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UFA is a national educational charity. Since 1996, we have worked with over 750,000 young people and 6,000 adults in 50 regions, to create inspiring learning for all. UFA has also worked with groups in Jamaica and Australia. The UFA network unlocks the potential of young people. We raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities by creating transformational learning experiences. We inspire and equip young people AND the adults that support them to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible leaders. ‘I have been motivated by UFA – it has shown me that I have the skills to lead elsewhere... it’s expanded my knowledge, it’s really helping me towards my BTec.’ (UFA young person)

I take charge of my own learning I value learning with others

Young People Lead it...

I am curious and enjoy learning for its own sake I can transfer learning to different contexts I can be comfortable with complexity and subtlety I can thrive on challenge, and seek creative solutions

‘Don’t call them Lead Learners, call them Lead Legends!’ (Supporting Adult)

I am resilient and resourceful I am open and generous I am reflective I act ethically

Learning with the UFA Learning to know Learning to do

We have gained a national reputation for our leadership programmes which communicate our passionate belief in the potential young people have to be co-creators and leaders of their own and others’ learning. Our range of leadership programmes encourage schools and other organisations to work alongside the young people in their community to nurture their leadership potential in order to involve them actively as citizens and create democratic change for the future. All our programmes are interactive, fast-paced, foster interdependent learning and are characterised by high challenge and high support.

Learning to be Learning to live with each other 21st century learning: THE TREASURE WITHIN (UNESCO)

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LEAD-V2/1111 Designed and produced in-house at The University of the First Age. Registered charity No. 1061308

Lead it

UFA Young Researchers and Evaluators A 3 day programme for young people to develop their skills in research and evaluation and become confident to lead a project which evaluates some aspect of your school/organisation. We use our Young Evaluator’s Toolkit to show how evaluation can be interactive and even fun! During the programme young people will agree a research question, develop their own methodology to gather findings which they analyse and then present recommendations to your organisation’s leadership team.

UFA Peer Trainers

UFA Peer Tutors Peer Tutors are young people who help other young people to learn. On this 2 day course Peer Tutors are trained and supported to take on this role and form an essential part of the learning team. The UFA Peer Tutor role has learning as its focus. Peer Tutors can support primary to secondary school transition by running activities with local primary schools or can support mainstream/extracurricular activity in their own school, some even support older young people/ adults. Research shows that as well as having an impact on the young people they support, Peer Tutors also see an improvement in their own achievement. Whether for primary or secondary age students, the outcome is always a rise in standards and student achievement.

UFA Lead Learners Lead learners lead activities for others. It’s a 3 day programme for young people to gain skills and confidence to set up, run and evaluate mainstream/ extra-curricular learning activity for other young people. Young people develop an understanding of learning to learn processes. Lead Learners become positive role models motivating their peers to participate in learning.

‘I have learnt to do a presentation, plan an event, be imaginative, creative, work in a group with people I don’t know, co-operate and come out of my comfort zone. I’ve believed in myself and I have been able to work harder, to be more polite and grown up.’ (Student leader - primary)

This course is a 2 day programme for young people who have previously trained as Peer Tutors. At the end of this course young people will have the skills and confidence to deliver Peer Tutor training to other young people. The course challenges young people to work with large and small groups in an active and practical way. A fantastic leadership opportunity to take some young people to the next level.

Students of Today Leaders of Tomorrow This leadership course gives young people the opportunity to develop and explore their leadership skills based around a series of activities that include ‘Leading Self and Others’, ‘Accountability’ and ‘Project Management’. Commissioned by the National College in 2003, the UFA initially worked with over 700 young people across London to co-develop and co-write this programme which mirrors the Head Teacher standards on the NPQH. The UFA can either deliver the course directly to students or we can train, support and provide resources for your team to deliver it. We can also train older groups of young people to act as facilitators for their peers and support the delivery of the course. Young people gain a high quality leadership experience which they can use to take on a range of school and community leadership projects. This can be delivered as a 2 day or 3 day course.

Awards and accreditation avaliable for all courses (see accreditation leaflet)

UFA Lead It  

We have gained a national reputation for our leadership programmes which communicate our passionate belief in the potential young people hav...

UFA Lead It  

We have gained a national reputation for our leadership programmes which communicate our passionate belief in the potential young people hav...