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EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE Inexpensive shelves and storage boxes hide clutter and add a pop of color and personality. Keep surfaces tidy with clever organizers and DIY projects that display your stuff while keeing it out of the way. Maximize closet space with five-pant hangers then cover for a clean look.

GO UP! Our 17-position adjustable beds are made to give you multiple storage and seating options. Tuck a bookshelf or mini fridge and microwave underneath to free up floor space and create endless organizational opportunities!

Hide snacks in a narrow cabinet to keep them out of sight. Use plastic storage containers to keep away pests.

GET DOWN In rooms without carpet, throw down an area rug to create seating space and cozy up your room. Check the amenities chart at for suggested area rug sizes.

We’re always surprised at the creative ways our residents arrange their spacest o suit them!

MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE With both beds off the floor, you create enough space for all your new friends. Ottomans that double as storage can do triple-duty as extra seating.

ROOM OF THE YEAR Think you’ve got a room to brag about? Enter our annual Room-ofthe-Year or Video Tour of the Yearcontest and show off your space. Winners get first pick of their room for the next academic year!

Cushy pillows invite friends to hang out.

COORDINATE School spirit is always a popular theme, but shabby chic (complete with repurposed wood pallets!) and feminine touches also make rooms feel like home. A compact sleeper sofa can accommodate weekend guests and drop-in visits by hallmates alike.

Brightly-colored accessories add whimsy (slide at your own risk).

STUDY SPACE Make studying a bit more pleasant with family photos and things that are special to you. For added space, use small shelves for storing books and notebooks.

Consider a laptop to save space. Some manufacturers even offer student discounts on hardware and software

DESK JOB Futons are fun but you’re here to learn. So designate your desk as a study zone and keep it clean with organizers and cord keepers. Want a change of scenery? Every hall has study rooms and common areas available to residents looking to spread out.

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ideas and inspiration for residence hall living at UGA