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FLIP Cameras Available!

WORD 2007 is here! I Dig DIIGO

There are three FLIP cameras available for checkout from the Media Center! Reserve yours today for book reports or Social Studies presentations! The FLIP camera is easy to embed on your homework page for students and parents to share.

BLUETOOTH IS COMING! Many teachers use Powerpoint during class. With Bluetooth technology, you can advance slides without being wired to your computer. Just pop in the Bluetooth flash drive, grab the clicker, and you’re ready for your lesson. It’s also used with the Wireless Slates that are coming in January. Now you can have students demonstrate without leaving their desk! Ask me for more info.

MEDIA CENTER ACCESS Don’t forget – the Media Center is open over the summer. If you check out a book, be sure to leave me a note as to who checked out what. I will be in the Media Center sporadically.

May 2009 is a social bookmarking site much like Delicious. When you use Diigo, your bookmarks are available for any of your colleagues to peruse and use. You can just go to their Diigo site, check out their sources, and see what they have been using for class prep. Your sites are also shared with others. Sites are cataloged by “Tags” which you designate. A handy toolbar for notes and links is available, and you can easily add sites to your Diigo account with a convenient icon on the top ribbon. And best of all, its FREE!

Over the summer, all classroom computers have been upgraded to WORD 2007. Two classes are being offered to get you up to speed before the school year begins. They are August 6, 8:30 – 11:30 and August 12, 8:30 to 11:30 in the Writing Lab. This will be hands-on, with handouts for reference. No reservation needed, just show up! Snacks provided! Be the first on your block to rock WORD 2007! Be prepared to show off to your friends.

FLASH DRIVE FLASH When inserting a flash drive into a port, try to use the same port for that particular flash drive every time. That way, your computer will already “remember” the device and won’t have to think too much before utilizing it.


FLIP Cameras Available! I Dig DIIGO MEDIA CENTER ACCESS When inserting a flash drive into a port, try to use the same port for that particul...