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05 Sept em ber - 2011

A Word from the Editor UFS is ever changing, always moving and always striving for the best that it can be. Members join in the search of that dream, to be the Starfleet Officer, to play on ships and stations and to have fun. Members leave with a heavy heart and members return

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remembering the feeling of family. We always welcome people with open arms and it is my hope that we can continue on our success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has taken their time and energy in writing for the DC and I hope that with Commodore Turner's vision the DC can grow and become bigger and better than ever. Kermie Mistwallow Signing Off Be Strong Be Proud Be Starfleet Editor - Kermie Mistwallow

Admirals Corner MAB History, Squadrons & Structure MAB Chain of Command & Responsibilities MAB Current Aircraft Type Change in Command


45 years ago, one man had a dream . . . a vision for the future that we all became witness to thanks to the wonders of television. That dream involved a great journey, a trek across space - and even sometimes time itself - which has sparked the imagination, provided hope for a better tomorrow, and inspired the mind with incredible adventures and voyages into a frontier that we have barely even explored but have long speculated about. That man was Gene Roddenberry, and his dream was Star Trek. It was 45 years ago, on September 8, 1966, that viewers were first treated to the adventures of the USS Enterprise as it explored the stars. We saw the intelligence of Spock, the cunning of Sulu, and the medical prowess of Dr. McCoy. We were treated to the gentle tones of Uhura’s voice, Checkov’s Russian accent, the miracle working Scotty, the stunning beauty of Nurse Chapel, and the romantic pursuits of James T. Kirk. The series was controversial when it first was aired, but it was enriched with themes that provided hope that some of the problems facing the world would be overcome in the future . . . issues like racism, discrimination, multi-race relationships, and (in more recent series) even same-sex relationships and diseases. Even today we can see those episodes that started it all, as well as the future series that were inspired by the original series . . . a franchise that we try to emulate within United Federation Starfleet, even today. Not only has it inspired us, given us hope, and driven our imagination, but it has created fans all around the world who are brought together through their common love, enjoyment, and interest in the series. Without the series, it’s very likely that none of us would have come together as the group we are today, much less made the friendships that we’ve made, our mourned the losses of good friends that have torn at our hearts. We have come far, but there is much, much more that we can do in order to further emulate the series that endears us all. Further strides can and will be made as an organization to not only improve in many ways, but also provide critical support to the areas within the UFS that need significant strengthening. But, as individuals we can all try to embrace the ideals that Star Trek has taught us. Duty, loyalty, friendship, volunteerism, integrity, honesty, sacrifice, tolerance, understanding, appreciation, gratitude, and a dedication to peace. Not only can we embrace these ideals, but we can try to live by them every single day, applying them both in real life, as well as our duties within Second Life. I personally would like to thank each and every single one of you for everything you do in order to continue living the dream of Star Trek, every single day, including all of your hard work, time, and dedication that you put in to make United Federation Starfleet successful. You are all unique in your own ways, and when you bring your individual talents and experience to the UFS, it helps us to grow even further as an organization.

I would also like to thank the hard work and efforts of Valerius Swansong, who recently retired after serving as our Chief of UF Starfleet Operations. His hard work helped to further our efforts with improving the overall quality of our roleplaying within the UFS. At the time of writing, we currently have the following positions open within Command: - Command Master Chief - Contact Captain Jadia Triellis - Director of PR/Marketing - Contact Commodore Zania Turner - Director of Events Management - Contact Commodore Zania Turner - Crew Chief of Warp Factor 10 - Contact Commodore Zania Turner - Fleet Strategist - Contact Captain Kermie Mistwallow If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a notecard expressing your interest, the reason why you’d make a good candidate for the position, your vision as to how to improve that area, as well as the ideas you’d like to implement within the position, to the indicated person as soon as possible. These positions may fill at any time, so if you are interested don’t delay! Remember, we are all here because of one reason . . . Star Trek. Let it continue to inspire you as we strive for a much better and brighter future together!


A Look at the infamous MAB of UF Starfleet Marine Corps. By Penney Lancaster The Marine Aerospace Branch is currently the largest branch in the UFS Marine Corps. It currently has 19 pilots on the roster. MAB was originally formed under the Starfighter Command banner until it was decided that the SFC would be better served as part of the UFS Marine Corp, which it merged with over a year ago. Within MAB are several divisions known as Air Wings. The 4th Air Wing which calls the SS Athena home is the Largest Air Wing in MAB and largest Wing in the Delta Quadrant. It is comprised of two Air Groups which then have squadrons in each. The 42nd Air Group currently has two fighter squadrons assigned to it known as the SF-135 Reapers and the SF-146 Star Wolves. These are the frontline offensive and defensive squadrons ready at a moment's notice to deploy wherever necessary to ensure the safety of all of UFS territory and citizens. The 43rd Air Group consists of two squadrons assigned to it known as the SF-238 Red Knights and the SF-256 Phoenixes. These squadrons primary mission is to defend UFS transports and shipping lanes, provide escort for requested dignitary missions, and to do routine patrol reconnaissance flights. The SF-105 Skull Squadron which is the oldest of the current squadrons, is made up of MAB Senior Staff which consists of the Flight Commander, the XO or Vice Flight Commander, and the 4th Air Wing Commander.


Marine Captain Penney 'Fireball' Lancaster is currently the Marine Flight Commander or Branch Commander of MAB. He is responsible for overseeing all flight operations throughout the UFS as well as the administration of MAB so that it runs like a well oiled machine. He has several commanders under his command he relies on to assist him.

Marine Captain Ryuu 'Tails' Florian is the 4th Air Wing Commander or Wing Commander for short. It is his job to make sure that all of the Air Groups within the Wing are working as a single fighting unit with each other, as well as to see that the flight operations within the Air Groups are being carried out properly.

1st. LT. Jenjen 'Pyro' Bailey is the 42nd Air Group Commander or CAG. She sees to the day to day training of all pilots in the 42nd Air Group as both CAG and as the Reapers Squadron CO. It is her job to ensure that all pilots stay at combat status readiness at all times. With her XO, Marine Captain Timothy 'Akuma' Larsson to assist her, she maintains mission planning and combat drills for the Reaper Squadron as well. Major Selina 'Revlon' Otsuka needs no introduction. She has a long standing career in both the UFS SFC and now MAB. Recently returning from an extended LOA, she was handpicked by the Flight Commander for The Star Wolves CO. With her guidance, The Wolves have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. She maintains mission planning and combat drills for her squadron. With her XO, Marine Captain Oka 'Fang' Hancroft, she keeps the Wolves fierce, focused and ready for any threat that may come their way. Major Katina 'Dolphin' Knotler is in command of the Phoenix Squadron. The Phoenix Squadron works in an operational atmosphere that is not as visible as the rest of the squadrons. They are tasked with the more delicate roles of defending, patrolling, and reconnaissance of the shipping lanes. This however plays a crucial role in maintaining peace in the lifeline of UFS economic trade system. The Major is responsible for mission planning and keeping her squadron up on various types of transport craft and cargo ships for quick identification.

MAB Current Aircraft Type MAB has several types of spacecraft at its disposal depending on mission requirements. The backbone and work horse of MAB is the Space Superiority Fighter known as the MK-II Valkryie. It however, is slated to be mothballed once its replacement the MK-III Valkryie (pictured below) comes online in the fall. Both fighters excel in not only space, but atmospheric flight and in the right hands, a very formidable craft to be reckoned with.

For ensuring that infantry troops and cargo make it to their destinations, MAB relies heavily on the Argo transport and drop ship (pictured below). Both models have small wings that can be deployed from its body for atmospheric flight. The drop ship model carries troops to the frontlines by either landing them on the surface or via orbital or HALO insertions by use of personal drop pods. It also has a Medical Centre in the rear that allows it to be a mobile medical bay which makes it a valuable asset to the Marines as well as the rest of the UFS Fleet. The transport model can carry troops, cargo, and small personal ground vehicles. The only downside to the ship is that it has to land on the surface to unload its cargo or personnel.

Newer craft such as the Hammerhead attack bomber (pictured below)are scheduled to come online in the late fall or first of the year.

CHANGE IN COMMAND As the article title suggests there has been a change in the Command Structure within the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff. Captain Kermie Mistwallow has taken the role of Chief of UF Starfleet Operations, upon his appointment he made the following statement. "For those of you that do not know me my name is Kermie Mistwallow. I have been a member of UFS for almost 3 years now taking on a variety of different positions, from Security Officer, Executive Office, Commandant of UFS Academy and Chief of UFS Comms. I have moved into the Chief of Operations position with a great vision. One the I hope will unite UFS, bring the RP's closer together and enhance UFS' general story arc. Of course I cannot do this alone. Each and every member is vital to the growth of UFS and its RP opportunities. I will be working closely with the CO's and BH's to assist them in bringing quality Roleplays for all to enjoy and have fun with. I do not intend to come in and take over RP's. As a rule I do not think that is effective, instead I will like to be more of a mentor to those that wish to have help. I have some pretty Huge shoes to fill, with both Captain Jadia Triellis and now retired Command Valerius Swansong. Both have held this position and both have put their mark on the role. I hope I can live up to their image and I look forward to working with all of UFS in the near future. If you have ideas for Roleplays, would like to offer your help or would simply like to have a chat you can find me in world, PM here on the forum, UFS' IRC channel or a simple Email - Captain Mistwallow's appointment left a gap in the Joint Chiefs so a replacement had to be found, Commodore Zania Tuner a long standing member of UFS has been appointed Chief of UF Starfleet Communications, this was her statement. "This weekend, Captain Mistwallow will release another edition of the Delta Communicator - his final version as Editor in Chief of this publication. I know that I look forward to reading this edition, and hope that you'll enjoy all of the articles within it! I have been named as his successor, as Chief of UF Starfleet Communications. I am very honoured to have been chosen for this position. The Office of UF Starfleet Communications is a challenging one, which serves as a very public face for the UFS - both internally as well as externally. From recruiting to PR/Marketing, from the radio and Delta Communicator to morale-boosting events, there's a LOT to do! I look forward to the challenge . . . challenges that we will be able to meet together, with your help! Although a lot of what we do within the office is volunteer based, there are several open positions for those who are wanting to step up and contribute to the UFS as a whole. Those positions include: * Director of PR & Marketing * Director of Events Management * Warp Factor 10 Crew Chief * Yeoman to the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications If you have any ideas, problems, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! I have an open door policy, and I'm always willing to spend some time to listen to what you have to say. If I'm at work or occupied with family matters, you can reach me by e-mail at, by Google Talk, AIM, on the UFS IRC. If you contact me via one of these ways, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Here's to a bright future for United Federation Starfleet - a future that we can all achieve, together!

Events Management is always looking for Volunteers to help out in areas of UFS. Whether it is Djing, Hosting Events, Organising Events or simply reaching out to the members to see what they wish to have.

United Federation Starfleet Events Managment

One Area we are especially looking for is In Character Events, if you would like to get involved in this with ideas, suggestions or even to offer your service, please contact Commodore Zania Turner

Special Thanks to Writers Admiral Mike Calhoun, Commodore Zania Turner, Captain Kermie Mistwallow & Marine Captain Penney Lancaster

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Delta Communicator Issue 5  

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