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UFC Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer President/CEO Jeff Nielsen has announced the appointment of Mitch Altermatt to the positon of Chief Operating Officer with United Farmers Cooperative, effective Feb. 1.


he past year and a half has been a time of transition in some key leadership roles. Our previous COO, Roger Price, left 18 months ago to pursue a great career opportunity. More recently, Joel Dahlgren, our Chief Risk Officer, left. Greg Peton took on additional COO duties, and Jay Walterman, served as a project manager for the Brownton fertilizer project. Jay has announced his intention to retire this summer. “These vacancies gave us the opportunity to combine many responsibilities into one position that will assist in overseeing the diverse operations of our UFC family of businesses,” Jeff stated. “Mitch is a great communicator with tremendous coaching and leadership skills, and technical competencies in trading,” declared Jeff. “He grew up on a farm and is still actively engaged in a family farm partnership. “He has gained experience as the CEO of a smaller cooperative, and his new role as a COO of a larger cooperative is a good fit,” added Jeff. “Mitch’s primary role will be to provide guidance and oversite on major projects as well as overseeing UFC’s 34 locations across 19 communities,” stated our general manager. In making these remarks, Jeff expressed his thanks to Greg Peton for helping to fill the role of COO in recent months. “With this appointment,” he said, “Greg will be able to return to his primary responsibility as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing the sales and marketing efforts of the entire company.”

across CHS’ trade territory, assisting them with risk management, forecasting and forward contracts. In the fall of 2014, Mitch accepted a job as CEO of Central Lakes Cooperative in Atwater, where he has served for two and a half years. Over that time, he helped put together a merger between Central Lakes and Consumers Cooperative of Litchfield, which took effect on Jan. 2. ”My focus as COO is to provide my staff with leadership and resources that are necessary to be successful in today’s environment. I’m known for building relationships, being a hard worker and very straight forward and transparent.” He adds, “I believe that we can accomplish anything if we work together.” Mitch and his wife, Megan, have two children: a daughter, Jayde (6), and a son, Cael (2). They are expecting their third child in June. The family currently resides in Spicer, and plans to relocate. ●

Mitch Altermatt, his wife Megan, their daughter Jayde and their son Cael.

Meet Mitch Mitch grew up on a family row crop and beef farm near Wabasso, where he continues to stay active in the farm operation with his two brothers, dad and uncle. After graduating from high school, Mitch attended Southwest Minnesota State University, earning his degree in business management. Even before graduating high school, Mitch got his start in the cooperative industry with Meadowland Cooperative based in Lamberton, where he performed various duties throughout the seasons. During his college tenure, Mitch had the opportunity to work for Monsanto® on several projects, gaining experience in the seed and chemical industry. After graduating from SMSU, CHS recruited Mitch to work for the company’s Country Operations division and Mitch moved his family to Inver Grove Heights. Over the next two years, Mitch worked in accounting and safety. He was then an account manager for the company’s Cenex® energy division. In this position, he managed wholesale refined fuels for a number of local cooperatives


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