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Volume 2, Issue 1 February 2013

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Looking back St. Pete Campus Gainesville Campus In November we teamed up with FSHP and held an election day screening at a long-term care facility. The facility served as a polling location, which drove a great deal of traffic to our screening event. We also have had screenings at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market, which we have seen a huge response from. It’s truly rewarding to help educate such a diverse group and refer patients for care that otherwise are unaware of their hypertension.

Joseph Haley

APhA-ASP Chapter President St. Pete Campus

The College of Pharmacy collaborated with other graduate programs, such as the Colleges of Physical Therapy, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine to host the 2012 Great Gator Health Fest in November. These students along with student pharmacists gave Gainesville community members the chance to learn about their diabetic and cardiovascular health, along with alcohol and geriatric awareness, women’s and men’s health, and pain management. Other organizations, such as AMCP, FSHP, ACCP, and ASCP, were also in attendance to help educate the community.

On World Aids Day 2012, we hosted a lunch and learn event, led by Joseph Ladd and Lily Garcia, featuring guest speaker Tige Harrison of the Gainesville Area Aids Project, Inc. (GAAP). His information and deeply moving talk gave the audience greater insight into the struggles of living with HIV/AIDS from not only an emotional standpoint, but also from an economical perspective. The event raised several hundred dollars as well as collected toiletries, all of which were donated to GAAP.

Keely Dahl 1PD Gainesville Campus

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APhA-ASP PAC CHALLENGE JAN 15 – FEB 15 Last year, UF APhA-ASP’s chapter won this challenge and we are working hard to raise the most money once again. Keep in mind that the money we raise will support the future of our profession. APhA’s Political Action Committee provides a voice for pharmacists in the national political process. PAC’s mission is to support candidates for federal office who recognize the value of pharmacists in the health care system.


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as they protect and promote our profession! Look out for fundraising opportunities on your campus!!

Advisor SPOTLIGHT |An Interview with Dr. Carinda Feild What do you love most about your job? I get to do so many things that I really enjoy from facilitation, didactic, and clinical teaching, to clinical practice and advising students and student organizations. A common thread running through all of that is helping students “have the light bulb go on”. I love the moment when they are able to figure something out or work through a challenge and get the answer. Watching the pride and empowerment they feel is great. h


Do you have a favorite book, TV show, or movie? I do not follow a TV show regularly, but my daughter and I are big NCIS fans. Being a big reader I love all kinds of books and have a lot of favorites. Movies are hard too, but no matter how many times my husband and I watch The Princess Bride, we crack up and know most of the lines by heart, so I would have to say that is a favorite.

What influenced your decision to teach? I have always loved teaching. Our Honor Society chapter in high school provided tutoring services. I worked with a student on math and found that it was so fulfilling to watch her go from struggling with a concept to getting it. She was so proud of herself and it was neat to be a part of that. She made me a Christmas ornament as a thank you and I still have it.


What is your best advice for student pharmacists? The important message there is to be open to the possibilities. The saying, “when one door closes another opens” is SO true. There is a tendency to get caught up in getting the perfect job or the perfect residency when there are a lot of great options, and you never know where they might lead. Do


not be afraid of the road less traveled.

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Issue [#] :: [Date] Volume 2, Issue 1: February 2013

The Goals of Operation Heart‌ 1. Raise public awareness of cardiovascular disease & its associated risk factors 2. Help patients identify & understand their risks 3. Provide patients with prevention strategies 4. Educate patients already receiving treatment for CVD 5. Promote the role of pharmacists in prevention & management of heart disease Operation Heart at the St. Petersburg campus has focused on patient and student education while collaborating with other chairs and organizations to maximize patient information, awareness, and empowerment. We have scheduled several mini health fair screenings to work closely with tobacco cessation, Operation Diabetes, Operation Self Care, FSHP's brown bag reviews, SNPhA’s power to end stroke, and chronic kidney disease. There is significant crossover within these initiatives regarding heart health and blood pressure so these groups work well together. These screenings help to maximize the patient's resources, understanding, and their ability to ask questions to their health care providers. In preparation for these events, Operation Heart holds an annual blood pressure workshop for student pharmacists to improve their blood pressure measurement technique, understanding of the numbers, patient's blood pressure goals, and important counseling and patient education points. We are thrilled with the success of collaborating with so many other chairs and organizations that we look forward to continuing our efforts at these mini health fair screenings. Abigail Russell Operation Heart Chair St. Pete Campus

UF College of Pharmacy received the Regional Operation Heart Award this year!! Operation Heart has evolved tremendously over the past few years with its transition from the local patient care project, hypertension awareness, to the national PCP, operation heart being one defining moment. Last year we only continued to grow; our 2nd annual Run for Your Heart 5k was a success and we were able to purchase a cholesterol machine in order to expand our screening capabilities around the community. The hard work that past and present officers have put in is displayed with the Region 3 Award that Operation Heart has recently received. Now, more than ever, our patient care project is enthusiastic and ready to collaborate with distance campuses to achieve our goals.

Nicole Cisler Operation Heart Chair Gainesville Campus 3

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Change your life by changing your heart.

AMERICAN HEART MONTH Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death on the United States, with up to 2,200 deaths per day. Heart disease and stroke hospitalizations in 2010 cost the nation more than $444 billion in health care expenses and lost productivity. However, we can fight back against heart disease and stroke.

Read My Lips February 1, 2013 is National Wear Red Day! Wear red this Friday to support the fight against cardiovascular disease! 4

Most of those who are at risk for stroke or heart attack are not aware of their health. Luckily for us, we have the power to control our heart health and reduce risk with preventable action! 1


- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. - Limit intake of sodium and limit foods with high amounts of cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat. - Cook at home more often! 2


- Make exercise a part of your daily routine. - A game of basketball with colleagues makes it ten times more fun! 3


- Don’t smoke! - Staying smoke-free greatly reduces your risk of heart attack.

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Issue [#] :: [Date] Volume 2, Issue 1: February 2013


APhA’s 2013 Annual Meeting and Exposition is taking place in Los Angeles on March 1st - 4th. WORKSHOPS TO CHOOSE FROM Policy and Advocacy  Operation Diabetes, Heart, Immunization  Career Development Self Care  Chapter Leadership  New Practitioner Network Workshops How to Get the Job You Never Knew You Always Wanted Marketing Yourself to Emerge from the Crowd  Career Networking Roundtables Support JT Fannin from the St. Pete campus as he runs for Speaker of the House! Celebrate with Professor Munyer who will be receiving the “Advisor of the Year” Award!


HOW TO REGISTER!  REGISTER online at  SELECT to attend the 5:00pm Political Leadership Reception on March 1st [requires a fee of $10 that applies to our PAC Fund]  TAKE A SCREENSHOT of your registration and $10 Leadership Reception Fee and EMAIL it to  BOOK your flight! EMAIL a copy of your airline reservation to  WE will book your hotel room for you!

 Registration = $225  Political Leadership Reception = $10  Hotel costs estimate $70-$75 per person per day (4 students/room)  Available flights at $315  You will be responsible for the cost of food and transportation between the airport and the hotel. You are NOT responsible for the cost of transportation between the hotel and the convention center each day. A free shuttle service will be provided. l

REIMBURSEMENT? There will be a partial reimbursement for students who attend the mandatory events during the annual meeting.

Hundreds of companies at the expo! Free time to explore!


QUESTIONS? Email Jeanette Connelly at 5

EVENTS&DEADLINES coming up! Friday, February 1st > Wear Red Screening > Early Bird registration for Annual Meeting & Expo > Chapter Rep must submit competition time selection for National Patient Counseling Competition at Annual Meeting Saturday, February 9th > Global Gala: Multicultural Dinner & Talent Show Sunday, February 10th > GNV Officer Brunch Retreat at Prof. Munyer’s Friday, February 22nd > Funds for PAC must be postmarked and sent to APhA Headquarters Friday, March 1st - Monday, March 4th > APhA Annual Meeting & Expo

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