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Stephanie Schupska

Madison Miracle:

Pre-med student finds guidance in Honors

by Stephanie Schupska


adison Miracle’s countless visits to Moore College have included quite a few to the ground floor and Honors career development specialist Elizabeth Hughes’ office. A pre-med Honors student studying biology and psychology, Madison is in the middle of her final semester and will go to medical school this fall. Elizabeth, a student affairs professional in Honors, specializes in guiding students through the medical school application and interview process. She also works with any Honors student on resumes and applications. She formerly taught language arts and English to seventh through eleventh graders. Madison and Elizabeth spent a lot of time together in 2016. “I’ve gone to Elizabeth’s resume workshops and her interview workshops and met with her one-on-one,” Madison said. “She gets to know you personally and can let you see your own strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve. She is very intentional about helping students.” “The greatest perk of my job is being able to talk to students and hear about what they are doing and where they are going,” said Elizabeth, who also oversees UGA’s Boren Awards competition and works with Fulbright English teaching



assistantship applicants. “It gives me great hope for the future of our world to know that they want to do great things in it. That’s what wakes me up excited to come to work every day.” Madison, originally from Woodstock, radiates delight about her future. As a certified nursing assistant, she has experienced health care from the inside as she volunteers at Mercy Health Center, a free clinic in Athens for the uninsured. She takes patient vitals and talks with them about their conditions and medications. “I see the role medicine can have in changing peoples’ lives and how you can serve people through the art of healing,” she said. She has developed a holistic view of medicine, specifically, preventative medicine, from her work in the clinic and from days spent swimming, running, biking, and weightlifting as a member of the UGA triathlon team. “I don’t want to just be the doctor who gives all of these different medications,” Madison said. “I want to help patients work through their problems and change their lifestyle habits so that they can improve their lives in a sustainable way.” In between volunteering, training, and coursework, Madison worked as a CURO undergraduate research assistant in GRA

Above: Madison Miracle, center, assists at a pediatric clinic in Trujillo, Peru, along with Honors student Brinkley Bray, left, and UGA student Jaynie Chandler. Top photo: Madison discusses interview questions with Elizabeth Hughes, a student affairs professional in Honors.

Eminent Scholar Ralph Tripp’s lab in infectious diseases, where she studied microRNAs and their effect on gene expression in the common childhood illness RSV. She presented her findings at the 2016 CURO Symposium. She is active with the Guide Dog Foundation, Relay for Life, and the Wesley Foundation. Madison has been to Fort Myers, Florida, with UGA IMPACT and in 2015 used a scholarship from the Honors International Scholars Program to study abroad and volunteer in Peru. “I would not have been able to go to Peru without the funding,” she said. “I had so many unforgettable experiences and encounters there: surfing in the famous waters of Huanchaco Beach, hiking part of the Incan Trail, observing medical exams at a women’s prison, visiting Incan ruins, jumping from a waterfall, learning about Amazonian alternative medicine, befriending the many stray dogs, touring coffee and cocoa bean farms, and getting to know some awesome people from our university.”

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