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A Wet Spring? We’re Up for a Challenge

By Aaron Schwab, Crop Nutrients Operations Manager, and Chad Wilson, Crop Protection Operations Manager

The operations department of UFC’s Agronomy Division is ready for the spring season. We’ve added applicators and trucks, and we’ll be bringing our new Hamburg chemical warehouse and liquid fertilizer plant online this spring. Our dry and liquid fertilizer plant at Brownton is also completely staffed and ready for its first season.


ot only are our facilities ready, but our equipment is ready to go to the field. We’ve updated our floaters, updated our sprayers, gotten rid of some tired equipment and bought new. One of our newest pieces of equipment is a 2017 Case IH Patriot® 4440 row crop sprayer with a 120-foot boom and 1,200-gallon tank that will apply around 1,000 acres a day. We traded two older sprayers in for this new model with AIM Command FLEX™, AutoBoom™ height control and auto steer. We put our current fleet through extensive preventive maintenance this winter, to minimize breakdowns and reduce down time in the field. With this spring’s anticipated wet conditions, we’ll need every minute possible to apply your inputs.

The UFC Agronomy Division purchased a new Patriot 4440 sprayer for spring 2017. Applicators pictured in front of the sprayer at a trade show in December are (left to right) Trevor Ahlbrecht, Darin Lantz, Aaron Schwab, Justin Rettmann, Jared Firle, Ryan Hoffmann and Mitch Hoffmann.

Our warehouses are stocked with bulk and packaged chemicals that are available for you to pick up as soon as you have the room to take them. At the Winthrop and Brownton Agronomy Hubs, we’ve taken in all the shipments of dry fertilizer and liquid nutrients we intend to take. With Brownton Ag Service Center fully operational, we will be more efficient in servicing the northern territory and as far east as the Waconia and Hamburg area. In return, this takes pressure off our Winthrop Hub plant to better service the southern territory. Our floater and sprayer operators have gone through extensive training and recertification this winter. We have a great line-up of applicators with knowledge of the newest application technology and the experience needed to get the job done right. Growers should contact their field sales agronomist as early as possible so they can contact us and make sure we get out to your farm as early as possible. We’re willing and capable of customizing our application service to meet your needs. Good communication with your field sales agronomist will make this process easier and more efficient for everyone. The weather forecasters are predicting a wet spring. The UFC operations team is up for this challenge. With two world-class facilities that load out product faster than anyone else, we won’t wear out or run out. With our increased storage capacity, we have enough product on hand to make it through any season. Our flexibility and the geography we cover also set us apart. We have a fleet of nearly 40 pieces of application equipment and the trucking capacities to get the job done. If it’s raining in one area and dry in another, we move our equipment and its operators where we need to go. We work as a team across our entire service area. Try us and see the difference. ●


2017 UFC Fieldviews - Issue 09 Spring  

Fieldviews is a publication of United Farmers Cooperative located in Southern Minnesota.

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