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“I’m making purpose out of things that seem purposeless." he liked for the visual effect he sought. Eventually, he found more material for a jacket and Wirt did the rest. kaolin as art

adam forrester

Awarded a grant by The Willson Center, Forrester is presently working on a documentary film about white dirt, or kaolin. Kaolin, or kaolinite, is a clay mineral. The white mineral is mined in various places around the world that are typically hot and moist. It is also eaten for health reasons, or even to repress hunger. The practice of eating kaolin is known as geophagy. In the United States, a small population of women, typically pregnant women, eat kaolin and call it white dirt, chalk or white clay. “It’s found here, on the ancient coastline. Kaolin is a substance that is used as a coating for paper to make it shiny. I found people who eat it here in Georgia." Forrester is working on the film this year. He has already, well, dug into it. He has worked in Los Angeles on films which sought funding via Kickstarter. com, which is self-described as a funding platform for creative projects. “I was a runner in LA—a production assistant—before coming to Grad School." In the course of producing his own work, he met Werner Herzog, a German filmmaker and director

Crayola-golden concrete into a bucket. Capturing the entire thing on film. With a wink, the alchemist in him might turn what might be a nightmare of failure into a Technicolor dream of artistic gold. n

who has been called one of the great figures of the New German Cinema. “He is looking for an aesthetic truth,” Forrester says admiringly. This is, obviously, his own quest. Forrester devised a bucket list when he first arrived in Athens. He shares some of the list. “For example, bury your failures in a bucket of concrete,” he says with a small, charming touch of irony. See the playful nihilism again? Without much stretch, it is easy to imagine Forrester driving a bright purple concrete mixer into the town square, then emerging from the cab in ermine robes before dispensing

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Summer 13 - UGAGS Magazine  

The Summer 13 edition of The University of Georgia Graduate School Magazine.

Summer 13 - UGAGS Magazine  

The Summer 13 edition of The University of Georgia Graduate School Magazine.