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UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE GOIÁS (UFG) The Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) is a federal public institution of higher education created in 1960. Currently, it has over 32,000 students distributed in eight campuses all over Goiás: Aparecida de Goiânia (1), Catalão (2), Goiânia (2), Goiás (1) and Jataí (2). The UFG has its headquarters at Samambaia Campus , in Goiânia, the capital of the State of Goiás. The capital is strategically located in Brazil’s Midwest, approximately 126 miles (200 kilometers) from Brasília, Brazil’s capital. The wide range of undergraduate (145) and graduate (69 Master’s and 38 Doctorate) programs, associated with their quality, led the UFG to consolidate itself as a respected research institution and a large producer of scientific knowledge. Its extension and culture projects are incorporated with teaching and research, establishing a partnership between Academia and society.

UFG in Goiás, Brazil

CAMPUSES 1) UFG at Goiânia Colemar Natal e Silva Campus Samambaia Campus Aparecida de Goiânia Campus 2) UFG at Catalão Catalão Campus I Catalão Campus II 3) UFG at Jataí Riachuelo Campus Jatobá Campus 4) UFG at Goiás Goiás Campus

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.Samambaia Campus is the largest UFG campus, located in Goiânia. .Goiânia has approximately 1,40 million inhabitants, and its strategic location makes it a reference point for industry and services. .Originally driven by cattle-raising and agriculture, the city’s economy is now based mainly on commerce, services, and industrial production – particularly food, clothing, furniture and pharmaceutical products.

CATALÃO .Catalão has one of the strongest economies in the State of Goiás, being one of the best in the industrial, farming, commercial, vehicle assembler and mineral extraction sectors. .The city’s culture and traditions are nationally recognized, particularly the Congada, an Afro-Brazilian religious popular celebration. .The city is well-served by hospitals, schools, universities, transportation and telecommunications. .Over 100,000 inhabitants.

Wikipedia assembler of Mitsubishi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catal%C3%A3o#/media/File:Montadora_Mitsubishi.jpg

JATAĂ? .JataĂ­ is a major producer of agricultural goods, including soybeans, corn and sugarcane. It has the largest herd of cattle in the state and is a large producer of poultry and swine. .It has modern sugarcane ethanol plants and agro-industrial conglomerates. .Its thermal waters and natural beauties attract visitors. .Over 95,000 inhabitants.

GOIĂ S . Ancient capital of the State of GoiĂĄs. . Recognized as a Cultural and Historical Site by the UNESCO, in 2001. . A city with characteristics from the colonial period: urban landscape marked by the architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries, and diverse cultural knowledge. . The landscape around it reveals the originality and diversity of the cerrado, having the Serra Dourada as one of the city's postcards. .Over 24,000 inhabitants.

UFG in numbers

• 145 undergraduate programs • 28,000 undergraduate students • 2,500 teaching staff • 2,400 administrative staff • 75 graduate programs including: - 38 Doctorate courses - 69 Master’s courses • 4,000 graduate students

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Agricultural Sciences Agronomy – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí Food Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Forest Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí Veterinary Medicine – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí Zootechny – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí Applied Social Sciences Management – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão / Goiás Architecture and Urbanism – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Goiás

Library Science – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Accounting Sciences – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Economic Sciences– Bachelor Degree Goiânia Social Communication: Journalism – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Social Communication: Advertising and Marketing – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Social Communication: Public Relations – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Interior Design – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Graphic Design – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Law – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí / Goiás Information Management – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Museology – Bachelor Degree Goiânia International Relations – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Social Work - Bachelor Degree Goiás Biological Sciences Biomedicine – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí Biological Sciences – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Biological Sciences – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Ecology and Environmental Analysis– Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Engineering Environmental and Sanitary Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Civil Engineering– Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão Computer Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Mining Engineering – Bachelor Degree Catalão Production Engineering – Bachelor Degree Aparecida de Goiânia / Catalão Transport Engineering – Bachelor Degree Aparecida de Goiânia Electrical Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Physics Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Mechanical Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Chemical Engineering – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Exact and Earth Sciences Environmental Sciences – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Computer Science – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Software Engineering– Bachelor Degree Goiânia Statistics – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Physics – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Industrial Mathematics – Bachelor Degree Catalão Chemistry – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Chemistry – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Information Systems – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Physics – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí

Health Sciences Biotecnology – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Medical Physics – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Nursing – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí

Geology – Bachelor Degree Aparecida de Goiânia

Pharmacy– Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Mathematics – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Physiotherapy – Bachelor Degree Jataí

Mathematics – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí

Medicine – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí

Nutrition – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Geography – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí

Dentistry – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Geography – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí

Humanities Social Sciences - Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão

History – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Catalão

Social Sciences - Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão Social Sciences: Public Policy - Bachelor Degree Goiânia Physical Education - Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Jataí Physical Education - Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí

History – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Pedagogy – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Psycology – Bachelor Degree Jataí Psycology - Bachelor Degree / Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão

Intercultural Education - Teacher Training Goiânia

Letters, Linguistics and Arts Theater – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Education (Educação no Campo) - Teacher Training Catalão / Goiás

Theater – Teacher Training Goiânia

Philosophy – Bachelor Degree Goiânia / Goiás

Visual Arts – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Philosophy – Teacher Training Goiânia / Goiás

Visual Arts – Teacher Training Goiânia

Dance – Teacher Training Goiânia Art Direction – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Modern Languages: Spain– Teacher Training Goiânia Modern Languages: French – Teacher Training Goiânia Modern Languages: English – Teacher Training Goiânia / Jataí Modern Languages: Portuguese – Teacher Training Goiânia / Catalão / Jataí Modern Languages – Portuguese/English – Teacher Training Catalão

Letters: Translation and Interpretation in Brazilian Sing Language (libras)/ Portuguese – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Music: Singing – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Music: Composition – Bachelor Degree Goiânia Music: Musical Education – Teacher Training Goiânia Music: Singing Teaching – Teacher Training Goiânia Music: Musical Instrument Teaching – Teacher Training Goiânia Music: Musical Instrument – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Letters: Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) – Teacher Training Goiânia

Music: Conducting– Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Linguistics – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Music Therapy – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Litterary Studies – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

Fashion Design – Bachelor Degree Goiânia

GRADUATE PROGRAMS Agricultural Sciences Agronomy (M & D) Agronomy (M, JataĂ­) Animal Science (M & D) Food Science and Technology (M & D) Genetics and Plant Breeding (M & D) Zootechny (M & D) Animal Bioscience (M, JataĂ­)

Biological Sciences Plant Biodiversity (M) Animal Biodiversity (M) Biological Sciences (M & D) Biology of the Parasite and Host Relationship (M & D) Ecology and Evolution (M & D) Genetics and Molecular Biology (M & D)

Health Sciences Health Sciences (M & D) Pharmaceutical Sciences (M & D) Nursing (M & D) Public Health and Tropical Medicine (M & D) Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (D) Health and Nutrition (M) Dentistry (M & D) General Health (M) Sciences applied to Health (M, JataĂ­) Pharmaceutical Innovation (D) Health Assistance and Evaluation (M)


Exact Sciences

Civil Engineering: Geothecnique and Civil Construction (M) Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (M) Computer and Electrical Engineering (M & D) Chemistry Engineering (M)

Computer Sciences (M) Computer Sciences (D) Physics (M & D) Mathematics (M & D) Mathematics (M, Jataí, Catalão) Chemistry (M & D) Chemistry (M, Catalão) Chemistry (D, Catalão) Modeling and Optimization (M, Catalão)

Humanities Social Anthropology (M & D) Education (M, Catalão) Education (M, Jataí) Education (M & D) Health Education (M) Philosophy (M & D) Geography (M, Catalão) Geography (M & D, Jataí) Geography (M & D) History (M & D) History (M, Catalão) Sociology (M & D) Political Science (M) Teaching in Basic Education (M) Teaching in Physics (M, Catalão) Psychology (M) Physical Education (M)

Letters, Linguistics and Arts Visual Arts and Culture (M & D) Studies of the Languages (M, Catalão) Linguistics and Literature (M & D) Music (M)

Applied Social Sciences Communication (M) Agrarian Law (M) Law: Public Policies (M) Management (M) Architecture: Project and City (M) Organizational Management (M, CatalĂŁo) Public Administration (M) Accounting sciences (M) Economy (M)

Multidisciplinary Programs Environmental Sciences (M & D) Mathematics and Science Education (M & D) Cultural Performances (M & D) Biotechnology and biodiversity (D) Physiological sciences (M & D) Technological and Exact Sciences (D, CatalĂŁo) Humanitarian Law (M) Agribusiness (M & D)

RESEARCH - ENTREPRENEURSHIP - INNOVATION 1,880 faculty members own a PhD 2,000 research projects in progress 472 research groups registered with the CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) Business Incubators Program Junior Company Program Center for Entrepreneurship and regular offer of entrepreneurship courses Technology Park



Regional Center for Technological Development and Innovation (First building of the UFG Technology Park)

Multi-institutional and multi-user research support unit High-tech center for academic research and for private companies and industries The UFG contributes to the development of the region where it is located.

LIBRARIES Integrated System of Libraries (Sibi/UFG) composed by 9 units, distributed in the UFG campuses through a single database (software SophiA) 43,000 active users 55,000 lendings/month 575,000 printed itens and 10,749 itens in e-books collection UFG Journal Portal (28 eletronic journals published by UFG)

POLICIES TO SUPPORT UNIVERSITY EDUCATION Institutional Programs for Iniciation in Technological Development and Innovation (PIBITI and PIVITI) Institutional Programs for Scientific Iniciation (PIBIC and PIVIC) Educational Tutoring Program (PET) Institutional Program for Iniciation to Teaching (PIBID) Program for Research in Teaching (PROLICEN) Extension and Culture Programs (PROBEC and PROVEC) Merit scholarship Program (PEC G) Milton Santos Project for Access to Higher Education (PROMISAES) Financial aid for university restaurants meals Free accommodation at the university dormitories for students in socio-economic vulnerability conditions Financial aid for students in socio-economic vulnerability conditions, and for indigenous and quilombola students Financial aid for pedagogical support to students with disabilities



With capacity for 154 people, it offers daily sessions, at noon and at 18h, to viabilize the participation of the university community. It favors movies that are outside the commercial circuit.


Created with the goal of democratizing graduation ceremonies at the UFG. This is a multi-use space for hosting several scientific, cultural, and administrative events.


Inaugurated in 2010, the Cultural Center UFG built an identity within the context of contemporary tendencies in visual arts, theater, dance and music, in the city of Goiânia.

SPORTS FACILITIES The College of Physical Education and Dance in Goiânia has an area of approximately 100,000 m² including, among others, one official football field with grass, five outdoors sports courts, one indoor sports court, one olympic pool, one children's pool, one official running track, one gymansium for gymnastics and wrestling. It develops a program aiming to reduce the distance between university and society through offering opportunities for swimming, volleyball, dancing, wrestling, gymnastics, yoga and others. In Catalão and Jataí, opportunities for sports practices are also offered through the activities organized by the Physical Education faculty members. The Samambaia Sports Center in Goiânia is a space for university community integration. It has a fitness center and a multi-sport court (basketball, handball, volleyball and indoor soccer).

COMMUNICATION Journalism Public Relations Institutional Publicity University Radio UFG TV

INTERNATIONAL .Around 100 bilateral agreements, including double degree and cotutelle. .Development of joint researches. .Incoming undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, visiting professors. .Outgoing undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and staff mobility. .International Programs and Networks: Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+, CAPES/BRAFITEC, Brazil/Colombia (BRACOL), Brazil/Mexico (BRAMEX), Santander Universities, Paulo Freire/OEI, MARCA/MERCOSUL, CAPES/COFECUB, Linnaeus Palme, Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo (AUGM), Grupo Tordesillas, Associação de Universidades de Língua Portuguesa (AULP). .Foreign languages: Lectorados Español MAEC-AECID; Lecteur de Français Ambassade de France/Ministère de l'Éducation brésilien; Fulbright English Teaching Assistant; Languages without Borders Program; Center for Languages Studies. Offer of Portuguese as a foreign language.



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Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG)  

The Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) is a federal public institution of higher education created in 1960. Currently, it has over 32,000...

Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG)  

The Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) is a federal public institution of higher education created in 1960. Currently, it has over 32,000...

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