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The “Hearts” of Good Jeepers By Jerry

In the several years of my involvement with organized Jeeping, I have noticed a thing or two about the people who participate in our preferred sport. If you want to know the kind of people who are willing to jump in and help with a project or task, 4-wheelers (Jeepers) are some of the best you can ask for. Want some examples?? Today, June 8, 2014, on a great Sunday to lay in bed and sleep-in, approximately 40 individuals from the Grand Mesa Jeep Club, Colorado Canyon Crawlers, OutKast Off Road, and others gathered together in the desert north of Grand Junction, Colorado to spend their morning picking up other peoples’ trash. Most of these people had just spent the last 4-days working to make a very enjoyable time for participants in “Rock Junction” and the “Off Road Show” sponsored by the Grand Mesa Jeep Club. The first Saturday of June each year, the Grand Mesa Jeep Club conducts the “Off Road Show” at the Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction, Colorado. This event draws people and vendors from all around the United States for a great day of celebrating the sport of “Jeeping”, “4-Wheeling”,


“Wheeling”, or whatever names you wish to endear it with. Vendors are given the opportunity to display their products and talk “shop” with the people who use those products. The people are invited to learn what’s new and better so they may modify or upgrade their rigs. It’s a win for everyone! Walking around a fairground in the hot sun can be very enjoyable… to a point. After a while, you begin to have some power failure… then it gets intense. The dedicated folks out in the desert had just endured such a day. Hot desert sun can really take the energy from your body. But for this bunch, that was only the day before! The three days prior, most were out on some of the premier easy, moderate, and/or extreme Jeep trails in America. Let me tell you, bouncing around in a 4x4 all day will definitely take some wear and tear on you. The Grand Mesa Jeep Club conducts “Rock Junction” the three days prior to the “Off Road

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