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The Value of a Plan—and a Plan B By Tyler Johnson, Field Sales Agronomist

Spring is almost here—but not quite. That means you still have time to plan. If you haven’t adopted a formal strategy for the 2017 crop year, your UFC field sales agronomist would be happy to assist you.


s author, salesman and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar stated: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!” Nothing, that is. The first step in your plan should be to calculate your breakeven. How many bushels do you need to raise to break even at $3.25/bu. corn, or whatever you think you’ll be able to sell it at? Next, break your entire land base into fields and determine, based on their history, which fields have more or less potential; then review your input options and allocate them accordingly. Avoid being aggressive on every acre of ground or applying the least amount of inputs on each acre. Put your money where you anticipate the best rate of return. You can’t control a bearish grain market, but what you can do is raise more bushels. So break your opportunities up by fields and have the best plan in place BEFORE you go to the field. Another wise business practice is to have a secondary plan in place. The weather might not allow you to fertilize or plant when and what you want to raise the yields you’re shooting for. So have a “Plan B” in place. If you don’t, you’ll end up making a quick decision that carries a lot more risk than you’re able to assume. It’s good to sit down with a UFC field sales agronomist to consider what your alternate plan will be. He or she knows the risks and can help determine your best options. Give us a call.

New phosphorus source Speaking of options, UFC is offering a premium phosphorus fertilizer this year called MicroEssentials®SE™ (MESZ) with an analysis of 12-40-0-10S-1Z. Manufactured by our partners at Mosaic®, MESZ has been available on a limited basis in the past, but UFC customers will have more options with our Brownton Ag Service Center coming online. MESZ is a granular product that gets micronutrients closer to the roots of each plant by the way it is manufactured and delivered. Instead of applying them separately at a flat rate, MESZ uses a patented fusion process to wrap sulfur and zinc into granules of nitrogen and phosphorus. We spread these granules evenly across each field, ensuring better distribution. Here’s another reason we’re offering MESZ more widely in 2017. In the past, our most common phosphorus source was DAP with an analysis of 18-46-0. The chemical formulation of MESZ allows a more consistent uptake of phosphorus than DAP allows. Ask your sales agronomist to discuss how MESZ can best be used on your farm. Editor’s Note: Tyler joined United Farmers Cooperative this past September. Based at our Judson Implement location, Tyler works with UFC growers between Mankato and New Ulm. A native of Montevideo, he earned a bachelor of science degree in agronomy from South Dakota State University in 2013. Before joining UFC as a field sales agronomist, Tyler gained experience with a crop consulting firm in western Minnesota. ●

Your UFC field sales agronomist will help you develop a “Plan B” and work with you throughout the season.


2017 UFC Fieldviews - Issue 09 Spring  

Fieldviews is a publication of United Farmers Cooperative located in Southern Minnesota.

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