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The World of Wikis

A Wiki is… A website that lets anyone become a participant without any special tools or technical knowledge.  Always under revision.  A page that visitors can add or make changes to while on the web. All you need is an Internet connected computer.  A way for many to collaborate on one site. 

Wiki vs. Blog

Reasons to use Wikis 

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Students create their own knowledge structure helping them to make connections between new and previously learned information. They help students to develop synthesizing and evaluating skills. They are learner-focused meaning that students are actively engaged in their learning not just passive consumers. They use builds elaboration skills. They assist with learning the editing process, especially the revision process. They Help students take ownership of their work.

Wikis at School

Considerations when making a Wiki       

Visitors see a clean interface, free of clutter and ads. Navigation among pages is easily accessible. Visitors can easily access options to edit the Wiki page. Security elements are included, such as only allowing members you invite to change your Wiki. Be sure parents are informed and have signed permission forms. Be sure to cite any material taken from another source. Guide your students through the process of creating their username and password (if applicable) as well as how to edit the Wiki page prior to use.

How can I make my own Wiki? 

PB Wiki  

Wiki Spaces  

Wet Paint 

Real Wikis in the Classroom  

Information Sites http://  ngWiki/For%20Teachers%20New%20to %20Wikis.html 

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