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I don’t take the time to wheel my truck as often as I once did due to many, many changes of life that consume my available time. Drummond Island has become my one annual exception wherein I make the time to enjoy a small piece of what God created. After three weeks of rain, the weather could not have been anymore beautiful for this weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sunny and hot all weekend made for great days to be outside and enjoying what Drummond Island has to offer. Getting to Drummond Island is part of the adventure. It is a picturesque sight driving across the Mackinac Bridge connecting the Lower and Upper Peninsula’s, the currents of the Great Lakes can be seen below as you drive across the bridge, making for a spectacular view; to taking the ferry from DeTour village where you may get to see some of the people that will be joining you on the trails during the weekend. Drummond Island is a large island in Lake Huron off the eastern shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Island has many activities available for recreation of all types: hiking, boating, snowmobiles, ATV/ORV or even try freighter spotting. Densely wooded trails meander around more than 40 inland lakes and 150 miles of shoreline on the 87,000- acre paradise. The state

trails begin from the main east west road in the southeast part of the island and loop through the southeast part of the island to the beach area and return to the main east west road. The trails skirt Lake Huron, and are generally in heavily wooded areas and feature very little variation in elevation. The main obstacle is water, mud and rocks, and there is plenty of that! My words would not do justice to express the beauty of the trails and points of interest along the way with names like Fossil Ledges, Marblehead, Shale Beach, Cornbeef Junction, Southeast Beach and the many fond memories my family and I have of our years on the trails. If you have been to Drummond Island you cannot help but have a smile on your face, if you haven’t, come visit if you are looking for a pleasurable trail ride. If you want to test your skills as a driver, Turtle Ridge ORV Park is a must see in order to find out exactly what your vehicle is capable of conquering. Whether you have a passion for trails, fishing, kayaking, ice cream, great people, leaving the city life behind and a chance to see the northern lights or simply a campfire; put Drummond Island on your bucket list.

UFWDA Voice Sept 14  

The quarterly magazine of United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc., an international organization advocating for 4WD recreation.