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UFA means...

UFA is a national educational charity. Since 1996, we have worked with over 750,000 young people and 6,000 adults in 50 regions, to create inspiring learning for all. UFA has also worked with groups in Jamaica and Australia. The UFA network unlocks the potential of young people. We raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities by creating transformational learning experiences. We inspire and equip young people AND the adults that support them to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible leaders.

“I have learnt so much about myself. I honestly feel I’ve become a different person.” (UFA young person)

I take charge of my own learning I value learning with others

UFA Team Challenge

I am curious and enjoy learning for its own sake I can transfer learning to different contexts I can be comfortable with complexity and subtlety I can thrive on challenge, and seek creative solutions I am resilient and resourceful I am open and generous I am reflective I act ethically

Learning with the UFA Learning to know Learning to do Learning to be Learning to live with each other 21st century learning:


“During the challenges we have worked co-operatively and made tough decisions and made our team work at their best.” (Course participant, year 7) TRANSFORMING


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Team Challenge About Team Challenge

This is a two day programme designed to develop and progress the personal skills of young people. It enables them to develop their potential to be leaders and team players. Using a series of engaging team challenges, it focuses on team work and the different roles individuals can take in a team, leading a team and the coaching of self and others. UFA Team Challenge is available to any organisation that supports young people from schools and PRU’s to youth agencies and community arts projects.


Research has shown the course to be particularly useful for:

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Encouraging team-working and independant learning. Opportunity to do something in a different way. Developing UFA activity in the setting. Young people who find managing themselves within groups difficult. Young people who are struggling to make the transition to Further Education or the workplace.

“We have learnt to control and to take care of a team.” (Yr 7 student, Ladybridge School)

UFA Team Challenge enables young people to:

• Develop a greater understanding of themselves and of the roles they can take within a team. • Gain an understanding of how to develop and sustain good working relationships within teams. • Develop personal qualities such as resilience and emotional awareness that will help them become a more effective team member. • Develop the confidence to lead a team. • Improve their ability to communicate with or on behalf of their team. • Make the connections between the skills needed for effective team work at school and the skills they may need at a future workplace.

Cost Direct Delivery

What’s in the course? The course is packed full of interactive activities about how teams work best and how young people can get the most out of themselves and their team making it an enjoyable, active and immersive experience. Team Challenge also has a strong emotional intelligence input to support the development of ‘good self talk’ in order to build confidence and resilience.

Lead Practitioner Training

2 Day course - we work with up 1 Day course - we train adults to deliver the programme to young to 25 young people directly people. £2450

£145 pp (14 min, locally) or see our events calendar

For more information about our transforming learning programmes, please telephone 0121 212 9838 or email

Team Challenge  

“During the challenges we have worked co-operatively and made tough decisions and made our team work at their best.” Learning with the UFA L...