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INTRODUCTION It is known that the Lebanese Hezbollah (“Party of God”) collects donations in Germany. This money is channeled, either directly or indirectly, into the battle waged by the “Party of God” against its opponents. It has been suspected for some time that the Orphans Project Lebanon (Waisenkinderprojekt Libanon e.V.), based in Göttingen, is the German branch of a Hezbollah sub-organisation.

This paper, following a description of the structure and activities of Hezbollah, will demonstrate that the Orphans Project Lebanon is affiliated with the Lebanese Al-Shahid Association. The latter is part of the Hezbollah network and promotes suicide bombings in Lebanon, with a particular focus on children.

In Germany, financial donations to the Orphans Project Lebanon are tax deductible1 and are therefore subsidised by the German State.

4 Federal Minister of the Interior Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble declared in August 2006 that “Hezbollah [...] is not to collect donations (in Germany)”.2 So far, however, there have been no legal measures taken against this Hezbollah fundraising organisation in Germany, even though Hezbollah has among other things, carried out terrorist attacks on civilians, including in Europe. Moreover, the “Party of God” maintains a guerrilla army in Lebanon, rejects the Lebanese State's monopoly on legitimate use of force3 and seeks the destruction of Israel. Reports by Germany’s domestic intelligence agencies, the offices for the Protection of the Constitution, assert that, with its “violent strategy, Hezbollah contravenes the concept of international understanding”4 and has developed “networks with strike capability”5 in Germany.

There are also indications that Hezbollah recruits people in Germany through the Orphans Project Lebanon.6


Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany  
Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany  

Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany