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Love is a broad spectrum. There is self-love, friend love, family love, romantic love and of course the love you feel for your pets. In college, love gets a little messy outside the lines of where it’s “supposed” to go. The general consensus is split between anti-love/anti-relationship and pro-love/ pro-relationship. What is it that you’re “supposed” to do during these years when it comes to love? Some believe that a relationship will hold you down, suck all the fun out of partying and provide distractions for schoolwork and other areas that are “more important’ right now. You could be thinking, why would I want to be tied down when there are plenty of fish in the sea? Or, there could be a past ugly relationship haunting your every move in the love game, making you cringe at every “You up?” text and forcing you to quickly sneak away when someone asks.

On the flip side, love can be a positive thing during college. It can bring you your person. It can give you someone to take home for winter break and spend weekend nights dancing with. The best part is sitting on the couch for endless hours eating take out with your person while both of your friends shame you for not going out. -Kaiya

“To love another person, you have to fall in love with yourself first. This is the type of love I want to see my peers engage with in 2018: Self love. When you enter into a relationship, you are not only giving yourself to that person, you are receiving all that they have to give to you. It’s a pretty fair trade if you’re down for it.” -Kaiya



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Throughout my almost three years of college, I’ve grown to know our friend, love. Some of us, when we come to college, arrive thinking we have it all figured out. We’ve already fallen in love and there’s nothing anyone can do to change your mind. Then all of the sudden, you’re 3 months into college and your long distance relationship doesn’t work out, your boyfriend that you followed to college decided he’s not about that relationship life anymore, or maybe you ended up being the heart breaker and ruthlessly said “boy bye.” There’s also some of us that come to college saying, F*** love, I’m cool off you and all your corny, sappy, boo’d up BS. I’m going to do me and do me alone the next four years of my life. All of the sudden, BAM. Cupid hit you with one of his arrows and you’ve now done everything you said you were never going to do while at college..fall in love. Romantically, love in college is wild. It’s a little bit like the roller coaster shaped like Mickey Mouse at California Adventure park. You wait in line for a really long time and when you finally get on, you’re really nervous because you’ve heard all about this roller coaster before. Then, the roller coaster takes off without you even being ready. You go up and down, around and around, You get your picture taken, more than likely not the best picture in the world. You ride the rest of the ride, get off, and realize you’re totally okay. It wasn’t as scary as you thought. The wait was worth it. You’ve found ways to deal with the ups and downs. You’re not scared or nervous anymore, and if you are, it’s the good, butterfly kind. You’ll be ready for when your picture is taken next time and you now have someone that’s riding with you. Maybe even for you. Real talk though; Love in college can be hard. You’re going through a transition period in your life of becoming an “adult” and having the chance to experience love in the adult world is very different compared to being in high school. There’s a lot of different forms of distraction, you’re trying to balance a multitude of different pulls on your life, and truly you’re still figuring yourself out. What you may want and what you may not want.

Love in college can be who aren’t ready to be may experience a heart break someone’s heart,

painful. Sometimes in college you meet people loved. Maybe you’re not ready to be loved. You break, or breaks. You may experience having to or hearts.

But more than anything, I think love in college is beautiful. Love or pain, the process of love is incredible. If you let love work you, it’s going to push you to learn what it means to put someone other than yourself first. It’s going to teach you how to soften your heart and open it to someone else. It’s going to teach you that when it is masked as breaking you, it is just testing you and building your strength. It is going to give you skills that not only are used in relationships, but also in real life. Patience, communication, loyalty, compassion, independence, understanding, forgiveness. And here’s the secret about love: you don’t find love, love finds you. So no matter how much you say no to love, it’s still going to come around and catch you right when you’re not expecting it. And that is, in my opinion, the true beauty behind love. The magic about love. If you’ve found love in college, congratulations and cherish that. Be true, be you, make it fun, make it purposeful, push yourself, let love work you, practice balance and moderation, do love with meaning. If you think love hasn’t found you yet, I’m here to tell you; Oh but honey, it has. Did you know that 50.2 percent of America’s population that are ages 16 and older are in fact SINGLE? But love in college is not only found in romantic relationships. Fall in love with your friendships, fall in love with your life, fall in love with yourself. If you think you aren’t in a relationship, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong. You’re most important and everlasting relationship is found with yourself.You are your most important relationship and to have self-love is everything. I’m definitely no love expert, but love is personally one of my favorite verbs. Love conquers all.

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