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The Silent Killer Well, here in the USA, it is winter time, as I am writing this. Rather cold. In fact, for about a week, it was really cold. Frozen water and sprinkler system pipes were the norm. Plenty of overtime for plumbers and pipe fitters. Plus, there has been a lot of areas with major snows. So, you are thinking, “Oh no!, not another lecture on sitting in your vehicle with snow against the tail pipe, so on and so on.

3.) You feel like you are wasting your time and no one is listening or reading your letters/emails. Sure, we lose battles and that is just the way it is. But, we also have won some dandy ones. Your calls and letters are NEVER A WASTE OF TIME. Okay, maybe nothing came of it on this one effort, but that letter will

Now, while certainly this is a problem and believe it or not, people will still die from that very thing. I am going to address the problem of another silent killer(s). IT IS US! We are the “silent killers.”

have a lasting impact. You in some way, have

The cause, APATHY! Now I am speaking in general terms, so for those of you few where this does not apply, continue drafting your letters to your Congressmen and land managers, attend those meetings and keep donating your resources to your club, association and United.


Plain and simple, apathy is literally killing four wheel drive. Now, what are the causes of apathy? Well, some folks are just lazy by nature. So, let’s not focus on them. Most of you are not lazy by any stretch of the imagination. So, what is the problem. Well, let’s look at the list of possibilities. Which one applies to you or maybe some friends? Again, this is not to say anyone is a “bad” person. But, I feel we all have gone soft in one form or another.

wand and things just go our way. As United,

made a difference.

Why should I do it.? Someone else

will take care of it. That is why I joined United. Ah…, you are the someone else. We all are. You are United. We all are United. United is not that magical organization that waves its magic

we are a force. The more of us there are, the stronger the force. Very simple.


I am not giving anything to United

anymore. They are not doing a thing FOR ME! Wow! That is an attitude that does more


Your work hours and demands at work

to close roads than any Sierra Club rally. So

have increased and you are just pooped out

many simply do not get it and in today’s world,

when you get to the ole homestead. This is one

it is even more apparent. Too many folks are

that hits home here.

used to having things given to them. Many whole heartily believe in socialism. To think


Your family demands have increased

and Lord knows, that should always be everyone’s #1 priority.

of how many of our fathers, grandfathers and forefathers died to keep that way of life away from us.

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