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HAPPY NEW YEAR Many memorable events and missions occured over the past year, but the best is yet to come - our members will 'make it so'!


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HAPPY NEW YEAR The busy holiday season has ended and many are returning to the fun of their hobbies and pastimes so we should see more activity around the group. Over the holidays I have been looking over various projects and ideas to help enhance the Starfleet experience for all members of UF Starfleet which I will be sharing with you all as time goes on. We are starting our newest Task Force which looks quite exciting! I am working on a Task Force idea myself to submit to Operations for consideration. I have opened a job post on the forum, for those interested I will be adding more in the coming weeks as I set up what is needed for these positions.

LOOK FOR ME Season Two of Discovery is premiering soon I’m looking forward to it, they seem to have listened to the fans in a few instances. Pike was a legend we never got to learn too much about so I am really excited to see how they portray him, how will his legend be created now. There is also the Picard show and the new Animated series that I am anticipating, I grew up seeing the original Animated Series and can't wait to see what they are going to do with this one. Since a lot of people seem to want it, I am planning to be more active in the day to day of UFS and even in some RP. Keep an eye out for me and when I'm around come say hi! Keep on Trekin! Miles






Christmas at Astraios Colony's Annual Christmas Ball held Sunday December 16thÂ

UFS Astraios held its annual Christmas Dance stardate 181216 at the UFS Banquet Hall (decorated by FCapt Karl Quar) on Astraios Prime (3rd Rock Grid). (3RG) Civilian Shelenn Ayres performed exceptionally well as DJ! The event was well attended by Starfleet officers & civilians from both 3rd Rock and other Grids. Festive fun was had by all.

In Search of the Ancients On stardate 181028, the starship USS Argonaut left Astraios Prime for a nearby star system to confirm the existence of an ancient civilisation. An Away Team beamed down to the M class planet, it was desert-like & uninhabited. But a huge stone temple was soon discovered. Huge statues adorned its exterior & interior. A later exploration of another area led to the discovery of a pyramid & underground tomb with similiarities to the Egyptians on Earth. A second M class planet was then found within the same star system, similar in many ways to its twin. But the inhabitants of this planet had survived & progressed. The Away Team took great care when beaming down the surface so as not to cause alarm. However the locals seemed to accept the Starfleet officers as just another group of visitors. Vendors were keen to try & sell them goods in the bazaar. Outside the town, the Team found an archaeological dig taking place near some pyramids & a stone sphinx. On stardate 181125 as the USS Argonaut was preparing to return to Astraios, a vessel was detected leaving the star system. A Boarding Party discovered ancient Egyptian-like artifacts in the cargo hold & checks revealed that the captain of the freighter was wanted for dealing in stolen artifacts. He was placed in the Brig & the freighter taken in tow back towards Astraios.




Beaming into 2019 Greetings and a Happy New Year to all. I am back now from LOA so if you have any issues please feel free to contact me. As many of you know part of our Office work is to oversee Ships of the Line, monitor Monthly Status Reports from the Ships and Stations and hold meetings with all the COs. Thanksgiving week was the last time all met up. At that meeting it was noted that we, the JCs, are thankful for everything the COs, XOs and command staff do to assist in the running and preservation of UFS. There were no concerns from any of the COs attending but it was noted that the USS Veracruz just celebrated its 7th year as a ship of the line. SS Astraois reported holding their annual Sunday Remembrance Ceremony.They continue to hold 'Starfleet Boogie' every Tuesday as a social event to which everyone is invited. Our Office is also responsible for the Commissioning of any Ships and Stations. We are working towards the SS Peedy Thor becoming ready for Commissioning this new year. Our Office also oversees Personnel and Promotions & Awards. We have decided that Ship of the Line Requests (after a trial period of doing things differently) are going to to go back through the Database request forms again. A procedure was written up & formally submitted to all COs so that everyone is on the same page. Finally, as you probably know, there was no P&A ceremony in December due to the holidays, however the deadline for the December recommendations remained the 15th of the month. Promotions be announced in January but any submitted in December will have Time in Grade adjusted to be fair to these people.

"USS Veracruz just celebrated its seventh year as a UF Starfleet ship of the line."



UFS Marine Corps Semper fidelis The United Federation Starfleet Maine Corps is presently reviewing its manuals and procedures in order to create sustainable growth. UFSMC continues to revamp its policy and align further with UFS by reducing redundant and duplicated processes. BGen Jonathan Wilson recently joined us as the new COTRACOM. We will be looking at revising TRACOM and developing a new structure for our training modules. Stay tuned for more!

Major General Kressler Constantine


Chief of Starfleet Ops Greetings from the office of UFS Operations! As you are reading this, we are in the midst of our most recent task force, which we are naming "Interphase." While we tried to keep the topic of the plot secret up until this point, by the time this is published, you know that UFS is dealing with an invasion from the infamous ‘Mirror’ Universe. While UFS has dealt with incursions from this parallel universe before, these were on a much smaller scale. This time, we are experiencing a much larger threat, with several of our counterparts arriving to challenge UFS and all that we stand for. Can they be stopped? And if so, how? It will take the dedication of the entire fleet if we are to close the rift and return the two universes to their appropriate places.

and Now looking in from the outside, where those of us working behind the scenes in the UFS Operations office are creating the overall arc of the story, we want to thank all of you who are participating. Without all of you, adding your own individual flavor to the tale, it would be but a shadow of what it is and will be. Our last task force saw a record number of people taking part, and our strongest desire is to see those numbers to be ever increasing. Mirror Universe roleplays and stories are always popular, and we hope you have fun playing the alternate versions of your characters, and hopefully it will help you learn a little more about your prime universe character as well. As always, if you have a story idea for a possible task force, please let us know! We always look for ways encourage and support UFS members who enjoy stretching their creativity in ways that all of UFS can participate. If this interests you, please contact Commodore Nora Gerhadsen or Rear Admiral Kinney Randt.

RAdmiral Kinney Randt


Communications Greetings and welcome to a New Year. 2019 is the year of change. Whether this be personal change, a change of outlook and attitude or simply a change in how we present ourselves. Change is the one constant in the world and this is evident as always in UFS, and the Office of Communications is no different. To give you a brief outline on what the Office of Communications does you need only look on the Wiki ( title=Office_of_the_Chief_UF_Starfleet_Communications). In short our focus is to communicate all the happenings around the Fleet, our allies and around the Trek Worl. This includes but is not limited to: -The Delta Communicator -Events around UFS as a whole -Diplomatic Relations with other groups -Public Relations -Recruitment and Retention

Now each of these departments is determined to make UFS a better place, to communicate changes & news, and to attempt to communicate the members concerns through the Chain of Command.

Commodore Kermie Mistwallow Chief of UF Starfleet Communications


Chain of Command Everyone should be aware of this. There is a course in the Academy about it. Everyone should follow the Chain of Command because this is the most useful form of communication at your disposal. The Chain of Command is simple, always report to your CO/XO first, if they cannot solve your issue then you go to the next person in the chain depending on your issue. [This is usually the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff as they 'command' the CO’s.] At Academy your first point of contact in your Chain of Command should be your Squadron Mentor or ADP Advisor. By always going to your first point of contact you make them aware of the problem. Plus, they may be able to sort it out quicker than if you go directly to a Joint Chief or someone that may not be as well versed in the issue that is being raised.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY! That is the change that you will see in the immediate future, the change in communication, so if someone says to you 'Have you spoken to your CO?' or 'Have you followed the Chain of Command?' don’t be upset or uptight about it, they are simply trying to establish what actions have been taken already to solve your concern or query. If you don’t know who is in your Chain of Command then ask. Knowing is half the battle!

OPEN POSITIONS & THE UFS FORUM Part of Communication is knowing what positions are available if you wish to help out more (this can and will be looked at when it comes to Promotions) and our #1 source of information is the UF Starfleet Forum. Be sure to keep a check on it regularly as there may be changes that you missed, items that did not get sent out in a notice, or things that a metaverse 'dropped' from IM. The Forum is a hub of activity, from Mission Logs, Personal Logs, Graduations, Promotion Recipients to Fun Chat, games and feedback requests. This is a vital area of UFS and you are missing out if you are not checking it often! If you have a suggestion for Communications then let me know, my door is always open (even when it is closed) and I am always willing to discuss the future of UF Starfleet with any of its members.

LTmcdr Evelyn Rieko THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF INFINITE DIVERSITY IN INFINITE COMBINATIONS My definition of IDIC is that there can never be too much diversity, and never enough combinations to create diversity. It means the differences in people help to make the world and the universe a better place. It means not just tolerating that someone is different than you are, but accepting the differences and celebrating them. Diversity can help in many areas of everyday life. Diversity is a positive asset in many different ways, one way is in solving problems. The more diverse the group is working on a problem the more possibilities there will be for very different ideas and solutions.

"There can never be too much diversity." I believe the similar upbringing, culture and outlooks would not bring about many drastically different ideas, but if you bring both groups together to work on a problem, you will get more variety in the ideas and solutions.

The more solutions to explore, the greater the probability is to solve the problems.

I believe IDIC can also be a tool to work toward world peace. Leaders and representatives from different countries or worlds joining together, sharing ideas, working together, learning to understand each other and each other's needs will help toward world peace and peace throughout as much of the universe we encounter.

If the problem solving group was made up of only one species, of female humans all from the same area on earth, or a group of only male Klingons all growing up in the same culture and living in the same area, each group will have ideas and solutions, and would probably have a similar way of looking at life and others outside their group.

Also, I feel that IDIC is not only about different races/species working together, but also combining their DNA by dating, mating and creating different combinations of offspring. When I think of IDIC in this way it makes me think that it will be harder to discriminate and hold preconceived prejudices against each other.

An Academy Degree Program Essay Submission 12

'UNDERSTANDING MAY LEAD TO PEACE' In a world of IDIC, with most people understanding they are created from a combination of different races, there is a greater possibility there would be more acceptance of others even if the others are a different combination, because most people will be a combination of some sort. Of course there will always be people that will hate and discriminate no matter if there is a majority of combined race people. There are some people who are purest, and believe people should stay within there on ethnicity and own group and never venture out to friendships or even interactions with others outside their group, but that is very unrealistic and they limit and hurt themselves this way. They miss out on learning things from others that may benefit them, but they will never know. I believe there will always be people who dislike or even hate others because they are not the same as they are. I hope that part of the population decreases as time passes. Some people get pleasure out of excluding others and trying to hurt others, feeling important and special by trying to make others feel unimportant and unacceptable, however to quote Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent."


An example of IDIC making things better is an actress that is transgender, growing up male and now transformed into a female. This actress is very popular and she has made things better for others that are transgender by succeeding in her career and being herself. She is also showing others who do not understand what it is like to be transgender and never think about it as we go through our lives, to stop and think about it; to learn about it because of seeing this actress and other transgender people in the arts and sports. It helps others to accept the difference, and it helps that community to feel accepted in society. At the same time this is also an example of IDIC making things worse for some people, that find it difficult to accept the concept of a transgender person. Now, they see this actress and others like her, and hear discussions on talk shows and in the media about transgender people, but they can always reject the information and go on about their lives. I hope this attitude decreases as time passes also. In conclusion, IDIC can have a positive impact on the world as a great problem solving tool, as a way to work toward world peace, and to decrease racial, and cultural hatred and prejudice.

article Star Trek: Discovery is the sixth liveaction series of television’s most beloved, and enduring, cult franchise, and it is fun, oh my is it fun. One season into its story of an experimental spaceship in an interstellar war and already we’ve had Mutinies! Drunken sex! Space rhinos! Alien face surgery! Mushrooms! Captain Lucius Malfoy! And Michelle Yeoh turning up – twice, and in two guises – to smack the crap out of some bad guys! Oh, and to top it all off, the Enterprise showed up! Critics have nicknamed the series “Disco”, and it’s not hard to see why. So many lights; so many frantic steps. And with the ship under the present command of a talking, bald, bipedal horse (Saru), there’s more than a little disco aesthetic to the whole shebang. Where does the show fit into the larger Star Trek timeline? Prior to the season finale, that was still something longtime Star Trek fans like me were still trying to wrap their brains around. While this show started (more or less) in a recognisable version of the Star Trek timeline, recent events —specifically the near total destruction of the Federation at the hands of the Klingons, called into question the likelihood that this was the Prime universe. Is Discovery meant to take place in the Prime universe timeline or is something else going on here? Before I dive into the possible answers to that question, let's situate ourselves in Star Trek canon... Star Trek: Discovery takes place a decade before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise.



Straight out of the box Though it hasn't been officially confirmed, most fans have taken this to mean it takes place 10 years prior to the Enterprise's fiveyear mission to explore strange new worlds. This would place the events of the show around 2255. So, how does that fit into the Star Trek TV series timeline? Well, as we already established, it is 10 years before the events of The Original Series. It is set roughly 110 years before the events of The Next Generation, and roughly 100 years after the events of Enterprise. At the time of Discovery, the Federation of Planets is almost a century old and, while not as powerful as we see it at the time of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, it is still one of the dominant forces in the Alpha Quadrant. At this point, the Federation has four main power players: Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites. The other two major forces in the quadrant are the Klingons and the Romulans, though, as we know from the events of The Original Series' episode "Balance of Terror," no one in the Federation at this point knows what the Romulans actually look like, despite Earth having previously been at war with Romulans. The Federation has been locked in a decadeslong Cold War with the Klingon Empire. The escalation of that cold war into something else is the backdrop for much of Discovery's first season. The fact that the Federation and the Klingons went to war with each other more or less fits in with what we know of the history of their relationship. When Kirk and company run into Klingons in "The Trouble with Tribbles" in 2268, for example, their interactions are extremely tense. "There's been no formal declaration of hostilities against between our two respective governments, so, naturally, our relationship will be a peaceful one," the Klingon captain tells Kirk, though the two are obviously very suspicious of one another to the point that, when the Klingons first show up, the Enterprise is worried that they will open fire. The Klingons and Federation sorted out some of their drama in 2267 with the Treaty of Organia,

which involved shore leave rights and the doling out of some disputed planets inside the Neutral Zone, and later the Khitomer Accords in 2293, which consisted of two historic peace treaties between the two superpowers. While a Klingon-Federation war doesn't directly go against established canon, the extent to which the Klingons occupied Federation space and the number of casualties suffered as a result seem like the kind of thing characters in other Star Trek series would remark upon. (Though, this could explain why the technology in Discovery seems more advanced than the technology we see in TOS.) What about the spore drive? This is a big one that doesn't fit into canon. If the Federation had use of a spore drive, why wouldn't they use it? Well, there are plenty of reasons from where I'm sitting: They have a limited supply of spores. They need a pilot to operate it, a process which is often painful and dangerous. Furthermore, all of the jumping seemed to cause damage to the mycelial network of the multiverse (or something), endangering all life, which is... against Starfleet protocol. While some more canonically nitpicky viewers (no judgment, we all have our thing!) may find jumps of logic like the two mentioned above too much of a leap, I don't think Discovery has done anything that explicitly contradicts canon. If this is the story of the Federation solidifying their mission and limits amidst a time of war, then this show is right where it wants to be. Plus, that means we have a period of intense rebuilding and optimism to look forward to in subsequent seasons. If as the arrival of the U.S.S Enterprise in the season finale and the inclusion of the like of Captain Pike, No 1, and a very young Spock suggests, Discovery plans on catching up to the state of the Federation circa James T. Kirk in just a decade, it needs to get to work. But for me, they just really nailed it in the first season, and that has never happened in any ‘Star Trek’ in my opinion. Including The Next Generation, most of the ‘Star Treks’ needed that first season to figure out what they were. Discovery however came straight out of the box ready to go.

WHY I RELAY It fills me with pride that my team, UFS Team Metamorphosis, has so much support from around the grid…volunteers from members working on the team campsite every year to members running events through the season… everyone gathering and working hard to raise the funds to support the members who have cancer or who had cancer… or members who are caregivers to someone with cancer. We all have our journey story, including myself.

For those of you who don’t know, Relay for Life of Second Life is a big event that consists of several months of fundraising for cancer research. It is an event that was started in May of 1985 by Dr. Gordon “Gordy” Klatt. He was the first to walk and run a track for 24 hours to raise funds for the nations highest health concern… Cancer. His 24-hour grueling walk and run a marathon around the track started an event that’s lasted all this time. Today, there are thousands of teams all around the world who walk for Relay for Life in the real world. And in Second Life, there are over a hundred teams of people, as their avatars, who get together as a team and work hard through the season to raise funds for cancer research around the world. It amazes me every year how many people are involved and how everyone is from all over… people from England walking (like my brother, Kermie) to my sister who is in Arizona to people from my team who live in Germany and France and even Hong Kong and other areas…all getting together to walk the track for Cancer research.

I’ve talked about it on my blog before, but I’ve never vlogged about it. I hope that I don’t break down in tears in this part, but if I do, please forgive me. Even though it’s been ten years, I am still affected by it. My journey began in 1999 when I found nodules on my thyroid. I was gaining weight, no matter how much exercising I did. I had the symptoms of a thyroid disorder but I didn’t know what. At the time, I had no insurance so I was on the UMAP program in Utah, where we lived at the time. The doctor sent me to a specialist to have my thyroid nodules biopsied and an ultrasound performed. Of course, all she did was do an ultrasound. She didn’t do the actual biopsy. Her reason was there were suspicious hotspots indicating cancer but since I didn’t have insurance and was on public health assistance, they wanted to “cut costs” and put me on medicine instead to “control” the “issue.” I was put on thyroid medicine and the nodules shrunk and I started losing weight again and hair growing back, no dry skin anymore, etc. Fast forward to 2006, when the doctor in my old town said I didn’t need the medicine…she didn’t understand that the doctor with UMAP was controlling the nodules and cancer growth WITH medicine and she insisted that I didn’t need the medicine… about three months after she took me off the medicine, I started having problems breathing again…my nodules began to grow back enforce!

CAPT LIZZY GRACEMOUNT By the time she sent me to a specialist, she had insisted I was lazy and that’s why I was tired. She insisted I go on a diet, even though the diets didn’t cause any weight loss…by the end, she had tested me for diabetes and other issues, until she finally felt the biggest nodule and decided I was right after all and sent me to a specialist! My specialist found 11 nodules on my thyroid…two of which were cancerous…I was sent to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, where I ended up having two surgeries to remove my thyroid and six weeks later I had a radiation therapy. All of this took around a year to get help for after my nodules started growing back… 11 years in total from the 1999 ultrasound until diagnosis in 2007. I had Medullary and Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma. The lesson I learned is it’s my body. I know when something is feeling off with it. I may not know what is feeling off, but I know something is off. And when a doctor refuses to listen to you, then it’s time to move to another doctor who will think outside the box and figure it out. I had all these symptoms and my doctor told me I was being lazy when in reality, it was my body telling me something was wrong. I was lucky. My cancer didn’t kill me, but it does leave me susceptible for other forms of cancer like blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma from the radiation therapy in my future. It’s a higher risk than others have, not a for sure thing, but still, it’s always in the back of my mind in some way. This is why I relay every year. I relay for my family and friends who cared for me during my surgeries and afterward. I relay for my mom who supported me through it all. She took care of me after my surgery and still does to this day when I have to deal with after cancer medical issues. She is a rock, even though I sometimes become frustrated and upset, she still supports me. I relay for my RL brother. He stayed in the hospital with me and slept on the couch after my surgeries with my mom. He didn’t have to do that. He and I don’t always get along, but he stayed with me and that’s what a caregiver does…even if he didn’t put ointment on my neck for the scars, he still stayed with my mom and me after both of my surgeries and he also went with us to all the doctor’s visits prior and after while he was at home. I relay for all of my friends who are going through cancer now and their caregivers. I relay for cancer research. I relay for everyone to have more birthdays. I relay for those who passed from cancer on my team. I relay for those who are fighting cancer now on my team. This is why I relay.


SHY ABOUT RP? We can help! We offer 'RP for the Terrified & other sessions!


I've been in Cadet Ship RPs where

It can definitely feel intimidating

a cadet has a panic attack five

to take part in your first UFS

minutes into the mission. I get a

roleplay. Rest assured Squadron

sudden IM: 'I'm not ready, I think I

Mentors, Academy Staff, and

should leave.' We do our best to

Academy Command all work hard

support them in the scenario.

to provide what you need to enjoy

What's interesting is that same

yourself. Come along next time,

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of the session. Because when you participate in a cadet RP you aren't expected to know what to do! That's why the Captain and other experienced officers are there to help you.



Heading into 2019 at Warp 9.9... CHANGE IS GOOD. REALLY.

We have a cargo hold full of new ideas being developed in Academy as you read this. New classes being written, new interactive sessions being devised. Staff being trained. Cookies being baked. Commandant Rich Lombardia is cooking up a cool CSI style RP training session to add to our growing number of fun activities like sky jumping, pilot training, mission ridealongs, and more. 'Director of Fun' Evelyn Rieko has all kinds of cool plans for happenin' events. Watch the calendar!

Don't forget to check out our Academy Degree Program! I want to take this opportunity to thank the Academy staff who work so hard behind the scenes to keep things on track:Â Hal Jordan (Yeoman), Emerald Parkin (Chief Admin), Flip Thatcher (Dir Curriculum Dev, Clegayne (CurrDev Expert), Kem Vala (Dir of Academy Awards), Evelyn Rieko (Dir of Fun), Ginrai Yamabushi (Dir of 1st Impressions), Knightspet (ADP Yeoman); our ADP Advisors Knightspet, Evelyn, Ginrai; & our hardworking Squad Mentors: 3249Rowena, Vardasilver Spearsong, Kem, Evelyn. And Commandant Rich Lombardia!


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The Delta Communicator (Jan/Feb '19)  

The Delta Communicator is the official newsletter of United Federation Starfleet, and is published bi-monthly. All articles are the property...

The Delta Communicator (Jan/Feb '19)  

The Delta Communicator is the official newsletter of United Federation Starfleet, and is published bi-monthly. All articles are the property...