CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 10

CURO Symposium Best Paper Awards Since 2001, CURO Symposium Best Paper Awards have recognized excellence in papers developed from work being presented at that year’s Symposium. Applicants may submit in one or more of the following categories: Arts, Humanities and Media; Business; Life Sciences; Physical and Environmental Sciences; Public and International Affairs; Social Sciences; and Technology, Engineering and Math. Each recipient is recognized at the Symposium’s Award and Keynote Session, and each award carries $100 in financial support. Winners for the 2017 CURO Symposium are listed below.

Arts, Humanities and Media: Anna Jewell Davidson

Privileged Perception: An Examination of Supersensory Insight in Vladimir Nabokov’s The Gift

Life Sciences: Atul Lodh

Investigating the Role of Cyanogenic Glycosides as a Potential Defense for Passiflora incarnata against Agraulis vanillae

Public and International Affairs: Hannah Catherine Turner

The Price We Pay: Analyzing the Over-Incarceration of LowLevel Juvenile Offenders in Georgia

Social Sciences: Paul DuPont Oshinski

Women’s Rights from 1985-2013: Using Gendered Theories to Explain Countries’ Development

Technology, Engineering and Math: Vineet Sundar Raman

Tablet-Based Data Collection for Leprosy Surveys