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As I write this, my black and blue pinky toe is “buddy taped” to the neighboring toe. A broken toe is one of the most common of all fractures, but the least consequential. But a fracture is a bad break in every sense of the word: · Artist William Mangum was cleaning the gutters of his new home when the ladder listed to the right and he landed on the deck, shattering bones in his shoulder and elbow. The injuries meant he could not resume painting for six months of recovery time. · With his mind on the good times he was about to enjoy, James Catlett climbed out of his car to join a family reunion in McCall, South Carolina. He lost his footing and fell hard onto the curbing. As searing pain tore through his hip, the senior already suspected the worst: a broken hip. They suffered in good company. Statistically, we accident-prone humans average two fractures in a lifetime.

Regenerative medicine The Cure for Bad Breaks: A Putty like None Other Fractures are the most common orthopedic emergency, affecting as many as seven million people annually. The direct costs of medical treatment for broken bones in the United States are estimated between $17-18 billion annually. Many fractures simply do not heal, regardless of conventional treatment. by Cynthia Adams photos by nancy Evelyn

Worst of all, in wartime, fractures often force amputation. What if an injection could resolve a break in days, rather than weeks? At UGA, studies with pigs and sheep will lead the way to a revolutionary change with regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine means restorative treatments that shave weeks or more off of traditional treatment. Two UGA alums, Jennifer Mumaw and Erin Jordan, are members of a multiuniversity research project in regenerative medicine, one of vast significance for fracture victims.


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