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Letter from the President Dear SWEeties, Thank you for such a busy and fulfilling month! February was our shortest, but definitely not dullest month this year, with major events like the Mr. Engineer Pageant, E-fair, and EWeek Social during Engineer’s Week, not to mention new outreach and volunteer events like Habitat for Humanity, Project Makeover at Idylwild Elementary School, and Girl Scouts outreach. Amongst those events, we had a chance to interact with companies during the week of Career Showcase, and if you’re part of the Mentoring Program, to attend mini socials and further get to know your mentors or mentees. We have received positive feedback for many of these events and hope that next year you will join us again! You as our members are the reason we hold these events, and if you ever have questions or concerns about them, please feel free to let us know! Lastly, I would like to wish you all a great spring break, and best of luck with mid terms! Best wishes, Alina Ciornii

Mr. Engineer 2013 A new victor was crowned at the 3rd Annual Mr. Engineer Pageant on February 15. Second year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer Kyle Kreiter took home the top prize winning himself a brand new gaming system. There were 4 portions of the show: Engineer Wear, Talent, formal, and questions. Talents at the show included unicycling, poetry reading, dancing and the playing of various instruments. The event was hosted by SWE as a part of EWeek. Thanks to all our contestants and everyone that came out to watch!

EWeek Events:

In addition to the Mr. Engineer Pageant, SWE hosted a booth at the E-fair that taught the concept of vortex and hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic through tornado in a bottle and magic sand. Additionally, SWE participated in the EWeek social at :08.

Career Development:

The Corporate Dinner was the highlight of this month’s career development activities. Active SWE members had the chance to network and eat dinner with representatives from GE Appliances, Intel, Capital One, Kiewit, the CIA and more. Attendees also had the chance to win raffles for a UF Portfolio or an external hard drive. Additionally, a morning networking session was held with Accenture to give SWE members a chance to chat with recruiters.

Community Outreach

February was a huge month of community service for SWE. We helped out with Project Makeover at Idylwild Elementary School, volunteered for Alachua Habitat on their Santa Fe College build, and worked with Girl Scout Troop 395 showing them the fun of STEM. At Habitat, volunteers painted the entire interior of the home using rollers and by doing detail work by hand. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a pizza lunch and free t-shirts.

Some of the activities SWE performed with the Girl Scouts were Freddie the Fish, Lava Lamps, Pop Rockets, Ooblek, Lip Gloss, and making your own ice cream. The parents of Troop 395 said they really loved the Girl Scout Event and hope that it becomes an annual activity.

SWE Love You Day!

As a special Valentines Day treat SWE gave out candy and held a few contests on Thursday, February 14th in the SWE office as part of SWE Love You Day. Congrats to our winners Wesley Olson for the M&Ms with his guess of 851.51 and Monica Quimbayo for the hearts with her guess of 239!

Upcoming Events:

Ferbuary 27- Engineering Town Hall February 27- Mentoring Social: TGIF Dinner February 28- Virtual Info Session with IBM February 28- March 1- SWE Regional Conference March 10- Mentoring Social: Paynes Prairie March 14- Speed Mentoring Social March 19- Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day For more information on these and more events, please check the SWEekly Updates. UF Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Executive Board: President Alina Ciornii Vice President of Internal Affairs Kathleen Hencke Vice President of External Affairs Jen Bilsky Recording Secretary Jessica Poulsen Corresponding Secretary Laura Theobald Treasurer Caroline Wood

Newsletter February 2013  
Newsletter February 2013  

UF Society of Women Engineers Newsletter February 2013