CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

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Abstracts leftover? Why are these women not allowed to be and do what they want to do? I knew there must be more to this, and I was right. Shengnu is a new term, originating in the last decade. However, my research project argues that the concept is influenced by Confucianism, the oldest reigning philosophy, ideology, and belief system in China. Confucian ideals are in many ways the underlying thread of many aspects of present-day Chinese culture: politics, art, literature, humor, and film. The rhetoric regarding leftover women structures a society that puts women at fault. Their happiness is put on the back burner in the name of ancient Confucian “harmony” and the “stability” of the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Assaf Oshri, Child and Family Development, College of Family and Consumer Sciences Studies show that children with disabilities are at greater risk for maltreatment by their caregivers compared to children without disabilities. Therefore, it is essential to uncover risk and protective factors for maltreatment among children with disabilities in at-risk families. Evidence indicates that the level of social support caregivers receive can buffer against risk for child maltreatment. Despite the importance of caregiver social support, no research has empirically examined it as a buffer between child disability and maltreatment, measured by Child Protective Services (CPS) reports. Presently, we hypothesize that disability will be a predictor of four types of maltreatment (physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect) and that social support will serve as a protective factor. To examine this hypothesis, we will conduct a secondary data analysis using a longitudinal sample from the LONGSCAN dataset (N = 1,354). A multiple regression will be used to examine how disability at age 4 influences the number of CPS reports between ages 4 to 8. Perceived social support will be examined as a protective factor. Preliminary results demonstrate that when there is low social support, child disability predicts higher rates of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect compared to children without disabilities. Thus, higher levels of social support were found to buffer the link between disability and maltreatment. This research will inform policymakers, the medical community, and educators on the increased risk of children with disabilities to be victims of maltreatment and the importance of identification and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

Role of Bacterial Polysaccharides in Bacteriophage Invasion Alexandra Carlton, CURO Research Assistant Dr. Maor Bar-Peled, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Bacteriophages are viruses that specifically infect bacteria, relying on the host bacterial cell to reproduce and propagate. In order to use the replication mechanisms within the bacteria, the phage must first enter the cell by means of recognition factors. Glycans, sugars that can be linked to a variety of different molecules, play a significant role in cell-to-cell communication and recognition of outside material. The components of this specific phage-bacteria recognition remain unknown. The aim of this study is to identify the role of bacterial polysaccharides in phage invasion or avoidance. Multiple glycolytically-mutated strains of Bacillus cereus will be tested for susceptibility to bacteriophage infection in vitro in order to monitor differences in biofilm formation, flagella glycosylation, and other key processes. We expect to find that some mutants will alter successful bacteriophage invasion. Previous studies of glycoproteins have aided our understanding of the mechanism of infection by particular phage strains. We hope that by identifying the polysaccharides affected by the mutant strains, we will further our understanding of specific bacteriophage recognition.

The Insect Version of Oxytocin Influences Female Tolerance of Males in a Subsocial Beetle Annika Carter, CURO Research Assistant Dr. Allen J Moore, Genetics, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences The ability to express the correct behavior is essential for the survival of most organisms. One such important behavior is sociality — the motivation to be around or tolerance of conspecifics. The insect ortholog of mammalian

Child Disability and Maltreatment: Caregiver Support as a Protective Factor Savannah Carroll, CURO Research Assistant 66