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By Greg Peton, Chief Marketing Officer From the moment we wake up, our senses are bombarded with a variety of media. These messages strive for us to favor a brand as our preference, and ultimately purchase products as a result of brand recognition and loyalty. Most of us do not pause to think about the brands we use on a regular basis, as they have become part of our daily routine. The brand you choose becomes a subconscious decision based upon a sense of security in buying a product from a company you trust. Think about a normal day. Your iPhone® triggers you to wake up. You hop out of bed and into the shower. You use Head & Shoulders® shampoo, scrub with Irish Spring® soap and dry off with The Fabric of Our Lives® cotton towel. The Crest® toothpaste tingles as you brush your teeth. You gargle with Listerine® to complete the clean. The Schick Hydro® razor provides you with the ultimate shaving experience followed by a couple splashes of Old Spice® to awaken your senses. You throw on a Jockey® T-shirt and pair of briefs, Carhartt® jeans, a Duluth Trading Company® flannel shirt and Smartwool® socks. As you lace up your Red Wing boots, you smell the Folgers® coffee brewing. The day is only 20 minutes old and you have interacted with dozens of brands without a second thought. If you were challenged to try a different, unfamiliar product, I am confident you would be reluctant due to the trust you have developed with your preferred product. You know what you are going to get and it will be a consistent experience that doesn’t surprise you.

Living the UFC Brand is more than a catch phrase. The UFC logo in the title of this article is merely a visual trigger point to help you recognize the company you are dealing with. You will see and recognize that logo in virtually every interaction you have with UFC. Location signage, delivery trucks, buildings, pickup trucks, application equipment, advertising, social media, website, clothing and numerous other applications will display the UFC logo. The logo itself will not trigger a buying decision. However, it is the emotional experience attached to the logo that stimulates a positive or negative opinion. UFC’s mission is to partner with you to supply you with technology, products and services in a manner that is extraordinary enough to add value to your business and life. The UFC logo, our mission, vision, slogan and value statements are meaningless unless our team of employees are committed to living the brand experience every day in a manner that is distinctive, consistent and relevant to your specific needs and concerns. We want you to experience a positive emotional reaction when you see the UFC logo, knowing that behind the logo stands a team who strives to live the UFC brand and deliver to you a value proposition that exceeds your expectations. My primary responsibility is to lead UFC’s sales and marketing efforts, and my commitment to you is that the UFC team is working diligently to earn your business. Tell us how we are doing and what the UFC brand means to you. You can call my office at 507-647-6606 ext. 6772 or send me an email at greg. I look forward to hearing from you. ●


2017 UFC Fieldviews - Issue 09 Spring  

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