CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 37

Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Poster # 271

Hirel B Patel, Ben Park, Kyler Herrington, Ghazal Motakef

Building the Genetic Tools to Make Methanococcus Maripaludis the Next-Generation Model Chassis for Biochemical Production

Poster # 272

Mallorie Lee Huff

Development of an Inducible Histone Methyltransferase System to Analyze Establishment of Repressed Chromatin Domains in Neurospora crassa

Poster # 273

Annika Carter

The Insect Version of Oxytocin Influences Female Tolerance of Males in a Subsocial Beetle

Poster # 274

Madeline Sparks

Morphological Attributes Underlying Feeding Ability in Burying Beetles

Poster # 275

Cord Helmken

Developing a Protocol for Large-Scale Toxicity Assays Using Flow Cytometry

Poster # 276

Lauren Dunavant

Reprogramming Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts via Induced Expression of Foxn1 and Foxg1 Transcription Factors to Generate Induced Thymic Epithelial Cells (iTECs)

Poster # 277

Cherien Z Abou-Harb

Life History Traits of Boechera stricta

Poster # 278

Kathryn McKibben

Climate Change and Gene Flow Rates in Boechera stricta

Poster # 279

Katelyn Chandler

Transcriptomic Investigation of Disease Tolerance in the Ochre Sea Star Pisaster ochraceus

Poster # 280

Kaley Ann Desher

Investigating Genes Implicated in Ciliogenesis Using CRISPR/Cas

Poster # 281

Sophie Alexandra Barton

Examination of Courtship Songs Across Drosophila subquinaria Populations

Poster # 282

Amy Nguyen

Evolution of Body Size in Drosophila Subquinaria

Poster # 283

Zehra Rahman

Investigations on the Distinct Isoforms of Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines

Poster # 284

Lauren Taylor Wassel

The Expression of the Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines in the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Line, HHC1806