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“The activities of the broadcasting company Al-Manar TV, which can be received in Germany, violate criminal law and oppose the concept of international understanding. In addition, the activities of ‘Al-Manar TV’ impair and jeopardise the peaceful cohabitation of Germans and aliens and of various groups of aliens within federal territory, public security and order and other significant interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. The objective and activities of Al-Manar TV support, advocate and encourage violence as a means of implementing political and religious interests and support organisations located outside federal territory that arrange, advocate and threaten attacks on persons or property”.51



It is clear that the Orphans Project Lebanon e.V. is part of the Lebanese Al-Shahid Association. The latter promotes violence and terror in the Middle East under the cover of humanitarian objectives, with donations collected in Germany and elsewhere. The association approves financial support for so-called “martyr families” in Lebanon, for the purpose of relieving potential Hezbollah militiamen and terrorists of the responsibility to provide for their families’ future. The Orphans Project Lebanon e.V. thus encourages the willingness to engage in military and terrorist activities. The association's parent organisation, the Lebanese Hezbollah, is therefore fighting its internal political opponents52 in Lebanon and Israel not just with military and terrorist means. It also supports the Palestinian HAMAS and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, both of which have been classified as terrorist organisations by the EU.

In its decision of December 2004 concerning the HAMAS fundraising organisation Al-Aqsa e.V., the Federal Administrative Court established the following principle:

“An association opposes the concept of international understanding within the meaning of VereinsG § 3 paragraph 1 sentence 1 in conjunction with Basic Law Art. 9 paragraph 2 if, by means of significant financial donations over a long period of time, it supports a group that introduces violence into peoples’ relations and if the resulting impairment of 18


Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany  
Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany  

Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany