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“…built up a structure in Germany in particular that covers almost the entire country. The ‘Hizb Allah’ supporters who live here conceal their activities.”

The report also states:

“A Lebanese Shiite sheik and imam had to leave Germany in November 2007 due to a decision of the Administrative Court of Freiburg of 29 October 2007... In the grounds for the judgment it was specified that, through his activities in Germany, he supported the Lebanese Shiite Islamist organisation ‘Hizb Allah’ and thus constitutes a danger to the interests of Germany.”25

Hezbollah's recruitment activities in Germany may be illustrated by the case of German convert Steven Smyrek. Smyrek, who was born in Westphalia in 1971, was recruited in Germany by Hezbollah in 1997. In late August 1997, Smyrek travelled to Lebanon, where he spent two months in a terrorist training camp learning how to use machine guns and explosives.

10 On 28 November 1997, Smyrek was arrested at the Tel Aviv airport. His luggage contained a camera and film, USD $4,000 and Israeli street maps. In August 1999, Smyrek was sentenced by a Tel Aviv court to ten years imprisonment for supporting a terrorist organisation. On 28 January 2004, he was freed during a major exchange of prisoners between Israel and Hezbollah.26

A further case of Hezbollah’s recruitment of Muslims in Germany came to light in mid-July 2008. A medical student from Göttingen was arrested in Israel on suspicion of spying for Hezbollah. Twenty-nine year old Khaled K., a Palestinian with an Israeli passport, had reportedly been meeting officials of the “Party of God” in Germany for years, also for the purpose of enlisting more students in Hezbollah activity.

According to the charges, K.’s contact person advised him to find a job in an Israeli hospital in Haifa where wounded Israeli soldiers are treated, in order to obtain confidential information. He also allegedly passed on information about Israeli security staff. K. was apparently paid €2,000 for his work. 10

Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany  
Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany  

Hezbollah’s Fundraising Organisation in Germany