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Joseph Haydn composes for beginners on the piano

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Joseph Haydn

The Easiest Piano Sonatas Content: Hob XVI:7, 9, 4 and 8 Editors: Christa Landon / Ulrich Leisinger Fingerings: Oswald Jonas Grade: 2 UT 50273

When Joseph Haydn composed the smaller ones of his early Piano Sonatas, then called Divertimentos, he clearly kept the piano-playing beginner and amateur in mind. With only few technical demands, these works nevertheless provide an excellent insight into the cosmos of Haydn’s piano music and exemplarily introduce the player into Haydn’s musical language. The current edition combines four of the most popular of these easy sonatas for beginner’s lessons, which already contain essential elements of the Viennese classical piano style. The text is based on the revised new edition by Ulrich Leisinger of the legendary urtext edition of Joseph Haydn’s Piano Sonatas by Christa Landon.

Wiener Urtext Edition

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New Discovered!

First edition edit

Wiener Urtext Edition

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tion edited by the municipality of Überlingen (Lake Constance)

Robert Schumann


Album Leaf for Piano Editor: Michael Beiche Fingerings: Jochen Reutter Grade: 3 UT 50271

About three years ago, a previously unknown manuscript of an album leaf for piano by Robert Schumann was found in the Leopold-Sophien-Bibliothek of Überlingen (Lake Constance). The little piano piece, entitled ‘Ahnung’, had been given and dedicated by Clara Schumann to a friend of hers, the lithographer and writer Julius Allgeyer. In the Wiener Urtext Edition series, this little work is published for the first time in the run-up to the Schumann Year 2010. A print of the rediscovered Schumann autograph is included in the edition. The expressive, relatively easy-to-play piece adds to the Romantic piano repertoire.

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George Frideric Handel / Carl Reinecke George Frideric Handel

Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo

Content: Sonatas HWV 358, 359a, 361, 364, 368, 370–373, Allegro HWV 408, Andante HWV 412, Two Minuets HWV 420 and 421 Editor / Realization of the figured bass: Bernhard Moosbauer Notes on Interpretation: Reinhard Goebel Grade: 3 UT 50264 George Frideric Handel’s Sonatas for violin and basso continuo belong to the core repertoire of Baroque violin music, some of them even being among the most famous repertoire pieces of their time. The new edition in the Wiener Urtext Edition is based on Handel’s autographs, contemporary copies and first prints. In addition to Handel’s nine violin sonatas, it contains one Allegro, one Andante and two Minuets for violin and basso continuo which have been transmitted in the environment of the sonatas. Apart from the solo violin part and a continuo score with a realized, easily playable basso continuo, the edition also contains a figured bass part which gives experienced continuo players the possibility to improvise their own realization of the basso continuo. The Notes on Interpretation of the renowned Baroque expert Reinhard Goebel provide insights into and suggestions for a sonata performance that was common practice at the time of Handel. Carl Reinecke’s Undine was published in 1882 as a Sonata for flute and piano and to this day has been one of the most frequently played works of this composer. In 1885 Reinecke also published a version for clarinet and piano in which the piano part remained unchanged whereas the flute part was adjusted to the technical and tonal qualities of the clarinet. Thus, Reinecke was able to add a striking work to the small clarinet-piano repertoire. The current edition is based on the version for flute and piano, published in the Wiener Urtext Edition series, which, in turn, was based on the German and English first editions, exchanging the flute part for the clarinet arrangement. Notes on Interpretation specially written for the clarinet version take both historically adequate playing techniques and questions regarding the musical text, extra-musical programme and performance practice into account. A reliable musical text, optimized page turns and a comfortable overview are essential features of the current edition with regard to form and layout.

Carl Reinecke Undine

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Editor: Irmlind Capelle Notes on Interpretation: Lisa Eichenberg Fingerings (Piano): Peter Roggenkamp Grade: 4 UT 50263

Wiener Urtext Edition Kat UT 60080-99 PL 9/09

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UT flyer - Autumn 2009  

UT flyer - Autumn 2009

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