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35 YEARS AND RAISED ONE MILLION DOLLARS! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!! Words by Luana Schneider Photos by Brian Swearingen and Luana Schneider

35 YEARS AND RAISED ONE MILLION DOLLARS! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!! By Luana Schneider It was decided that this year we would return to the Minocqua/Arbor Vitae area for the Four Wheelin’ with Feelin’ for the March of Dimes On Road/On Trail Rally. With the very accommodating people we were able to work with, it made the initial planning a breeze. Also with us having the start of the event at the Arbor Vitae Community Center and Fireman’s Park we only needed to be on

pavement a short while before we were on trails in the beautiful Northern Highland—American Legion State Forest. A few weeks before the rally the route committee was in the area setting up a route and clues and had some really great weather and some new experiences. In one section as we came off the main highway there all of a sudden were four Eagles flying around and above us and not going real far. We got some great photos and then started looking around to see why they stayed around just to find the remains of a deer carcass just off the main trail. We also found a trail we had used in the past to be way too wet and it would have become impassable and so started to look for an alternate route around it. That evening we

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