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29 November 2012

Firefighters on Keelty review Minister Jack Dempsey cannot cope with his portfolio Queensland firefighters say that Minister Jack Dempsey cannot cope with his portfolio which currently covers community safety, emergency services, prisons and police. Firefighters are currently battling against government enterprise bargaining demands and will now be embroiled in a sweeping “review”, along with ambulance officers, prison officers and police. “Minister Dempsey has been missing in action from his Fire and Rescue portfolio’’ Firefighters Union Secretary , John Oliver said after the announcement that the Minister’s portfolio is under review by former Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Mick Keelty. “The portfolio is too large for one minister”. “Frontline firefighters have endured months of government demands through their new unfair bargaining policies and are apprehensive of more attacks through the Keelty review “. “One minute Glen Elmes is saying Jack Dempsey is responsible and the next minute Dempsey is blaming Elmes. The other day we even had some nameless representative from Elmes’ office making juvenile and gratuitous remarks in the press. Sadly, those indirect press quotes are the most communication we have had from either Dempsey or Elmes since the new government took office”. “Firefighters at least now have a glimmer of hope that a new maturity might emerge during the Keelty review where somebody half sensible actually agrees to speak with us” Mr Oliver said. ”Although we won’t hold our breath”. “I suppose it is expected from MP’s and their advisors, but our members are sick of Dempsey and Elmes playing politics with the fire service”. “Frontline firefighters are apprehensive that the review might simply be a front for some foregone conclusions about service cuts, but we hope we at last will have an avenue to voice our concerns”. “To date no one has asked for front line firefighters’ input” said Mr Oliver. “There are rumours circulating that the government intends to slash jobs, casualise the workforce and rely more heavily on volunteers, but for all I know that could be political agitation from the government, so I’ll wait and see”.

For Further Media Information Contact : John Oliver State Secretary United Firefighters Union - QLD PH: 07 3844 0366 MOBILE: 0403 047 071 Email: Authorised by John Oliver State Secretary United Firefighters Union of Australia Union of Employees Queensland

Firefighters on keelty review 29 november 2012

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