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in this issue • Welcome to Ad Society! • Which committe is best for you? • Important dates to know


Welcome to Ad Society

WHO ARE WE? Ad Society is the University of Florida’s professional student advertising organization. We’re an organization providing students with opportunities to immerse themselves into the advertising industry all while having fun.

WHAT DO WE DO? Really, we do a lot of things. At each of our meetings we feature a guest speaker to share their advice and give us the inside scoop on what’s happening in the industry. We also host socials, volunteer and leadership opportunities, workshops and trips to agencies across the country.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN? Benefits of Ad Society Include: • Professional networking with our guest speakers and industry professionals • Gain more knowledge and new perspectives of our industry and jobs within it • Social network with ambitious and creative individuals from across different disciplines

WHAT DO OUR PAST MEMBERS HAVE TO SAY? “UF taught me what I needed to know about advertising, but Ad Society introduces you to people and opportunities that ultimately shape the trajectory of your career.” -Craig Kissoon, Ad Soc alum Ad Society taught me perhaps the most important industry lesson, which is networking. As someone who graduated and moved across the country to find a job, I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t have access to the crucial networking opportunities and wealth of information that Ad Society offered. And the people are great too. -Kremi Arabadjieva, Ad Soc alum

We run on committees


One of the most important aspects of Ad Society are our committees, where members get the chance to gain experience that’s relevant to their interests. Love art direction and copy? We could use help with the ICON. A designer at heart? Check out internal productions. Think you’re more of a party planner? Head over to event planning. We’ve got a committee for everyone.

Internal EVENT PLANNING Event planning is in charge of planning and hosting events such as socials, parties, and the end of semester banquet. Choose Event Planning if you’re all about hosting talkof-the-town events and making sure everyone has a great time.

INTERNAL PRODUCTIONS Internal Productions is a committee focused on creating campaigns for Ad Society and maintaining our brand. They’re in creative control of t-shirts, posters, and promotions. Choose Internal Productions if you’re all about graphic design.

MEMBERBIZ Memberbiz is in charge of keeping track of all Ad Society happenings and communicating them with members. Choose Memberbiz if you’re all about interacting with other Ad Society members and getting them involved.

ICON This committee is responsible for the ICON, a newsletter that is distributed at every meeting. You will be writing articles for the ICON about our speakers, members, and other points of interest. Choose ICON if you’re all about reporting on events, writing up fascinating talk pieces and testing your graphic design skills.

DIGITAL CREATIVE This committee is responsible for maintaining Ad Society’s website. Members will be in charge of uploading the blogs, videos, and photography to the website and keeping it updated. Choose Digital Creative if you’re all about being behind the lens, maintaining our online presence, and using WordPress/coding to better our image. It doesn’t end here! Check out the back to see the rest of our committees!

EXternal ADWERKS Adwerks is a student-run, not-for-profit, full-service agency that works for local clients. The two teams in AdWerks are lead by a Creative Director and Account Director. Choose AdWerks if you’re all about developing your creative talents or if you’re interested in handling accounts. Be aware that anyone wishing to be involved in AdWerks must fill out an additional application specifically for the committee here.

ADSERVE Adserve is in charge of planning service events for Ad Society. Some of these events include community outreach activities such as Relay for Life, the CFF’s Kickoff to a Cure, and working with the March of Dimes. Choose AdServe if you’re all about giving back through strong organizational skills and outreach.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Public relations is in charge of maintaining relations with faculty, alumni, and the community. Choose Public Relations if you’re all about connecting with others and showing them what makes Ad Society so great.

SPEAKERS This committee recruits professionals in the industry to speak at our meetings. Committee members will help the director choose who comes to speak at our meetings as well as making arrangements for the speaker before, during, and after their visit. Choose Speakers if you’re all about being the first to know our guest professionals and getting involved in the process of selecting them.

TRIPS This committee is responsible for the location, planning, and successful execution of our Ad Society trips. Previous trips include New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami. Choose Trips if you’re all about traveling to different agencies and arranging overnight plans.

Stay tuned for the announcement of a new committee

Important upcoming dates September 18th, Humane Society Volunteer Event September 22nd, GBM September 25th, New Member Retreat October 6th, GBM / Advisory Council Mixer October 6th and 7th, Advisory Council Events

Applications are due September 22nd @ 11:59 pm! October 15th, CJC Homecoming Party October 20th, GBM November 3rd, GBM November 17th, GBM December 1st, GBM

Profile for Ad Society at University of Florida

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