Mr. Dennis B. Terry The Benevity Community Impact Fund The Bishop Law Firm The Broadfield Foundation The Campus Kitchens Project, Inc. The Colleen & Sam Nunn Family Foundation The David and Gail Kurtz Fund The Designer’s Club The Dot and Lam Hardman Family Foundation, Inc. The Downs Family Fund The Duke Energy Foundation The Fickling Family Foundation The Grey Restaurant, LLC The Holt-Kassay Fund

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated The Lineage Group LLC The Mark E. Preisinger Fund The Newland Family Foundation, Inc. The Piedmont Gardeners, Inc. The Savannah Community Foundation, Inc. The Solomons Fund The Wilheit Family Foundation Fund The Zeist Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Theis Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Theis Mr. Daniel Paul Thoman and Ms. Linda Thoman Mrs. Jeanette Ballard Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Thomas Mrs. Patricia Morgan Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Emory M. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Roger Kemp Thomas Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Thomas Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation Thomas Paris III Family Charitable Fund Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thompson Mr. William A. Thompson Jr. Mr. Wade Thompson Ms. Michele M. Thompson Thompson-Bowman Fund Ms. Anna Lester Thornton Dr. Sue Thrasher Dr. and Mrs. E. Dale Threadgill Three Season’s Garden Club Ms. Elizabeth Thurmond Dr. Maria M. Thurston Mrs. Mary Leathers Tillman Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Timberlake Jr. LTC Thomas B. Timberlake Mrs. Patricia McCaulley Tinga Mr. Jesus Alejandro Tirado and Ms. Amy E. Zvonar Ms. Patricia K. Titus Mr. Thomas Toles Mr. William S. Tonks and Mrs. Deborah Neff Tonks Mr. Mark Edward Toomey and Dr. Judith Preissle Dr. Jane Huang and Dr. Philipp Torres Mr. Robert Toth and Ms. Ann Toth Touchmark National Bank Town and Country Garden Club- Harrison, GA Town and Country Garden Club- Atlanta, GA Mr. and Mrs. Tony D. Townley Mr. Corey Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Towson Dr. Dorset Waters Trapnell and Dr. Mark Alan Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Newton Travis Judge Marc T. Treadwell and Mrs. Wimberly Dennis Treadwell Ms. Jane Trentin Mr. Alexander S. Trexler Ms. Charlotte Anne Trice Mr. Terry Edward Trotochaud and Mrs. Betty Maxwell Trotochaud Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGavock Trulock Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tucker

Tull Charitable Foundation Inc. Mr. Michael Jon Tully and Ms. Carole J. Tully Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin Turbidy Mr. T. L. Turman and Ms. Linda Turman Dr. Patricia Turner Dr. Pamela R. Turner Mrs. Barbara Aguilar Turner Ms. Barbara Turner U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Dr. and Mrs. Ludwig Uhlig Mr. Charles V. Underwood Jr. and Dr. Patricia Bell-Scott Unified Trust Company, NA United Midwest Savings Bank Mr. Francis F. Uteg and Ms. Janet W. Uteg Dr. and Mrs. Henry G. Utley Mr. Milan D. Valencic and Mrs. Beverly J. Valencic Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Van Giesen III Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vanderlip Ms. Deborah Vann Ms. Beth Leigh Vantosh Dr. Arvid Vasenden and Mrs. Melissa Daniel Vasenden Mr. Ben Vaughn and Mrs. Kristina Hattaway Vaughn Vaughn-Jordan Foundation Dr. Julie Velasquez Runk Mr. Joseph G. Venditto and Ms. Lauren Lynn Venditto Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ventulett Ms. Julia Webb Vereen Mr. Joseph Calvin Vestal Ms. Mimi H. Vickers Mr. Daniel Fredrick Vickers Ms. Heather Vinas Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Vinson Mrs. Reginald Vipperman Mr. Mark Dwayne von Waldner and Dr. Trina Johnson von Waldner Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Voss Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Wade Mr. T. Rogers Wade Mr. and Mrs. Keith C. Wagner Ms. D. Lynn Waites Mr. Klon Michael Waldrip and Dr. Patricia Tracy Waldrip The Honorable and Mrs. Larry C. Walker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Walker Mr. Jim Walker Mrs. Sharon E. Walker Ms. Sandra Walker Ms. Tara C. Walker Ms. Yvonne Walker Dr. Randal Leonard Walker and Dr. Jean Ellen Chin Dr. Robert Burke Walker and Dr. Martha L. Walker Ms. Cynthia E. Walker Mrs. Dianne D. Wall Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Wallace Ms. Nancy Wallace Mr. William B. Wallace and Ms. Judith Pinkston Wallace Ms. Trisha Wallet Mr. Ronald C. Walpert and Dr. Kimberly P. Walpert Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Warren Walter III





Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fred Walton Mr. Ernest Walton and Ms. Kathy Walton Dr. Alysa J. Ward Mr. Ronald Warhola and Ms. Kathy Warhola Dr. Lee Warner and Dr. Jody K. Clay-Warner Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham Warnes II Mrs. Evelyn F. Warren Mr. Michael Wasko Ms. Deborah C. Waters Dr. Jeffrey William Fisher and Ms. Cathianne Watkins Watkinsville Garden Club Dr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas Watson Mr. and Mrs. George H. Watson Jr. Ms. Barbara Watson Mr. Charles Watson Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Christopher Watts WC Vision, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Weatherford Dr. Dera Goodner Weaver Mr. Harold Weber and Ms. Marie Weber Mr. and Mrs. John B. Weck Mr. Jim C. Weck and Ms. Rebecca Weck Mrs. Gene Guthrie Weeks Dr. David H. Weems and Dr. Diane Z. Weems Ms. Chloe Catherine Weigle Mr. Eric Weir Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Welch Mrs. Nancy Wood Welch Ms. Joyce Welch Mrs. Virginia Skipper Wells Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Foundation Mr. Gary Welsh Mr. Gene Wengert and Ms. Barbara I. Wengert Mr. and Mrs. David B. Wenner Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. West Mr. Wayne E. West Ms. Bette West Dr. Jason Robert Westrich and Mrs. Lisa Dondero Ms. Jeanne Whatley Dr. Emily E. Wheeler Dr. Stuart Jude Whipple Mr. Bobby J. White and Ms. Rita White Mrs. Louise Owens White Ms. Connie White Mr. Micah White and Ms. Alyson White Mr. Gary Eugene White and Mrs. Katrina Greenway White Ms. Patty Whiten Dr. William B. Whitman and Dr. Paula J. Schwanenflugel Ms. Gabrielle K. D. Whitney LTC and Mrs. George Mortimer Whitton Mr. Philip Wiatrak Dr. and Mrs. R. Glen Wiggans Mr. William C. Wiggins and Ms. Simone Wiggins Ms. Jana R. Wiggins Mr. T. Burton Wight Jr. Mr. Tom B. Wight

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Donors are recognized unless anonymity is requested. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy; however, if we have made an error or if biographical information has changed, please let us know by contacting the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach at (706) 542-9831.

OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT FOR PUBLIC SERVICE AND OUTREACH Jennifer L. Frum Vice president Steve Dempsey Associate vice president Paul Brooks Associate vice president Gwen Moss Assistant vice president Cherie Duggan Director of development Sean McMillan Director of economic development Kelly Simmons Director of communications Maegan Snyder Sr. public relations coordinator Christopher James Public relations specialist Shannah Cahoe Montgomery Public relations specialist/photographer Dan Williams Assistant director of development Lisa Kesler Administrative specialist Alisia Mathis Administrative specialist Jackie Roberts Administrative manager Laura Veatch Administrative specialist Graphic design by Don Chambers www.donchambersdesign.com

PUBLIC SERVICE AND OUTREACH UNITS The ARCHWAY PARTNERSHIP establishes long-term relationships with selected communities to identify the issues they face and then coordinates UGA faculty, staff and other resources to help them address their community and economic development needs. Eight counties in Georgia participate; five have al­ready graduated from the program. Rob Gordon, gordon@uga.edu, 706-542-1098 The CARL VINSON INSTITUTE OF GOVERNMENT provides training and development, specialized assistance and data-driven studies to help governments throughout Georgia and the world become more efficient, more responsive and better managed. Laura Meadows, lmeadows@uga.edu, 706-542-6192 The CENTER FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION & HOTEL is a 300,000-square-foot, comprehensive public service educational unit that annually enrolls more than 100,000 adults in its on-site and distancelearning programs. Other activities for the campus, community and state serve an additional 100,000 people each year. Dawn Cartee, cartee@uga.edu, 706-542-3451 The J.W. FANNING INSTITUTE FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT works with communities, nonprofits, professional associations and youth to help develop knowledgeable, skilled and committed leadership that will enhance community and economic development in Georgia communities, the nation and beyond. Matt Bishop, mlbishop@fanning.uga.edu, 706-542-6201 MARINE EXTENSION AND GEORGIA SEA GRANT works to increase the efficiency of existing marine industries, to identify new industries that do not harm the environment and to increase public awareness and understanding of coastal ecosystems. The programs delivered through locations in Athens, Atlanta and on the coast extend economic and cultural benefits throughout the state and region. Georgia Sea Grant sponsors research that addresses problems unique to Georgia as well as other research that has a national scope. Mark Risse, mrisse@uga.edu, 706-542-5956

The OFFICE OF SERVICE-LEARNING supports UGA faculty members in increasing and expanding servicelearning opportunities for students in campus-based and study abroad courses. The unit also cultivates community-based partnerships that respond to expressed community needs. The Office of Service-Learning re­ports to the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach and the Office of the Vice President for Instruction. Shannon Wilder, swilder@uga.edu, 706-542-0535


The SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER provides a wide range of educational opportunities to small business owners, potential entrepreneurs and community leadership organizations that support efforts to create, sustain or expand business ventures. Allan Adams, aadams@georgiasbdc.org, 706-542-2762


The STATE BOTANICAL GARDEN OF GEORGIA provides the public and UGA faculty and students opportunities for education, research and events through its natural areas, display gardens and building spaces. Jennifer Cruse-Sanders, crusesanders@uga.edu, 706-542-6131

Report to Donors 2016-17 is published by the University of Georgia Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

For more than 200 years, the University of Georgia, as the land- and sea-grant institution, has worked throughout the state to create communities with educated citizens, strong civic and business leaders, good infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and amenities that help provide a positive quality of life, all key to attracting new companies and jobs. The University of Georgia continues to be uniquely positioned to boost the economic vitality of the state and increase prosperity for all Georgians. That’s our commitment.

Profile for UGA Public Service and Outreach

Public Service and Outreach Annual Report 2016 - 2017  

Public Service and Outreach Annual Report 2016 - 2017