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More Gas Customers Hook Up Gas has been flowing through UFC’s 36-mile pipeline loop, which services Lafayette and Courtland, for seven months now. We estimate the total number of potential customers in these two incorporated communities and along the length of the pipeline at 700, and to date we have set meters for 60 percent of this number.

Dozers used to pull sixinch gas pipe underground.

By Darv Turbes, Vice President of Energy


n March we’ll begin notifying the remaining unserved individuals and businesses along the pipeline route of their opportunity to connect. We’re looking forward to a very active and early construction season, running gas line to new customers and installing meters. We’re working down a list of people who may want to hook up to United Natural Gas, but if you would like to contact us first, call 507-647-6602.

have switched over to natural gas and been delighted with the services. We’re excited about the opportunity this summer to bring natural gas to the asphalt plant between Courtland and New Ulm. If you know of someone who would benefit from United Natural Gas, please feel free to call us at 507-647-6602.

Easier payment

Changing circumstances Besides the individuals on our list, there may be opportunities along the existing line that we do not know about. For instance, a business or farmer may have had a change such as purchasing and installing a new corn dryer or putting up a new shop or hog barn. Any of those circumstances may signal a change in their willingness to hook up to our system. We’ve already talked with businesses and schools that Worker guides six-inch natural gas pipe as it is pulled underground in the road right-of-way.

Something that has become very helpful for our natural gas customers is our secure pay plan, where we balance out their payments throughout the year. Almost 15 percent of our natural gas customers participate in the secure pay program. Instead of paying for gas in the month it is used, the customer’s payments are spread over 10 months and the over or under payment is adjusted in the 10th month. That way, all payments are equal through the heating season and into the middle of the summer. Call the UFC Energy Division at 507-647-6602 if you are interested in setting up a secure payment plan.

Expansion on the horizon We are always looking for opportunities to expand the current natural gas distribution system. That’s because adding customers lowers fixed expenses and keeps the cost of gas more competitive for all. As we move into summer, United Natural Gas is planning an expansion of its current 36-mile loop. We’ll announce this expansion in the next edition of Fieldviews. ●


2017 UFC Fieldviews - Issue 09 Spring  

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