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Ready to Spring Into Action


elcome to the spring 2017 edition of Fieldviews. As rural Minnesotans involved in agriculture, we always look forward to spring. It’s the promise of another opportunity to start new and watch our crops and gardens grow. It’s one of the pure pleasures of doing what we do. Of course, the promise of more sunlight and no more subzero temperatures doesn’t hurt either. This spring, UFC is even more excited than usual. We eagerly anticipate our first spring of operation with the new Brownton Ag Service Center and all the efficiencies and capabilities it can bring to you, our member-owners. Nearly 10 years of planning, developing and change have resulted in an agronomy delivery system that will not just serve you well today, but is intentionally designed to serve you well and grow with you for decades to come. It has been a journey involving everyone from your board of directors to the front line men and women who will operate the plant. Difficult decisions needed to be made, partnerships needed to be developed and cash flows needed to be studied to get us to where we are today. These decisions involved everything from closing old plants to constructing the new Hamburg Ag Service Center. It started with our Winthrop Agronomy Hub and is culminating with Brownton. Today we hope you can feel proud of what you own. With these new facilities, we have the ability to serve you for generations to come.

We can’t wait for you to visit this newest addition to your cooperative. We are planning a big open house so you can see for yourself how the Brownton plant will serve you well into the future. Read more about the open house on April 5 on page 12. Of course, none of this is possible without the collaboration and cooperation of all of us working together. Thanks for your support. We look forward to visiting with you at the open house. ●

Enthusiastically, Jeff Nielsen, President/CEO Our Brownton Agonomy Hub

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2017 UFC Fieldviews - Issue 09 Spring  

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