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the presents Tonight is the night! Don’t forget to come to our Halloween social after the meeting in costume: there will be prizes for the best dressed! Finger food, pub subs and alcohol will be provided. Got non-member friends that want to join in on the fun? Just have them bring $5 to cover their drink and to help fundraise for our trip in the Spring!

Important upcoming dates October 29th, Halloween Party (Tonight!) November 4th, Yogurtology Fundraiser November 7th, CJC Homecoming Tailgate November 14th, Adserve Humane Society November 18th, General Body Meeting November 22nd, Gators March for Babies December 3rd, General Body Meeting

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October 29th, 2015 Volume 9, Issue 4

Tonight’s Guest Speakers

Member Spotlight Dylan Maxwell, junior What made you pick advertising? I chose advertising because I have always been interested in writing and I was looking for realistic careers, because obviously not everyone can be a best selling author. In my first semester of college we had to analyze an ad of our choosing for my english class and I got soo into it! My desk buddy forgot to do hers so during class I helped her figure out an ad and how to analyze it, and after that I started looking into how writing and advertising go together! From finding out about copywriting and trying to explain to people what I like about it, I realized that what’s most compelling to me is the ability to communicate with a large audience all at once. No matter how you feel about advertising, and whether it’s evil or of it’s manipulating, or spreads positive messages...it definitely works. What are your main goals for this year? For all of your time at UF? My main goals for this year are to become involved with Ad Society (it’s working) and build up my writing, bake as much as possible, and hang out with my favorite people more often (dear god that all sounds so sappy! That’s just my life goals for this year while I don’t feel a ton of pressure from Life and Adulthood!). My all time UF goals....I want to make great connections with people and take advantage of any resources available to me while I’m in school to be able to learn about things outside of my major. I want to land a kickass internship. I want to climb a tree. Career goals, I want to work for a small agency as a copywriter and be able to not JUST sell things. I want to make a difference with different brands and companies and feel like I’m helping people in some way. And if it turns out I’m a bad writer, I’ll just open a bakery! If you could represent any brand or product, which would you choose? If I could represent any brand or product...ok...that’s so hard, I love everything! I want to represent so many ideas that it’s hard to pick just one brand or one product. Ok let me think...when people think of me I want them to associate me with Post-It Notes. I have a Post-It problem!

Univison Flama Account Manager Andrea Carrasquel is joining us tonight to speak about Univision Flama, an English-language digital video destination designed exclusively for U.S. born Hispanic Millennials. Flama includes short-form content and series across comedy, music, lifestyle, sports and documentaries. It is predominantly English-based, and aims to broaden appeal to a general 15 to 34 audience interested in Latin culture.  @theFlama

Andrea Carrasquel

I was born in Venezuela, raised in South Florida, and moved to New York City straight after college in 2012 to pursuit my dreams of “making it” in the Advertising Industry. New York has definitely shaped who I am, both in the work environment and in a personal sense, as I got to experience the NYC agency side as well as the publisher side of the advertising industry. Outside of the work routine, I enjoy traveling, cooking (watching cooking shows) and running.

Keep up the awesome work, Dylan! We love recognizing our outstanding members. If you know someone who deserves a spotlight, email mmundo@ufl.edu.

Ad Soc takes on Atlanta What happens when you take 30+ members of Ad Society and bring them to agencies in Atlanta? They rock the networking game, of course! In just three days, we visited BBDO, Adrenaline, Mindshare, J Walter Thompson, IMG Live, IMG College and Ignition. Members were able to ask industry professionals for valuable advice about breaking into the industry, what it takes to make it and everything in between. But it wasn’t all business: on Saturday, members were able to spend the day exploring the city. Some even stayed the night to see Taylor Swift! All in all, it was a very successful weekend for Ad Society. Stay tuned for information on our trips in Spring!

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Volume 9 Issue 4  

Volume 9 Issue 4