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Available in the media center

Emerging Technology Document Camera (Elmo)

: Digital camera/camcorder

See objects or documents projected in a visual presenter.

Some ideas for use:

The document camera is connected to a computer and a data projector.

Teacher/student can use Photostory. ( to present lessons or reports – for still photos.

Students and teachers can display written/art work or actual objects to present lessons and reports.

Movie Maker (Programs> Accessories>Entertainment> Windows Movie Maker 2) - for video Come by the media center to see demonstration. Example: Students take photos of geometric shapes in the school. Put photos in Photostory or Movie Maker for a presentation of math standards in the Georgia Performance Standards.

For example, a teacher could show types of seeds for a science lesson about plants.

Free At (Language Arts

Professional Development

free site) – good uses for vocabulary, spelling, and other applications –

Enter words and these words appear in a pattern. The more times a word appears, the larger the word in the pattern appears (similar to example below). BOOKS




vocabulary language arts


Tech Tip Print Screen –to capture a still image of current computer screen Press Print Screen button on keyboard. This copies a still image of the current screen. This can be pasted directly into another project or into another program for editing.

Thank you for completing the Needs Assessment at the end of last year. The most common request was for help with Galileo research. For those who are interested in that topic, there will be small group classes at flexible times during pre-service days.


Movie Maker (Programs> Accessories>Entertainment> Windows Movie Maker 2) - for video Example: Students take photos of geometric sha...

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