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What does a typical Ufaber course look like?

A typical Ufaber course has 1-30 hours of content, with a minimum requirement of at least 1 hour of content. A course can be a pure online course or an offline-online course where materials are shipped to the place of student.

How does the course appear online?

When a student choses an online course he can see all chapters in either of the following forms:- a power point presentation, a video, a document, or a combination of these three. A course can also be structured in the form of an authored page wise document, with embedded images, and videos.

How does an offline course work?

Clay Modeling is an example of an offline delivery course, in which case apart from the online materials, the student gets clay blocks, tools, instruction booklets shipped to his/her place.

Can a student interact with the creator?

Each course is characterized by its extent of creator interaction. It can range from simple doubt solving sessions to live chat sessions.

When is a course complete? What happens next?

Every course concludes with a final project. This project is graded and provided with a certification. Post the certification the candidate can extend his learning by opting for an advanced course. In some course, the creators might want to reward exceptional performers with collaborations, jobs or internships. 

What are genres to which the courses can belong?

The world is too big stuff in genres. Therefore anything that has can find subscribers and audience qualifies as a course on ufaber. To give an idea, here is a set of diverse courses showcasing the broad spectrum they belong to:- “How to train your dog”, “How to use Microsoft excel”, “Learn Python programing” and “Tips and tricks of solving sudoku” . 

Are there any costs to me in order to create a course on Ufaber?

Nope! Creating a course is entirely free for our instructors and there are never any maintenance fees. Infact Ufaber provides free of charge assistance in creating the course to begin with. 

How much do I earn from selling my course?

Online Courses: You retain 70% of sales earned from your course, and that number jumps up to 85% for sales that come from your own promotions (we give you a special link to track these sales). Furthermore, for the 30% on our end, we cover all the processing and hosting fees. Offline Courses: You retain 70% of tuition fees of your course, and that number jumps up to 85% for sales that come from your own promotions (we give you a special link to track these sales). Furthermore, for the 30% on our end, we cover all the processing and hosting fees. The material and shipping costs in offline courses are charged as a separate cost to the enrolling student. 

How much do I earn in an year from my courses?

Assuming you have only one course on ufaber, in an year you can have anywhere between 50 to 3000 subscribers, depending upon the ongoing response of course. On an average a course can have around 500 subscribers. A course is priced at 30$ on an average, you will take home 21$ out of it. Hence as a creator you could earn around 60 thousand dollars if your course is one of the popular ones (3000 subscribers) and averagely priced. If your course has average subscribers at the average price of 30$, you will make around 10 thousand dollars annually. If you have multiple courses or higher prices, you can make even bigger numbers.

What is the typical lifetime and download of the course?

Unlike other appstore marketplace, courses do not become obsolete so often, however a course can be easily updated, in which case, it would be marked as new version of an already popular course. 

How many courses can I own on Ufaber?

There is no limit to how many courses you can own on ufaber. In-fact in case the content of a course is too exhaustive, we advice that the creators split it into multiple courses

How should I price my course?

The price you determine for your course is entirely up to you. Some instructors do find it helpful to use a metric of around Rs 2$ - 10$ per hour of course content. Most courses on Ufaber are priced between Rs10$ – Rs100$ 

Who owns the content of my Ufaber course?

You are the sole proprietor of your Ufaber course and retain all rights to your content.

How long are students able to access my course?

Once your course is purchased, the student has access to all the course materials indefinitely, just like an on-demand channel! 

What does Ufaber do to help promote my course?

Ufaber conducts all regular online marketing and promotion activities for the portal as a whole. We also focus on enabling our instructors to successfully promote their courses via: coupon codes , our affiliate program , Ufaber’s featured and trending sections, and advice from our awesome in-house instructor promotion specialist. 

Are there any standards or requirements I should know about while creating my course?

Yes. Ufaber reviews all courses published on to make sure they meet our standards for quality. You can request a detailed course creation guideline by mailing us on

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FAQ;Ufaber - expert association  

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